Jessica wakes up, rushes into Chloe’s nursery then breaks down at the sight of the empty crib. Natalie enters and apologizes, “I’m sorry that your baby died.” Once Jessica realizes that Natalie knew the truth all along, Natalie explains how she found out. Jessica remembers that Natalie tried to tell her a few times, as Natalie cries, “I wanted to protect you. I am so, so sorry.” Jessica is touched that Natalie wanted to take care of her – even after Tess tried to kill her – but Natalie says, “You’re my sister, and I will always love you.” Jessica doesn’t blame Natalie, and asks to see Marcie so she can apologize, but Natalie wonders if she just wants to see the baby. Jessica admits it, but Natalie warns that it’s too soon for Jessica to see the baby – and insists on apologizing to Marcie for all of them. “When you see Chloe,” Jessica cries. “Can you tell her that I love her?”

While Marcie and Michael look at Hope, Marcie talks about how hard it was to take her from her mother. Though Michael thinks she’s talking about Jessica, Marcie says that it’s Starr who she can’t get out of her mind. Michael thinks Starr is too young to raise a child, and reminds Marcie that Starr wanted this, but Marcie talks about how much Starr and Cole have matured through this. “I saw Starr become a mom,” Marcie says.

Suddenly, Natalie arrives, apologizes to Michael and Marcie, informs them that she knew Jessica had Starr’s baby all along then explains the reason why she kept the truth from everyone – to save Jessica. After Michael and Marcie forgive her, Hope begins to cry, but Natalie can’t bear to see her. She again thanks them for being so understanding, asks them to tell Hope how much they love her then leaves.

When Stacy wakes up at the loft, she hears the message from Shane and deletes it! Rex catches her with his phone, but she claims she thought it was ringing. Rex then hands her keys to Ultra Violet then plans to meet her later to talk about the makeshift dance studio.

After Rex leaves, Stacy hears someone coming, takes off her shirt thinking it’s Rex, but it’s Shane! Stacy quickly puts her shirt on, assures Shane that Rex will call him back soon then asks him what’s wrong. When Shane says that he heard his mom tell Schuyler that she didn’t sleep with Brody, Stacy doesn’t want Rex to hear about this, stops Shane from leaving to find him then promises that Gigi is lying – because now she likes Schuyler and is trying to cover the fact that she’s a tramp! Shane isn’t even allowed to say that word – and can’t believe that Stacy called his mom that. However, Stacy sweet talks an explanation as to why Gigi is lying now, but Shane still wonders why his mom said that she wished she could tell him about not sleeping with Brody – not just Rex! Stacy urges Shane to let his mom be happy, and Shane finally agrees – and even suggests that someone like Stacy could make his dad happy as well!

At Rodi’s, Gigi asks Brody about Jessica, but Brody hasn’t heard from her today and worries how she’ll handle the first day waking up without Chloe. Over talk of their fake affair, Gigi catches Brody up on Stacy’s deception!

Just as Brody says, “See, there’s hope for you and Rex,” Gigi hugs him and replies, “And I can tell him that I didn’t sleep with you!” Rex walks in and sees them! Rex calmly asks to talk to Gigi alone, makes a few comments about her time spent with Brody and Schuyler, then Gigi promises that soon Rex will know why she’s been doing the things she’s done! Rex hates what’s become of them and begs Gigi to explain why this is happening to them, but Gigi refuses to tell him the truth.

Once Rex leaves, Gigi tells Brody that though she wanted to tell Rex, she has to wait until she has the proof – she may even get it today! Gigi then calls Schuyler to ask if he’s ready to get the proof that they need!

Later, Brody is happy when Jessica and Bree arrive. Although Bree admits that she missed Brody, she also says how much she misses her little sister. Brody takes Bree to the jukebox, helps her play a song then Bree runs into Jessica’s arms and says that they played the song especially for her.

Back at the loft, just as Stacy tells Shane that it’s best that he doesn’t tell Rex about what his mom said, Rex arrives home and wants to know what Shane’s doing there. Shane claims he came to invite Aunt Stacy to his concert!

Cole arrives at the diner and admits to Markko how much he misses his baby – and Starr – and says that he can’t be with Starr because he can’t tell her how he really feels about her giving up Hope. Cole blames himself for putting pressure on Starr, during her pregnancy, and refuses to bring Starr down now – but Markko still urges him to tell Starr how he feels!

Looking at the adoption papers, at the mansion, Starr admits to Langston how much she misses her baby – and Cole. Though Langston pushes Starr to be with Cole, Starr fears that she can’t tell him how she really feels about giving up Hope. “I almost didn’t sign the adoption papers,” Starr says. “I was this close to telling Cole that I changed my mind… But when Marcie and Michael showed up, I couldn’t break Marcie’s heart.” Langston asks, “What about your heart? If you didn’t have to worry about hurting anyone, would you have kept the baby?”

Before Starr can answer, Cole arrives. Alone, after Cole tells her that he’ll be going to graduation with his class tonight, he asks for Starr to be there for him. Starr couldn’t be happier, especially when Cole says that he wants her in his life – even with the baby gone. “Do you want me in yours?” Cole asks. “You’re the only person in the world that misses Hope as much as I do.” Though Starr worried about how she’d feel around Cole, she couldn’t feel any better. Cole and Starr kiss!

Later, while Marcie, Michael and Hope are at the diner, and while Marcie is looking for something behind the counter, she overhears Langston tell Markko that Starr admitted that she almost didn’t sign the adoption papers – and that she only did it for Marcie!

Next on One Life to Live:

Dorian feels alone.

Marcie questions her actions.

Todd and Blair fight over their kids!

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