Langston shows up at the country club where Markko works, and finds out that Markko's parents refuse to allow him to see her – thanks to Dorian! Langston blames Ray for leaving Dorian, saying, "None of this would have happened if Dorian still had a man on a leash." Though Markko promises that his parents will calm down, his dad arrives just as Markko kisses Langston – and Mr. Rivera calls Langston a tramp! When security is alerted to the argument, Markko has his father thrown out but worries how he'll continue to live with his parents. With one last kiss, Markko promises Langston that he'll see her soon.

At the mansion, Blair wakes Dorian up, who is hung over, and begs Blair to make the sound of 'a baby crying' stop! After Blair breaks the news that Marcie returned Hope, Dorian is overwhelmed with tearful happiness then vows to stop Todd from ever ruining Hope's life! Blair then explains the judge's verdict, leaving Dorian in more tears. Dorian then tells her about firing Shaun, Moe and Noelle, begs Blair not to leave her alone, then admits she lost control - and now Langston hates her!

Downstairs, after feeding Hope, Starr heads to get some diapers and promises that in a few days Cole will be an expert at changing her! Cole doesn't have a few days and worries to Hope how he'll break the news to Starr. When Starr returns, Cole says that he can't help her raise Hope – not right now anyway – and Starr thinks that Cole is worried about what Todd will try to do.

Before they can talk any further, Dorian appears, and Starr introduces Hope to her new aunt. As Starr tends to Dorian, who is clearly not feeling well, Cole whispers to Hope that he tried to tell mommy the truth. Later, when they are alone again, Cole tells Starr, "I got arrested." Cole explains what happened then says, "I have to go to prison."

Langston arrives home and heads up to Dorian's bedroom, demanding that if she wants forgiveness she better fix this mess!

Over at Todd's, though he brings Tea some cherry toaster tarts, she wants to know how he's going to fix her career! As Todd taunts Tea with, "I'm the love of your life," she tries to get up but can't, leaving Todd to remind her, "See, you need me."

Later, after her shower, as Todd is helping to dry Tea off, Blair appears in the doorway and says, "Isn't this cozy?" After a bit of bickering, Blair warns that Tea will not be moving to Dorian's with Todd and the boys then Todd is forced to tell Tea all of the details of the custody arrangement!

Schuyler arrives at Rodi's and tells Gigi that Stacy wasn't the one who saved Shane! Just as Gigi says, "I could kiss you right now," and hugs Schuyler, Stacy and Rex walk in and see them! After Rex talks to Gigi about how great Shane was, and after Stacy brags about being with Rex, they try to leave, but Gigi stops them – holding the proof that Stacy wasn't Shane's donor! However, she thinks twice and claims that Shane got accepted to baseball camp – that's all she wanted to tell them.

Once they leave, Gigi tells Schuyler that she couldn't tell Rex the truth – not until she can get proof and get Stacy to tell her who the real donor is. As Gigi says, "She's my only shot," Schuyler replies, "Maybe she's not." Over talk of Kyle, Gigi and Schuyler know Stacy has a way of getting what she wants – giving Gigi an idea, to use her sex appeal to get answers from Kyle. Schuyler doesn't like the idea, fearing Gigi could get hurt, but Gigi doesn't have a choice and thanks Schuyler for worrying about her.

While Layla is playing fetch with her dog in the park, Fish appears and jokingly threatens to issue her a ticket for violating the leash law! Suddenly, Kyle jogs over and tries to sell Fish on his innocence in the blackmailing charges, but the tension between the two is very thick. After Kyle thanks Fish 'for nothing', he jogs off, and Layla questions the tension between Fish and his friend. Fish talks about knowing Kyle from college then changes the subject to Layla and Cris. Layla admits that although they hated each other, she and Cris have become friends – and only friends. Fish asks Layla for another chance too, but Layla doesn't know if dating would be a good idea – since they are roommates – then changes her mind and says, "Let's do it." After Fish leaves, Layla wonders what went down in the past with Kyle and Fish.

Across the park, as Rex rants about always finding Gigi with a guy, Stacy calls her a tramp, which Rex doesn't like, until Stacy reminds him that he won't be able to move on until he forgets Gigi – and her affairs! Not wanting Gigi to ruin his life further, Stacy suggests that they have fun and go swimming somewhere, and Rex thinks about his first time at the country club – and how he charged all of his drinks to someone else's bill!

Shortly after, Rex and Stacy go to the country club pool, dress for a swim, and Rex is clearly distracted by Stacy in a bikini!

Back at Rodi's, Gigi calls Kyle and seductively asks him to meet her!

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex and Stacy share a passionate kiss!

Kyle presents Gigi with a deal.

Tea needs to speak to Blair.

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