As Langston and Dorian sit on the patio, Dorian assures her that they got through to Markko's mother, who is probably winning over his father as they speak! Langston calls Markko to be sure…

At the diner, when Markko's father refuses to listen to his mother, Markko approaches and tries to remind him that Langston isn't like her mother - and Langston didn't corrupt him! After Markko goes to take a takeout delivery order, which is really Langston, he heads out to deliver the order - daring his father to follow him while he's working!

Shortly after, Markko arrives at the mansion, and Dorian thinks his father changed his mind - but Markko relays what his father heard about what Dorian did to everyone on the day of graduation, which Dorian immediately blames on Viki! However, Dorian comes up with a plan to make everything right - with everyone - and plans to get them all together for a dinner, a dinner that she'll prepare. "Get your mother and father to come here," Dorian says to Markko. "And I'll do the rest, starting with Shaun. If he says yes, the rest will follow." While Dorian makes her calls, Langston and Markko kiss - and Langston hates that Markko has to leave.

Still at the diner, Destiny tells Shaun about getting fired, to which Shaun informs her that he did too - for the same reason, sticking up for someone!

Seated at a table at the country club, after Dr. Greg Evans is introduced to everyone, Matthew questions if he's Destiny brother, to which Greg replies, "Yes," and Rachel blurts out that he's the hotshot who left his family! Though the doctor refuses to talk about his family's dirty laundry, he does say that he can help Matthew!

As Rachel badgers Greg's credentials, Destiny and Shaun appear - and Destiny rushes into Greg's arms! Destiny asks Greg why he didn't let her know he was coming so soon, and Shaun eyes the check on the table - and tells everyone that the check is what brought Greg there in such a hurry! Shaun ignores a call from Dorian, as Greg claims that he came because this was important to his little sister. Matthew thanks Destiny for caring so much then Shaun takes his sister to get her final paycheck. Before everyone leaves, Rachel warns Greg not to 'play' her family - or he'll be sorry!

Out by the pool, Destiny realizes that Shaun is right - that Greg didn't come because she asked - but she's just glad he's there… She'd do anything to help Matthew.

Rex enters the steam room, finds Brody then asks him how it feels having Gigi leave him - like she left Rex! "Gigi's with Schuyler Joplin now," Rex says, as he continues to rant at Brody. Having had enough, and without telling Rex the truth, Brody tries to get Rex to open his eyes about Gigi. However, Rex says, "There's only one person I trust…Stacy." Brody would love to tell Rex why he shouldn't trust Stacy, but for fear of breaking Gigi's confidence he warns him to trust, and wait, for Gigi - or he'll regret it! Alone, Rex thinks back on all of the craziness surrounding Gigi, Brody, Schuyler and Stacy…

Outside of Ultra Violet, dressed in her dance outfit, Bree tells Jessica that she wishes that Chloe was there to see her dance. Jessica assures Bree that Chloe loved her then they head into the club…

After Stacy leaves a message for Rex, all the little ballerinas arrive at Ultra Violet then Stacy leads them over to the mats. However, when Jessica arrives with Bree, Stacy introduces herself, and Jessica confronts her about what she's doing to Gigi! Though Stacy brings up Jessica's crimes, Jessica warns that the truth will come out - and that Stacy shouldn't be allowed around children! "No honey," Stacy yells. "That's you!" Jessica grabs Bree and leaves.

While the little girls call Stacy a big fat liar, Stacy thinks about Rex then tells the girls to shut up - and says that they'll never make it as dancers, only pool-dancers in Vegas! Like a crazed woman, Stacy starts talking about how close she was to having Rex, how they were arrested, and how now Rex hasn't even called her! Stacy refuses to give up then tells the girls never to give up on their dreams - even as one little girl screams, "I want to go home!"

Later, Rex arrives at Ultra Violet and tells Stacy how nice it was for her to tell the kids to follow their dreams. After the kids leave, Rex talks about what everyone's been telling him about her, and about what 'they' say he should want, but Stacy wants to know what Rex wants. "You," Rex says. "I want you, Stacy."

Brody meets Jessica and Bree at the diner, and Jessica fills him in on her run-in with Stacy. Brody then tells her about his talk with Rex, and Jessica knows that someone is going to get hurt - with lies, someone always does.

Over at Rodi's, after Schuyler pushes Gigi to tell Natalie and Jared the truth, Gigi finally tells them that Stacy blackmailed her into giving Rex up, leaving Natalie and Jared to apologize profusely. Schuyler talks about his past with Stacy then confesses that Stacy wasn't Shane's donor - and that she switched the stem cells with the real donor! Gigi explains that Kyle knows who the donor is - and won't tell her until Natalie and Jared drop the charges against him - then Gigi begs them to help her. Talk of Roxy comes up, and Gigi suggests that she knows something - and that Stacy could be blackmailing her too - and Natalie remembers that Roxy has kept Rex's father a secret from him forever. "We'll do anything to help you, Rex and Shane," Natalie says. "But we can't keep another secret… Gigi trust him, tell Rex the truth."

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex finally gives in to Stacy!

Natalie and Jared think Roxy's hiding something.

Tea tries to get even with Todd.

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