Ray appears on the mansion patio and upsets Dorian by saying he can’t stay! Ray talks about Lola, and says how disturbed she is, leading Dorian to think that he’s heading back to St. Ann’s, but Ray confesses that Lola is being transferred to another facility far away from Llanview – and he’s going with her. Ray professes his feelings for Dorian, says he’s going to miss her like crazy, then blames himself for not seeing Lola go downhill, while pursuing her. Before Ray goes to pack Lola’s things, he says they had something very special, even though it was only for a moment, and hopes that Dorian will always remember it. Though Ray tries to kiss Dorian goodbye, she pulls away and watching him go…

Back on the patio, alone, Dorian starts trashing the dinner table then breaks down in tears!

Todd and the boys bring Tea home to Todd’s, leaving Jack to ask how long ‘naked lady’ is staying! After Todd scolds Jack, he assures Tea that she can stay as long as she wants. With the kids upstairs, Todd suggests that Tea tell the judge about Blair and John’s fake marriage, leaving Tea furious and feeling as though that’s the only reason that Todd has invited her to stay! Just as Todd assures Tea that that’s not why he brought her there, Jack reappears and wants to know where to put Tea’s bags – in the guestroom or Todd’s room! Tea chooses the guestroom then warns Todd that she won’t share his bed until he proves that she’s the woman he wants. Though Todd convinces Tea that he’s over Marty, when he claims that Blair hates him, Tea remembers the confession that she and Blair made then says, “Don’t bet on it.”

When Blair arrives at Rodi’s to talk to John about their marriage, John says, “I’m sorry, I can’t be your husband anymore.” Though John promises to be there for her and the kids, they both can’t share a ‘real marriage’ because of Marty – and Todd. John explains the situation with Marty and admits that they both want to see if they still have something between them. Blair is crushed, as John reminds her that it wasn’t just Marty between them, but Todd too – and Blair agrees. Crying, Blair admits that she doesn’t want to love Todd and that she wishes she could go back to hating Todd, when Marty was dead, then agrees to let John out of their marriage after she gets her kids back, which John is more than happy to stick around until that happens. Agreeing to ‘no regrets’, Blair says goodbye then leaves.

Over at The Palace, as Marty gets excited about Cole’s graduation, Cole reminds her that he has to finish summer school – and doesn’t want to walk alongside his class for the ceremony anyways, just to have everyone whisper about him being the guy who got Starr pregnant, the guy who put Matthew in a wheelchair. However, Marty convinces Cole to show everyone who the real ‘Cole’ is and to walk with his class during graduation. Cole changes the subject to Marty and asks if she has any plans to get John back, but Marty turns talk back to how proud she is of Cole.

Later, when there’s a knock on her door, Marty thinks it’s Cole returning, but it’s John – holding a rose! John tells her that although he’s going to be there for Blair and the kids, he wants to see what’s between them – Marty and John kiss!

When Blair arrives at Todd’s, she lets herself in and is upset when she sees Todd, Tea and the kids getting along like a happy little family. Blair sneaks back out the door then Todd glances in thought at the front door.

As Schuyler and Gigi toast to exposing Stacy, Shane enters the carriage house then asks if Gigi is planning a sleepover of her own! As Shane continues to lash out at Gigi, and be rude to Schuyler, Gigi banishes him upstairs with a grounding! Schuyler tries to make excuses for Shane’s behavior, leading Gigi to bring up having to lie to Shane. “It breaks my heart for him to hate me for what I did,” Gigi says. “Especially when I didn’t do it.” Little do they know, Shane is listening from the stairway! As Shane continues to listen, Gigi tells Schuyler, “I so wish I could tell him that Brody and I didn’t sleep together.”

After throwing water at each other at the loft, Stacy claims she’s freezing and needs to clean up – then takes her shirt off! Though Stacy apologizes, Rex brings up her being a stripper – and says how she must be used to taking her clothes off – then Stacy agrees, puts on one of Rex’s shirts, takes her bra off then hangs it on the fire escape with her shirt! Rex wonders if Stacy liked stripping, to which Stacy remembers being broke – and loved every minute of the money, until towards the end when she was pushing herself to go on stage. Stacy dreamed of being whisked away by prince charming then talk turns to Schuyler, who Stacy says wasn’t exactly what she was looking for. As Stacy talks about wanting to be a real dancer, she gets the idea of maybe becoming an instructor, leading Rex to remember the foxtrot lessons that he and Adriana took – and leading Stacy to put her hand on Rex’s and say, “Maybe you didn’t have the right partner.” As they dance, Rex offers Ultra Violet to Stacy – to use during the afternoon if she wants to teach dance lessons. Before Rex goes to bed, Stacy says, “Thanks for everything,” then climbs into bed herself – and neither of them realize that Shane has left a message, saying, “Dad, I need to talk to you.”

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