At the diner, after overhearing Langston talk about Starr almost not signing the adoption papers, Marcie looks at Hope and listens as Langston and Markko elaborate on Starr and Cole’s feelings. Marcie hurries back to her table, as Markko and Langston head out for graduation, asking if Marcie will be there along the way. Marcie explains her departure to Michael then leaves in a fluster.

When Dorian finds Moe and Noelle kissing on the patio, she screams, “Get a room!” Dorian begins ranting about the choice of wine, for the graduation party they are throwing for Markko, then screams for Shaun to take her to The Palace to get a classier drink! Though Moe reminds Dorian that the mansion is his, Dorian snaps, especially when Moe brings up her broken heart over Ray. When Shaun appears, Dorian instructs him to get the car then leaves Moe and Noelle with a warning not to maul each other out in the open – because there are children in the house!

Inside the mansion, Cole and Starr celebrate their reunion with a long, passionate kiss. Suddenly, Dorian appears, gives Cole and Starr a lecture about their ‘closeness’ then the kids usher Dorian out, promising to see her at the party later. Cole and Starr head out to his graduation.

Marty arrives at the school for Cole’s graduation and briefly talks to Rachel about Cole not getting his diploma until after summer school then worries that he’ll be upset if he doesn’t see her at the ceremony – because she has been subpoenaed to court! Rachel promises to relay the message to Cole then Marty rushes off, hoping to make it back soon.

At school, Markko’s parents take pictures of Markko then his mother makes snide remarks about Langston’s short dress! Markko privately assures Langston that she looks fine, but Langston wonders what his parents would think if they knew they slept together!

Across the gym, as Starr and Cole arrive, and tell Rachel about how hard it was giving up Hope, Marcie listens from close by then approaches to wish Cole good luck, realizing that Starr and Cole are no longer kids. Rachel then gives Cole Marty’s message, leaving Starr apologizing to Cole for her father dragging his mother away!

During the ceremony, Cole looks around for Marty, as Markko goes up to give his valedictorian speech – and Marcie listens closely as Markko talks about how they’ve all grown up, leaving Marcie glancing at Cole and Starr then ultimately walking out.

In court, after Todd tells the judge that Blair’s marriage is a fake, he wants proof – and Todd claims his witness will be there soon! As Todd and Blair bicker, Marty appears and asks, “Does somebody want to tell me what I’m doing here?” Once on the stand, Todd’s lawyer asks if Marty is intimately involved with John McBain, but Marty denies it and explains why they’ve been in such close proximity as of late. Court is called to a close then Marty leaves, and Blair appreciates Marty’s testimony and suggests that John go to Cole’s graduation with Marty. Alone, when Todd’s lawyer tells him he’s going to lose, Todd says he has another witness to call upon!

Later, when court is resumed, and the judge is ready to give his verdict on the custody issue, Todd points to the door, as his witness arrives – and Blair voices a few choice words for Todd under her breath!

Back at the graduation, just as Cole is called up to accept his ‘empty diploma’ Marty arrives, with John close behind! Cole waves, as Marty snaps a picture. After the ceremony, Marty, John and Starr assure Cole that he’ll get his diploma in due time. Cole then asks Starr to ride back to the party with Langston, as he needs to clear his head then Rachel assures Marty that Cole will be okay – and needs to learn to handle the tough days.

Alone with John, Marty thanks him for coming, and the two are clearly holding back their real emotions.

Cole makes a stop at the diner but leaves when he spots Michael reading to Hope. In the background we hear the song “Hold On Tight,” by Rie Sinclair.

Marcie arrives shortly after and says, “Michael, I need to tell you something.”

At the docks, Cole saves his tassel, throws his cap in the river, looks at his empty diploma then is approached by Asher!

While dining together at The Palace, Nora and Clint are shocked to see Viki’s engagement ring. When Renee brings them all some bubbly, the happy couples toast – and Dorian arrives just in time to hear everyone’s news! After Dorian makes some catty remarks, a man brings her a case of champagne then she informs Renee, who asks about her reservations with Ray tomorrow night, that they’ll need to cancel! Charlie asks about Dorian’s Latin lover, but Dorian scampers away. When the couples find out that they’ve picked the same wedding date, Renee suggests a double wedding!

Dorian and Shaun arrive back home, and while they are preparing for the party, Shaun comforts Dorian, in regards to Ray, but Dorian just apologies for snapping at him then soothes her depression with booze! Rachel arrives and joins Shaun, which makes for another happy couple who Dorian has to be around. When Dorian heads out to the patio, she sees Markko and Langston kissing, thinks back on all of the other happy couples she’s seen today then smashes her champagne glass!

Back inside, Starr arrives and hopes it’s Cole who is ringing the doorbell – but it’s Marcie and Hope!

Next on One Life to Live:

Starr gets a huge surprise from Marcie!

Todd and Blair receive a verdict!

Dorian gets sloshed at Markko's graduation party!

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