Just as Cole asks Starr to marry him, Todd walks into the mansion and says, "That's a joke, right?" Though Todd brings up the baby, and promises that they'll work a visitation schedule out with Cole, Cole interrupts to announce that he's going to prison - and wants to marry Starr before he goes! Cole explains what happened, and takes blame for his actions, but Todd giggles off Cole's determination to be a good husband and father. "Look, Mr. Manning… I would love to have your support on this," Cole says. "But I'm not asking for your permission." After Cole says he only has two days before he's taken away, he suggests that he and Starr get married tomorrow. Todd reminds them they need parental consent then shocks Starr and Cole by saying, "All right, you have my consent." Todd claims that he's sick of being the bad guy, lets them know he's there for them then leaves.

Once alone, Starr asks Cole, "Who was that?" After trying to figure Todd out, Cole starts talking about them getting married, but Starr says, "I haven't said yes…" Cole gets down on one knee, again, asks Starr to marry him, and Starr happily says yes - and that she can't wait to marry him!

In the country club cabana, though Rex pulls away from Stacy, he can't resist her kiss - and falls to a couch and takes Stacy's swimsuit top off! Before things can get any hotter, a manager appears, sends some cops in and has Rex and Stacy arrested!

Later, when Rex and Stacy are dragged into the station, half naked, with The Palace manager shouting out the charges he wants them charged with, Bo screams, "Balsom!" After Bo assures the manager that he'll handle things, Bo sends the man on his way, has Stacy taken to get changed then pulls Rex into his office and snaps at him for what he did - robbing The Palace - and for almost sleeping with Stacy! Rex starts to make excuses then says he was having fun with Stacy - but admits he still loves Gigi! Bo gives Rex some advice - not to ruin his life by allowing 'little Rex' to screw things up for 'big Rex'! Rex apologizes, says he'll pay for all the damages then Bo allows him to leave.

Out in the station room, Rex tells Stacy that Bo got them off the hook then he turns Stacy's offer to 'party' down and leaves for Ultra Violet.

At Rodi's, Schuyler looks at Roxy and tells Gigi that next to her, Roxy is probably an easy mark for Stacy - being Rex's mother and all! Schuyler explains how strange Roxy was acting, begging him to get between Stacy and Rex, and saying how Stacy was playing dirty, then says, "She looks guilty, something's weighing on her." Gigi can't believe that Roxy would have anything to do with Stacy and the mystery donor, but she can't deny that Roxy has been acting strange - and admitted in the past that it wasn't Stacy's blood that saved Shane! Thinking back on the slipup, Gigi starts remembering a bunch more times when Roxy made excuses for her verbal slipups! Schuyler stops Gigi from lashing out at Roxy and warns her to go easy on her - in order to get some answers!

Gigi approaches Roxy and starts talking about losing Rex then says, "If only Stacy wasn't a match, like you said." Gigi admits that Stacy has been blackmailing her then begs Roxy to tell her what Stacy is holding over her head. Roxy denies any involvement with Stacy then Gigi stomps off…

Back at the bar with Schuyler, Gigi says that Roxy won't budge, thanks him for giving her hope then the two head off to Shane's nightly presentation of his concert.

As Tea badgers Blair at Todd's, Blair is forced to admit that her marriage to John is over - because of Marty - and Tea wants to know if she's using this custody situation to get Todd back! Blair admits that she loved Todd but things are definitely over between them - unlike how Tea feels about her and Todd.

Just as Blair brings up Tea's secret, saying she thinks it has something to do with why Tea keeps coming back to Todd, Todd arrives - and Blair demands that he move back to the mansion with her and the kids! Todd announces that Blair's right - and he's going to live at Dorian's but promises Tea that he's going to get someone to take care of her around the clock. Before going off to pack, Todd laughs then relays the news that Cole is going to marry Starr, before he goes off to prison, and says that he gave them his consent!

Marty goes to bring Jessica flowers, who is not up to a visit, and tells Viki that Marcie left town, gave Hope back to Starr, and that Cole is now going to prison. Over tea, Marty thinks Cole feels as though he deserves this sentence - because of what he did to Matthew - then Viki assures Marty that Starr will always want Cole to be there for their daughter. As Marty worries how Cole will manage in jail, Viki promises to help her and Cole any way she can then reminds Marty that Hope is now her grandniece - and they are all family! Marty thanks Viki and the women hug.

Next on One Life to Live:

Layla ignores Cris' concerns about her dating Fish.

Natalie snaps at Gigi when she asks her to drop the charges against Kyle.

Dorian is haunted by her wrongdoings.

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