Basking in the sun at the country club, Rex and Stacy take advantage of their disguise as 'Mr. and Mrs. Underhill' and start a tab! A waiter comes up and questions if Rex is really Mr. Underhill, and Rex and Stacy manage to convince him that Rex is Mr. Underhill's grandson! Later, after checking Rex's identity out, the man approaches again, states that Mr. Underhill doesn't have a grandson then screams, "Security!" As he turns his back, Rex and Stacy make a run for it!

After Rex and Stacy make their way into a cabana, they laugh about their escape then fall into a passionate kiss!

While Schuyler helps out at Rodi's, Gigi shows him her sexy outfit, hoping that it'll get Kyle to confess. Gigi gives Schuyler some tips for covering for her then hopes it doesn't come down to having to sleep with Kyle to get what she wants – she couldn't imagine having to make that decision!

Roxy barges into Kyle's room at the Angels Square Hotel and says, "It's moving day!" After handing him the classifieds, Kyle announces he's staying right there – for free – unless Roxy wants to tell Rex who really saved Shane's life! Roxy stomps off, stating, "No free towels!"

Shortly after, Gigi arrives and apologizes for Schuyler's accusations, takes off her coat to reveal a sexy dress, insists that Kyle leave his shirt off then promises it won't be cold in there for long! Gigi lays it on a little thick, saying she wants to properly thank him, like Stacy would, then asks for them to make a trade. "Baby," Kyle says. "I doubt there's anything you have that would interest me." Gigi quickly kissing him, but Kyle pulls away and says, "I don't know what Stacy's told you, but I don't play women!" Gigi lets it all out, accuses him of helping Stacy, says they have proof that Stacy's not the donor then begs him to tell her who is! "How do you live with yourself?" Gigi asks, to which Kyle says, "It isn't easy." Though Gigi goes to leave, Kyle calls out, "Wait! I'll tell you everything you want to know." Kyle sees how desperate Gigi is then explains that he wanted to help Shane all along – and the only way he could was by keeping the donor a secret. "It's complicated, if you knew why, you'd understand," Kyle says then agrees to help Gigi – only if she convinces Natalie to drop the blackmailing charges against him.

Roxy heads into Rodi's and shows Schuyler how to make her drink of choice. When she hears that he's filling in for Gigi, Roxy brings up Stacy – and says how he has the hots for her – then rants about how she's splitting up Rex's family. As Roxy almost slips about Stacy not really helping her grandson, Schuyler picks up on her nervousness – and thinks Roxy is hiding something! Roxy grabs the bottle of booze, says, "Thanks for the juice, just put it on my bill," then heads to a table.

When Gigi arrives back to Rodi's, and tells Schuyler about Kyle's deal, thinking she's not going to get any corporation from Natalie, Schuyler looks at Roxy – and says they might have another option!

At Todd's, Tea is shocked to hear the details of the judge's verdict and is furious that Todd lied to her! As Todd starts assigning sleeping arrangements, Tea getting the bedroom, Blair getting a cot, Tea screams, "You expect us all to live under the same roof?" Blair agrees with Tea, and refuses to live with her, and just as Tea goes to leave, Todd stops her and reminds the ladies about their past bonding – but Blair says to Todd, "You're coming home with me!" As Blair brings up Todd uprooting the kids from the mansion – especially Starr and her child – Todd asks, "What child?" Blair explains that Marcie gave Hope back – and that Starr is going to raise their grandchild. Tea is happy to hear the news then she and Blair wonder why Todd is being so quiet. As Blair begs him to move back to the mansion, Tea faces Blair and says, "You're not going anywhere until we get one thing straight!" After Todd rushes off, Tea demands to know, from Blair, who's going to live where – and with who!

After Cole tells Starr about his arrest and prison sentence, she's devastated! "I have to leave you and our baby," Cole cries. "I have to say goodbye." Starr hopes his sentence isn't long, but Cole informs, "I'm going away for a couple of years." Though Starr believes Cole is innocent, and is happy that Nora went to bat for him, she cries, "We have to do something, I need you to be here with me." Starr promises that they'll get through this, but Cole hates that he's losing everything – just when he got it back. As Cole blames himself for hurting Starr all of the time, saying that neither she nor Hope deserves this, Starr professes her love for Cole – and promises to love him forever!

Just as Cole gets down on one knee, and asks Starr to marry him, Todd walks into the mansion's kitchen and witnesses it all!

Layla arrives home, finds Cris painting at the apartment, in his shorts, and questions his painting attire. Cris wonders if Layla has a problem with nudity – or just him being half nude – and as the two start joking about their appearances, Fish comes home – and Layla whispers to Cris, "Oliver and I have a date tonight." Later, Cris reminds Layla how Fish dumped her before then warns that if things don't work out, Fish will leave – and they'll have to pay the full rent. Fish comes in, briefly comments on Cris having nice 'pecks', then Cris warns again – that it's not a good idea to date their roommate! Layla makes a crack about Vanessa then asks Cris, "What's it to you, anyway?" Cris claims not to care, but he's clearly irritated – then gives Fish some suggestions, and a warning, in regards to taking Layla out! "Treat her right," Cris says, with Layla listening on. "You should get her roses. She likes the yellow ones."

Next on One Life to Live:

Todd comes up with a plan.

Gigi demands that Roxy give her the truth!

Tea and Blair argue over Todd.

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