In her room, Starr explains to Blair how Marcie gave Hope back to her, and the two cuddle around the newest member of their family. After Blair makes sure that this is what Starr wants, she promises to be there to help her raise Hope. As Starr worries about having to go to her dad's, when she wants to stay with Blair, Blair informs her of the judge's ruling – that they will all be moving to Todd's! After Blair leaves the room, Starr promises to always be Hope's mother. When Blair returns, she informs Starr that the party is over, and that Cole isn't there, leaving Starr to wonder where he is. While Blair holds Hope, Starr calls Cole and leaves a message saying she has some great news.

After Tea cracks Todd in the knees at the courthouse, she screams, "You just destroyed my career!" As Tea rants about Todd having used her all along, Todd insists that he cares about her – and she cares about him too! "Come on," Todd says. "I'm the love of your life!" Todd promises to fix this mess, even if he has to bribe a judge! "The boys miss you," Todd says. "Jack likes the way you look. Come home… I need you." When Tea refuses to go home with him, Todd reserves the entire Palace Hotel then gives Tea no other choice but to go home with him! As they get into the elevator, Todd informs Tea that the kids will be living with him – and so will Blair!

When Marcie arrives home, Michael holds his arms out to her and tells her that she did the right thing, knowing that there was always a chance that Starr could have wanted Hope back years down the road. Looking in the empty crib, Marcie thinks she's lucky to have Michael then suggests they redecorate – but Michael thinks they should move away from Llanview for good! Michael tells Marcie about the huge job offer he received from a hospital in Seattle, a chance to start over, and Marcie agrees to move, wanting this to be Michael's time to shine!

Shaun brings Rachel home to the Buchanan mansion, and they briefly talk about Shaun's brother's upcoming arrival and Dorian firing the staff. Over talk of the wasted food at the graduation party, Rachel invites Shaun in for some dinner.

Inside, while Destiny helps Matthew study, Matthew is distracted about the situation surrounding Starr – and the fact that his mom is marrying his uncle! When Matthew starts to get down on himself, saying he's going to be in the wheelchair for life, Destiny says, "Maybe not." Suddenly, as Destiny begins talking about experts, Shaun and Rachel enter – and Shaun hushes her up! When Matthew and Rachel head into the kitchen, Shaun warns Destiny not to give Matthew false hope then Destiny promises not to say any more until Greg arrives, which Shaun doesn't think he will.

Later, sharing a meal, Shaun and Rachel inform Matthew and Destiny that Shaun was fired, to which Destiny warns him to get a job quick – or he won't be able to date a fine woman like Matthew's sister! As Destiny finishes helping Matthew with their studies, Rachel walks Shaun out and tells him not to worry about Destiny's comments – since they are just friends. Shaun surprises Rachel with a soft kiss to her check.

When Cole is brought into the station, he tells John and Marty how he was caught holding drugs, drugs that weren't his, then he begs them to believe him.

Nora and Bo are in his office discussing cases when Bo is shocked to hear that Nora and Clint bumped up their wedding date. As Bo rants about how it will affect Matthew, Nora admits that it was Clint's idea. Nora tries to explain, but John comes in and announces that Cole has been arrested.

As Bo, Nora and John join Cole and Marty, Cole swears on his baby's life that he didn't take any drugs – and everyone believes him! However, Nora reminds him of the judge's ruling, involving Matthew's case, saying Cole will be automatically reprimanded to jail then Nora receives a call from the judge and says, "Everything's out of our hands." Cole fears having to go to prison, especially when he can't prove that he didn't buy the drugs. Nora thinks a drug test may help, but Marty is upset that Cole will have to spend the night in jail – because the arresting officer already put Cole in the system. That's how the judge found out about his arrest.

Cole is emptying his pockets and sees that Starr called. Bo allows him to call her back, to which Starr tells him that she has great news – to tell him in person – but Cole says he can't get away right now and promises to come over in the morning. "Cole," Starr says. "What happened tonight is going to change your life." Once Cole hangs up, he's taken to his cell.

Back at the mansion, Starr talks about how happy she is to have Hope, as she says, "Daddy's going to have a new life too, and he doesn't even know it yet. Good night, Hope, sweet dreams."

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi feels she's closer to getting her life back.

Marcie gets amazing news!

Cole is consumed with paranoia.

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