Meeting up at Rodi's, after Gigi asks Natalie and Jared to drop the charges on Kyle, Natalie snaps on her - calling her 'the town ride' then says, "My brother is lucky to be rid of you!" Though Gigi can't tell them the reason for her request, she promises that it has everything to do with Shane - Rex's son.

While Kyle is working out at the gym, he asks a passerby for a 'spot' then almost gets crushed with a weight bar when Schuyler is revealed to be the passerby - who asks for Kyle to tell him who the real donor is! After Schuyler lets Kyle up, he lays the guilt on thick, but Kyle refuses to help him.

Later, Schuyler arrives at Rodi's, as Natalie and Jared are leaving, and after Gigi tells him she couldn't get Natalie and Jared to drop the charges against Kyle, Schuyler says, "Then you're going to have to tell them the truth." Natalie and Jared hear him then rant about how Gigi 'gets around' - until Schuyler informs them that Gigi is not sleeping with him then says, "And she didn't sleep with Brody!"

During a check-up, Shane reveals all of his family's secrets to the doctor, saying that he doesn't want to live with his cheating mother! After Rex brings the doctor into the hallway, the doctor warns Rex against stress - but Rex wants to know Shane's current prognosis. The doctor says Shane is in remission and wonders if Rex is still in contact with the donor, to which Shane enters the hallway and says, "He lives with her." Later, Rex warns his son to give his mom a break!

After an awkward moment in the kitchen, talking about their date, Layla leaves Fish with Cris, who wonders how serious he is about Layla. "Are you into Layla," Fish counters, leaving Cris to claim that they are only friends. Just as Cris gives Fish a warning not to hurt Layla, Layla reappears with a newspaper, looking for a job. After Fish suggests working at the police station, to be John's, who is returning, right hand woman, Cris laughs, causing Layla to tell Fish, "Get me an application." Later, Cris warns Layla against dating her roommate, but she brushes Cris' concerns off.

When Fish goes to the gym, he runs into Kyle, who apologizes for embarrassing him at the park - and Kyle is shocked to hear that Fish was there with the girl who he is dating!

Seated at the counter at the diner, Markko begs his father to leave, but Mr. Rivera refuses - wanting to stay to make sure Markko is not meeting Langston! Though Markko reminds him that he used to like Langston, his father agrees - but says that was before he met her mother!

Viki and Charlie are at a table, talking about their wedding and honeymoon, when Moe approaches with his congrats - and with the news that Dorian fired him! As Moe trashes Dorian - and everything she's done - Markko's father listens from the counter then approaches their table to hear all sorts of Dorian's past crimes.

Across the room in a booth, Rachel helps Shaun look for a new job - until Markko's father walks by, and Shaun says hello, reminding him that they met at Dorian's mansion. After Mr. Rivera hears that Dorian fired Shaun, Mr. Rivera calls her a 'she-devil'! Alone again, Shaun beats himself up for not being qualified and talks about how his brother, the doctor, left and has disappointed him and Destiny - until Rachel interrupts and gives him an ego boost then agrees to meet him later.

At the mansion, while looking for some breakfast, Langston rants at Dorian for firing Moe then fills her in about Markko's father calling her a tramp, causing Dorian to want revenge on the man instantly! However, after Langston stops her from calling the Riveras, Dorian comes up with a plan… to get through to Markko's father through his wife!

Shortly after, Markko's mother arrives at the mansion, and Dorian apologizes to her for her drunken stupor. When Langston enters the kitchen, they all sit and have tea, but Mrs. Rivera refuses to accept Langston and Markko's 'immortal sin'. However, when Langston promises 'no sex', Mrs. Rivera agrees to talk to her husband!

Later, alone with Langston, Dorian wonders if she's been forgiven, but Langston wants to hold out on that - hoping that Markko's mother will be able to get through to his father.

Mrs. Rivera goes to the diner and tries to convince her husband to allow Markko and Langston to see each other, but he refuses - not after all of the stuff that he just heard!

Eating breakfast at country club with Nora, Matthew and Bo, Clint breaks out an engagement ring and puts it on Nora's finger! When Destiny approaches, announcing that she's working there for the summer, Matthew takes off with her - and Clint tells Nora and Bo that he found a doctor, who believes that Matthew can walk again! Though Bo is appreciative, it is apparent that he wishes that he could have found the doctor - and not Clint.

Out by the pool, as Destiny is telling Matthew about the clientele who she deals with, Justin and Becca refer to her as 'the waitress'! A manager appears and demands that Destiny take Justin and Becca's order. As Justin tries to get Destiny to bring him a drink, she brings up virgin drinks, leading Justin to look at Becca and say, "Bring on the virgins." "That'll be a first," Destiny says and walks away. When Destiny returns with their virgin drinks, Justin throws Destiny some change, who retorts that her brother could buy this whole club if he wanted! However, when the kids continue to pick on her, Destiny pours a pitcher of water over them - then gets fired!

As Destiny rushes off, Rachel comes into the pool area and runs into a man, who isn't sorry that she did! When the man says he's looking for Clint Buchanan, Rachel says that's her mother's fiancé.

Back at his parents' table, Matthew listens as Bo, Nora and Clint talk about the doctor who could help him then snaps, saying that he's sick of getting his hopes up! Suddenly, Rachel and Dr. Greg Evans appear at their table!

Destiny rushes into the diner - and into Shaun's arms, saying, "I got fired."

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi makes a confession to Natalie and Jared.

Dorian wants to fix the situation with Langston.

Rex makes it clear that he wants Stacy!

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