Starr invites Marcie in, who arrives at the mansion with Hope, then wonders why Marcie wants their talk to be so private. Once in her bedroom, Marcie hands Hope to Starr, talks about her first night with her and Michael then Starr interrupts, assuring Marcie that Todd won't fight them on the adoption. When Starr says that she believed Marcie would be the best mom for her baby, Marcie says, "You don't believe that now, do you?" Now holding Hope, Marcie reminds Starr that she could barely sign the adoption papers, leaving Starr to admit it was harder than she thought it would be. "Why are you doing this?" Starr asks, to which Marcie says, "Someday you'll regret this decision, Starr… If you want to raise this baby then I want you to raise this baby." Starr would feel horrible taking Hope away from Marcie and Michael, but Marcie makes her see that she's realized that she has everything she needs in life – and Starr needs and wants Hope… Staring at Hope, Starr admits how much she's missed Hope then Marcie hands Hope to Starr and tells the baby the same thing that Starr told her when handing her over to Marcie, "Your mommy's been waiting a very long time for you." Marcie rips up the adoption papers, and Starr cries, "Thank you so much." Marcie thanks Starr for giving her her life back, and Starr says, "I guess we're even."

Out on the patio, Dorian breaks her glass then demands that the maid clean it! As she pops a few aspirins, or some other pills, Markko's parents arrive – and Dorian thinks they are 'the help'! Once Langston makes introductions, she brings up the Vegas, and says how she practically raised Carlotta's sons, then is stunned to hear that Markko's real name is Geraldo Rivera. Repeating his name, with a snicker, Dorian insists on a toast then drinks a bit more than she should – especially when the Riveras say how happy they were when Ray Montez decided to allow Langston to stay in Llanview! No matter how much Langston begs Dorian to be quiet, Dorian blurts out all of Ray's family secrets – and the fact that he left her for his murderous daughter! Langston finally calms Dorian down, who then apologizes to 'Geraldo' – and for everything that Lola tried to do to him! Markko's parents want to know more and get an earful when Dorian says, "Lola poked holes in the condoms that I gave Langton, but don't worry, 'Geraldo' brought his own!" After Markko's mother runs out, his father grabs Markko and they leave as well!

Once they are gone, Langston lashes out at Dorian for ruining Markko's party then claims that she's trying to make everyone miserable – just because she is! When Moe and Noelle try to calm Dorian, she announces that her lawyers found a loophole – and the house is Dorian's! Dorian fires Moe and Noelle – and Shaun, when he sticks up for them! Appalled, Langston pours the expensive champagne in the pool, thinks Dorian needs to cool off, then pushes her in the pool as well! Once Langston heads in the house, Dorian pulls herself, and the champagne bottle, out of the pool.

Out in the foyer, on their way home, Markko's parents forbid him to see Langston – or her dreadful mother – again! Langston walks in just as they finish their warning and says, "What?" Langston is warned to stay away from their son then the Riveras take Markko home!

When Asher approaches Cole at the docks, they briefly talk about how Asher was released from jail after selling drugs at the prom. After Cole questions what Asher gave Lola, he asks, "Why, are you interested?" Cole claims he's trying to get his life back, ignores Marty's phone call, then listens as Asher talks about all of the negative things in Cole's life: not getting his diploma, losing Hope… Asher then holds some drugs over Cole's shoulder, tempting him to take the pain away. Even though Cole resists, Asher puts them in Cole's pocket then leaves.

As Cole thinks about not wanting to lose Starr, he goes to throw the drugs in the river but a cop appears and says, "Not so fast!" Cole is placed under arrest!

Tea arrives in the courtroom, as Todd's next witness, furious that Todd is making her testify. Though Tea warns she'll be disbarred, Todd doesn't care – and refuses to lose his kids! On the stand, though Tea refuses to admit that she advised Blair to marry John, Todd's lawyer admits a tape recording into evidence – and everyone listens to a conversation between Tea and Todd, where Tea admits that Blair and John's marriage is a shame! When Tea denies sleeping with Todd, Blair stands up, calls Tea a liar – one who admitted that Todd was the love of her life – and Tea blurts out that Blair admitted the same thing! Todd just sits and smiles… The judge warns that he'll be reporting Tea's actions to the bar then calls a recess, leaving Tea even more furious with Todd! Tea storms out, and Todd smiles at Blair then says, "Did you really say I was the love of your life?" Before she can answer, the judge comes back with a verdict and gives them both custody – but they have to live under one roof! "I'm forcing the two of you to get alone," the judge says then warns if they don't the kids will go to foster care! Todd tells Blair he'll leave the light on for her then she storms out! As Todd goes to leave, Tea comes out of the shadows, hits Todd in the knees with her cane then says, "Not so fast!"

When Blair arrives home, she finds Starr holding Hope and asks, "What is Hope doing here?" to which Starr replies, "She's mine, Mom. Hope is home."

Next on One Life to Live:

Tea snaps at Todd for his latest antics!

Starr sees a brighter future.

Cole finds himself in a mess.

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