Cris brings Natalie to the station, tells Antonio he knows who set him up. Just as Antonio asks if they can prove who set Cris up, Vincent bursts in, says, "I confess!" Vincent offers to give a full taped statement. When Cris asks Vincent why he came forward now, Vincent looks to Natalie, says, "Why do you think?" Vincent tells Cris that he tried to stop the fix, admits that he should've never done it in the first place. Vincent says he's willing to take whatever punishment they throw at him, that Natalie made him see the light. When Natalie asks Antonio what the charges will be, he says, "Attempted murder." Vincent is shocked at the charge. Vincent pleads his case to Cris, says he's sorry, then Cris leaves the office. Antonio hands Vincent a legal pad, tells him to start writing. Vincent writes his confession. Vincent looks to Natalie, says he sorry for disappointing her. Antonio arrests Vincent.

As Layla and Adriana talk, Rex enters the room in his underwear, giving Adriana a thought to become an underwear designer for men! The two girls make Rex change into a new pair, planning what design they'll come up with next! Rex gets a phone call from Cris, telling him that Vincent confessed, that Antonio's throwing the book at him. Rex hangs up, looks to Layla, tells her there's something she should know Layla grabs her keys, says she needs to go to Vincent.

Layla arrives just as Vincent is being taken away. Cris comments that the charges against Vincent seem too harsh, then tells Layla that Evangeline will be trying Vincent's case.

Kevin, Kelly, Jessica, Clint and Vicki go to see the baby. The doctor joins them, says that the baby is still critical, that they need time. Clint, Vicki and Jessica leave Kevin with Kelly.

Suddenly, Kelly sees the nurse rush to Zane's side. With the help of Kevin, she stands to see what's going on with the baby. The doctor comes out, says that the baby's heart stopped beating, but they got him stabilized. After begging to see the baby, the doctor brings Kelly and Kevin in. The doctor tells them that the baby's heart rate is slowing, says that they need to prepare themselves Kevin asks to hold Zane, says he needs to be there in Duke's place. Kevin talks to the baby, tells him he's part of him, says that he and Kelly love him dearly. The baby's heartbeat gets stronger

Claudia runs into Nash at the coffeehouse. She tells Nash about Jessica and Antonio's wedding announcement in the morning paper, asks him how he's feeling about the wedding. Claudia suggests that Nash and her go out of town. Nash says that he needs to stay for the wedding, needs to do it for the baby. Claudia accuses Nash of hoping that Tess will pop out at the wedding! As Claudia questions whether Jessica will be able to handle Nash at the wedding, Jessica comes in, tells her to mind her own business. Claudia leaves

Nash tells Jessica he thinks she's incredible, says he hopes that Antonio knows how lucky he is to have her. Nash suggests that although he and Tess can't make new memories, he'd like to make them with Jessica-as friends. Claudia stares at them with sadness in her eyes.

Bo tells Asa that Spencer's DNA results are in, that they'll be read in the presence of both Asa and Spencer. As Asa tries to get up to go to the jail, he gets short of breath. Since Asa can't leave the house, he tells Bo to bring Spencer to the mansion.

David goes to Spencer, tells him he that he wants him out of David's life once and for all. Bo comes in, tells Spencer he's taking him to the mansion to have the DNA results read. David asks Bo if he can come, too, and Bo allows it.

Clint and Vicki sit with Asa, telling him about Kelly's baby. Asa informs them that Spencer will be brought to the house, that they'll all know the results of his paternity soon. Clint says that Spencer could very well be a Buchanan. Abruptly, Bo comes in with Spencer who says, "Hello Pa." The notary joins them, and Bo explains everything that will take place The envelopes with the results are handed to both Spencer and Asa!

Next on One Life to Live: Marcie takes on a new job, Blair worries about Starr, Natalie goes to Vincent and Evangeline voices her concerns to Cris