At Rodi’s, after John releases Marty, she voices her heartache for Cole then John assures her that everything’s going to be all right. Thinking back on the time Marty wasted during her memory loss, she says, “It wasn’t just with him.” John reminds Marty that he’s not very good at talking, so Marty asks him to listen then says, “I know who I am now, and I know what I want. We were on the verge of something before my accident, and I would like to know what it was.” Marty apologizes for saying these things but feels as though John may want to give them a try too. John asks for a couple of days to think, and Marty tells him to give her a call when he figures things out.

Schuyler shows up at the carriage house to tell Gigi that Stacy’s hair is being tested then turns around to head out for dinner. Feeling sorry that he’s dining alone, Gigi tells Schuyler that Shane’s at a sleepover then convinces him to stay for leftovers. Over dinner, Gigi thinks back on how her sister has turned out then asks Schuyler how someone like him could end up with someone like Stacy. Schuyler talks about Stacy’s great cooking then says she was different in Vegas – until her obsession for Rex came to light. Prior to that, and during Schuyler’s withdrawals from drugs, Stacy was there for him. However, their future plans never panned out, obviously. Though Gigi thinks Schuyler’s a great guy, she doesn’t feel any sympathy toward Stacy – and Schuyler tries to explain than Stacy thinks Rex is to her what drugs were to him… Schuyler plans to repay the favor and make Stacy see the light!

When Rex arrives home, he finds Stacy cooking him dinner and is shocked that the sauce actually tastes good. While Rex is getting cleaned up, Stacy vows never to let Gigi have a chance to cook for him again! Rex emerges, shortly after, and Stacy can’t help but to sneak a peek when he goes to get changed. Once seated, Rex is wooed by her fabulous Chicken Parmesean then kisses her hand, as Stacy promises to pay back the money that Stan took. After dinner, Rex thinks about the last time he had home cooking, since Gigi, but Stacy promises that things are going to get better for him. Playfully splashing each other with water, Rex walks over to Stacy with a towel.

In the kitchen, Dorian orders Moe around then confides to him and Noelle that she only wants to make dinner the best for Ray – and Noelle and Moe promise that Dorian can count on them. Dorian thanks them for offering Ray a place to stay, as she would’ve never took notice of him otherwise, then Noelle gushes, “He could be the one.” Finally, Dorian admits that she deserves a good man in her life!

When Dorian goes to get ready, Moe promises Noelle a night full of romance.

Out in the foyer, Blair apologizes to Todd for their hug then they joke about how nice they are being to each other. However, when Todd asks Blair to round up the kids, because he’s taking them home, Blair lashes out and reminds him of what Starr just went through! Though Todd allows Blair to keep Starr, he says, “But the boys are going home with me, right now.” Blair refuses to allow it, but Todd reminds her that the boys want to be with him – and Blair accuses him of using the kids because he’s lonely and has lost everything! After a bit more arguing about Blair’s fake marriage, and threats of going back to court, Blair warns that Todd will never win permanent custody unless he were to marry Mother Theresa and Eleanor Roosevelt rolled into one! Realizing what she suggested, Blair snaps, “Don’t you even think about it!” Blair rants about having ‘said something out loud’ then thinks back to admitting to Tea that Todd was the love of her life! Back to the matter at hand, and not wanting to put the kids through another scene, Blair goes to get Jack and Sam for Todd.

With the kids downstairs now, Jack is excited to be going back to his dad’s, minus anymore crazy babysitters, then listens as Blair and Todd explain that Starr and Blair will be staying at the mansion. Though Jack blames McPain for the reason that Blair is staying behind, Todd reminds Jack that there’s an extra bedroom at his place should Blair change her mind. The kids and Todd say goodbye then leave.

Viki goes to visit Tea at the hospital, and they briefly talk about Jessica then Viki apologizes for her cousin Powell trying to kill her – all because of Todd! Tea brings up going through the ordeal with Blair then admits that they both confessed that Todd was the love of their lives. Tea vows never to tell Todd the truth, as not to give him that much power over her life, then notices Viki’s engagement ring and says, “He’s a very lucky man, Viki.” Viki admits how happy Charlie makes her, and Tea says, “I have a weakness for the bad boys.” When Tea talks about being released, Viki offers for her to stay at Llanfair – and Tea brings up Todd’s offer! “Not that he’ll remember, or that he was serious,” Tea says, and Viki replies, “You’re hoping he was.”

Later, Todd, Sam and Jack show up at the hospital with balloons, to which Todd tells Tea, “You’re coming home with us.”

Back at Rodi’s, as John is thinking back to times with Marty, Blair arrives and says, “I think we need to talk about this marriage… We’re not exactly the perfect couple, and this marriage isn’t exactly perfect but…” Though Blair clearly wants to fight for their marriage, John appears to feel otherwise!

Next on One Life to Live:

Dorian receives upsetting news.

Tea makes the move to Todd's.

John and Blair mull over their marriage.

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