Packing their apartment, when Michael makes a crack about it taking till Christmas for Marcie to pack, Marcie appears lost in thought then heads out to run an errand.

Shortly after, Marcie arrives at Rodi's, tells Gigi about giving Hope back to Starr then breaks the news that she and Michael are moving – and that her life with Michael is wonderful. Over talk of Rex, Gigi tells Marcie that she can't wait to tell Rex that what she did, she did for her son.

At the cemetery, workers take away the gravestone reading Hope Manning McBain and bring in the new one... Shortly after, Clint and Viki arrive and stare into the empty grave and worry how Jessica will get through this. Natalie, Jared and Charlie arrive next and await the burial.

Over at Nash's grave, with Brody looking on, Jessica tells Nash that their baby is dead and through tears she begs him to take care of her. As Jessica breaks down, Brody goes to her side and assures Jessica that he's there for her…

Now at her baby's gravesite, knelling at the coffin, with her family surrounding her, Jessica tearfully apologizes to her baby – for not taking care of her. "I hurt you the most, I even gave your name to another little girl," Jessica says. "Today you get it back… Chloe Victoria Brennan, rest in peace." Jessica traces a heart on Chloe's coffin, asks her to give that to her dad then says, "He'll know who it's from." As the burial comes to an end, everyone lays a white rose on Chloe's coffin.

After everyone is gone, Jessica breaks down in Brody's arms after looking at the new headstone on Chloe's fresh grave.

In court, Cole briefly tells Marty that he didn't tell Starr about his arrest then everyone listens as the judge talks about Cole's violation. Though Cole tries to explain what happened, he is sentenced to no less than five years in prison! Nora stands up, says that it was her son who Cole hurt the most, but claims that she believes that Cole is innocent in this matter. After a recess, though Nora proposes probation, the judge only reduces Cole's sentence to two years in prison! Cole is allowed two days to get everything in order, leaving Nora apologizing to Marty.

When Langston sees Starr and Hope in the kitchen, she's shocked to hear that Marcie gave her back to Starr! Starr explains that Cole has no idea but says that she can't wait for him to get there to hear the news. After Langston fills Starr in on Dorian's actions at the graduation party, talk turns back to Hope – and Starr vows to raise the baby with Cole and make it work!

Later, when Cole arrives and sees Starr holding Hope, he's so happy to hear that the baby is theirs – forever! Starr briefly wonders why Cole is all dressed up but can't stop saying how exciting it will be for them to raise Hope together. Cole appears upset, so Starr hands Hope to Cole, as they all smile as one.

John meets Michael at Rodi's, who gives him his title to sell his car, but John can't believe that Michael is leaving so suddenly. After promising to visit, John hugs Michael then hears about what happened with Hope.

When Bo and Matthew arrive outside of the community center, Bo explains Cole's arrest to Matthew, who later wants to know if Bo is okay with Nora's upcoming marriage to Clint. Rex and Shane arrive, where Shane plans to play the drums during the community center concert, and Bo watches closely as Stacy arrives – very comfortable with her place next to Rex!

After Stacy takes Matthew and Shane inside, Bo confronts Rex about Gigi – and Stacy – to which Rex explains his issues with Shane's mom then claims that Stacy is helping him through their breakup. Bo warns him to take it slow.

Inside, when Destiny announces that they need a piano player, she begs Matthew to fill in!

Stacy heads back outside and runs into Schuyler, who warns her that she's going to get caught! Schuyler begs Stacy to get out while she can, but Stacy urges him to just give her a chance – since Rex and her were meant to be! Schuyler walks away…

As Matthew tries his hand at the keyboard, Rex and Bo walk in, and as Bo is giving Rex a lecture about forgiveness, he sees Matthew playing and says, "Well, I'll be damned," approaches Matthew with pride then calls Nora to have her come right over. Stacy rejoins Rex and Shane and gives Shane the good luck charm that Rex gave her years ago. Later, after getting off the phone with Nora, Bo tells Rex to keep an open mind about Gigi. During the concert, Nora arrives and sits and smiles with Bo, as they watch Matthew play… Nora takes Bo's hand… Stacy sits with Rex, appearing bored, as Rex proudly watches his son… Stacy takes Rex's hand.

When Michael arrives back home to the empty apartment, he finds a pregnancy test box, watches as Marcie comes out of the bathroom – and is ecstatic when she shows him the results! Marcie jumps into Michael's arms, as they celebrate her pregnancy!

Next on One Life to Live:

Cole delivers shocking news to Starr.

Rex becomes attracted to Stacy!

Gigi is forced to step back and wait.

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