At the mansion, just as Starr tells Cole that the adoption is not official until she signs the papers, Marty comes in and says, “The baby’s here.” Cole and Starr go into the foyer, and Blair puts Hope in Starr’s arms, who says, “She’s beautiful.” As Starr allows Cole to hold his daughter, they all comment about the Cramer, Thornhart, Manning and Saybrooke traits in her – and Blair catches Starr glancing at the adoption papers. Later, Cole and Starr sit alone, holding Hope, while Todd watches them from the doorway.

While Michael and Marcie are waiting at their apartment, for word on Hope, Marcie agrees to have their vows renewed – to celebrate a new life, with a new baby! Suddenly, Todd calls to let them know that the baby is at the mansion, and Michael tells him, “We’ll be right there.”

As Starr, Cole and the family continue to gush over Hope, the doorbell rings, and Starr stares with sadness at the door. When Michael and Marcie enter the room, Cole questions if they have a car seat then everyone prepares for Hope to leave with her new family – until Starr says, “Wait,” then goes to sign the adoption papers – but Blair urges her to wait, just to be sure, and Starr stares at Cole, who is holding Hope. However, Starr signs the papers, hands them to Marcie then holds her baby close, before handing her over to Marcie. After Marcie gives Starr a locket of Hope’s hair, Starr says, “Say hello to your new mommy,” then asks them to please leave. Before they go, Marcie thanks them, Cole asks them to read Hope a book of his father’s poems then Todd gives them the list from Jessica.

After Hope is gone, Todd and Blair hold Starr, as Marty and Cole sob across the room. The adults give Starr and Cole some time alone… As Starr cries, “I just wish we had more time with her,” Cole helps Starr put on the locket containing Hope’s hair.

Out in the foyer, Blair assures Marty that it’s all right for Cole to stay there for a bit then Marty leaves. Blair takes a seat on the steps with Todd, and they talk about the baby, as Todd holds Blair close.

Back at their apartment, Marcie and Michael happily get Hope settled in.

Over at Llanfair, Clint wonders if they should go upstairs, and worries about Brody being a loose cannon, but Viki assures him that Brody truly cares about Jessica – and is exactly what Jessica needs right now! After Viki finds one of Chloe’s baby shoes, Clint makes sure she’s okay then leaves, knowing Charlie will be back soon. Viki urges Clint to open up to Nora, they hug then he leaves.

Upstairs, though Jessica wants to be alone, Brody replies, “I’m sorry, I’m not going anywhere.” As Jessica lashes out at herself for hurting people, and for killing her own baby, Brody stands by her side and says, “The only way past it is to get through it.” Though Jessica doesn’t think she can get through it, Brody vows to be with her every step of the way! In tears, Brody says, “I’ve never loved anyone like the way that I love you,” but Jessica refuses to allow him to be with her – and to be hurt by her – leaving Brody to remind her that she can’t stop him from loving her. Jessica takes one of Chloe’s blankets, wraps it around her shoulders as she remembers being her mom then falls into Brody’s comforting arms. Brody cradles Jessica and promises that everything is going to be all right.

Out on the patio, Charlie joins Viki and tries to comfort her, as Viki blames herself for Jessica’s issues. As they talk about giving Natalie and Jared another wedding, Charlie pulls out a ring and says, “Marry me, Viki… I’m going to love you forever.” Viki cries and replies, “Yes, I will marry you, Charlie Banks.” Viki is shocked that Charlie has had the ring since Christmas and prays that Jessica finds a man as good as Charlie.

Bo arrives at Rodi’s and asks John to come back as his chief of detectives, but John turns him down. After a bit of badgering from Bo, John agrees to give it some thought then listens as Bo talks about Clint and Nora’s upcoming wedding. John wonders if Bo has a problem with that, but Bo brushes him off, warns him not to take too long thinking about returning to the force then leaves.

Marty arrives at Rodi’s, tells John about what happened at the mansion then accepts John’s comforting embrace.

When Rachel catches Nora looking at a photo of her, Bo and Matthew, she accuses Nora of not telling Matthew about the engagement, “Because you’re not sure that Clint is the Buchanan that you want.” As Nora says, “I know what I want, I want Clint,” Clint appears and says, “That’s good to hear, so what did I miss?”

Rachel leaves them alone, and although Clint doesn’t want to talk about Jessica, he suggests that they move their wedding date up! Nora thinks a wedding might not be right for Jessica now, but Clint thinks differently. When Nora claims she’d marry Clint tomorrow, he takes her serious and wants to do it – tomorrow! Later, while looking at the picture of her, Bo and Matthew again, Bo arrives and says, “Hey,” to which Nora replies, with a smile, “Hey.”

Next on One Life to Live:

Schuyler opens Gigi's eyes in regards to Stacy.

Marty confesses her feelings to John.

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