At Ultra Violet, after Rex tells Stacy that he wants her, he pulls her into a passionate kiss and the two fall to the floor! Little by little, the clothes come off, and Rex and Stacy have sex!

Kyle goes to Foxy Roxy's and demands that Roxy keep him from going to jail - by getting Natalie to drop the charges. Though Roxy doesn't think she can make Natalie listen to her, Kyle leaves her with no choice - and promises to keep Shane's donor a secret forever if she comes through for him!

Still at Rodi's, Natalie urges Gigi to tell Rex the truth and happily says, "You could get your life back with Rex." Gigi worries about all the 'what ifs', but Natalie convinces her that Rex will know how to handle Stacy. "Maybe it's time… I'm going to get back the man I love," Gigi says. Now that Gigi has agreed to tell Rex the truth, Natalie and Jared plan to head to the station to drop the charges against Kyle - but they're stopped from doing so when Roxy calls, demanding that Natalie meet her, now!

Once they leave, Gigi confides her fears to Schuyler, wondering if Rex will already be too into Stacy to even care about the truth - or her - anymore. Schuyler tries to convince her that Rex will toss Stacy out the door, leaving Gigi wondering if Schuyler will be there to pick up the pieces for Stacy. Schuyler says no but knows they are doing the right thing for everyone. Not able to get a hold of Rex on the phone, Gigi gives Schuyler a thank you hug then leaves - and Schuyler appears as though he's sad that Gigi is leaving.

When Natalie and Jared arrive at Foxy Roxy's, Roxy blurts out, "Drop the charges against Kyle Lewis!" Though Natalie and Jared bring up what Stacy did to Rex, how Kyle helped Stacy pretend to be the donor and demand that she fess up about what Kyle is blackmailing her with, Roxy refuses to admit anything! When a customer comes in, Natalie makes Roxy get rid of her then informs Roxy that Kyle is going to give Gigi the name of the donor. Roxy freaks out then Natalie asks why Roxy doesn't want the donor's name to get out!

After Stacy and Rex get dressed, they go to the bar and share a toast. Stacy talks about how he barely noticed her in school, causing Rex to remember everything that Stacy said to him on the night that she drugged his drink! Rex claims he needs to get the club ready and says he'll meet Stacy later. Once she's gone, Rex sees that he missed a call from Gigi - and feels guilty!

Stacy heads to Rodi's and tells Schuyler that she has some good news for Gigi - she and Rex just made love!

Gigi arrives at Ultra Violet and finds Rex drinking from a champagne bottle. "Morasco, I'm glad you're here," Rex says. "I have something to tell you."

A nurse arrives at Todd's, as well as a lawyer, Moe and Shaun - all for Tea! Tea laughs, as Todd introduces all of the people who are going to help her. When asked what else she would like, Tea tells Todd, "Take your staff and shove it." Todd won't take no for an answer and claims he likes having Tea around, even if he won't be there. Todd explains he's moving, as not to uproot Starr and her baby, but Tea brings up his consent for Starr and Cole to get married - causing Todd to snap and admit that he has no plans of letting 'that drug addict' near his daughter! Tea realizes that Todd is hoping Blair won't consent then she'll look like the bad guy and warns Todd that this could backfire on him. When Shaun appears, Tea announces that she'll keep him around, as well as the others, and will allow Todd to get his way - this time. Before Todd leaves for the mansion, he gives Tea a hot kiss, wanting her to remember that he's the love of her life! Once Todd is gone, Tea pulls out a tape recorder and plays back her conversation with Todd, where he admitted his motives for giving Starr his consent!

Over at the mansion, Blair urges Starr to tell her what's going on, in regards to what Todd told her. Starr talks about wanting to marry Cole, but Blair reminds her that Cole is going to jail. "He needs me to keep him going," Starr says, apologizing for not telling Blair then talks about how Todd walked in while Cole was proposing. Blair can't believe that Todd gave his consent and reminds Starr that she needs her consent too. Starr begs Blair to give her consent, even though Blair feels as though they are too young. Blair wonders what Starr would do in her position then wonders if Starr really knows what she wants - like when she gave up Hope for adoption. Blair begs Starr to think this through and says, "I want you to wait. If you still want to marry Cole when you're eighteen and he's out of prison then no one can stop you. If something is worth having, it's worth waiting for. You think about it."

As Marty, Cole and Hope are taking a walk, Marty becomes emotional watching her son and his daughter, knowing he has to go to jail. After Cole tells her about proposing to Starr, Marty hesitates, leading Cole to walk away saying, "I thought you'd understand." Marty catches up to him and is shocked to hear that Todd gave them his parental consent! As they talk, Marty realizes how serious Cole is about having a family but worries how Starr will change while Cole's in prison. Cole wonders if Marty thinks he's being unfair to ask Starr to wait for him then realizes that Marty is just concerned for him. Cole goes to Hope and wonders how he's going to say goodbye - when he just got her back. Marty promises to keep Cole's memory alive in Hope's heart. Marty takes a picture of Cole and Hope then he heads back to Starr, leaving Marty to call someone asking for help.

Back at the mansion, just as Cole arrives with Hope, Todd follows shortly after - and Blair wants to know what Todd's motives are for giving the kids his consent!

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi exposes Stacy to Rex!

Blair shocks Todd by calling his bluff.

Marty goes to John for help.

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