At Llanfair, Viki and Clint greet Dr. Levin and they discuss Jessica’s breakthrough. Viki thinks this is the last of Jessica’s big secrets and hopes that she’ll now be integrated, but the doctor says the only way she’ll be able to heal is to return the baby, by herself, to her parents. Just as Clint objects, thinking that could put Jessica over the edge, she appears – wondering if Chloe is still there. After Viki says yes, Jessica shows them a list that she’s made for Marcie in regards to Chloe. Jessica feels so guilty for what she’s done, to which Viki instructs, “You have to say goodbye to the baby.” Jessica doesn’t think she has the right to say goodbye, and doesn’t know if she can, but Viki and Clint convince her it’s the right thing for her to do. “You’re right, I have to start to make things right. I have to help Chloe – Hope – go home.”

While Viki goes to get Chloe, Clint takes Bree out on the patio, then Jessica explains to her daughter that Chloe is going to take a trip – and that they need to tell her goodbye. With Dr. Levin watching, and Clint heading upstairs, Jessica tries to explain to Bree that Chloe has another mother, one who she’ll be living with forever, and that she’ll have a new name - Hope.

Upstairs, Clint and Viki look down at Chloe. Viki starts crying, wondering how Jessica is going to say goodbye when they can’t even do it themselves. Viki picks up the baby and changes her one last time.

As Bree rushes away, into Clint’s arms, Viki brings in Chloe. Jessica says, “It’s time, isn’t it?” Bree is the first to say goodbye, causing Jessica to turn her back and sob in pain. Next, Viki hands Chloe to Jessica, who smiles into her eyes. Jessica slips, and says, “Mommy loves…” but then tells Chloe how much her mommy and daddy love her. Crying, Jessica confesses that she’ll miss her so much.

Over at their apartment, as Michael and Marcie put a crib together, worrying about Todd coming after them in the future, Todd comes knocking! Surprisingly, Todd says that he and Blair will be delivering the baby to them then he gives them a check, to which Michael asks, “You’re not trying to buy your granddaughter back, are you?” However, Todd claims the money is to buy some things for Hope – and says that he’s not going to fight them. “Plus I owe you, for what I put you through with Sam,” Todd says. “Take the money, for Hope.” Reluctantly, they take it, but claim they won’t cash the check, then Michael and Marcie assure Todd that they’ll take care of Hope. After Todd leaves, they finish putting the crib together then Michael promises Marcie that he’s there for her forever.

Outside of Rodi’s, Cole briefly pauses then goes in with his mom to tell John that he’ll get to see his baby, for a bit, before he has to say goodbye. While Marty makes a call, John and Cole go outside, and Cole talks about how he’s going to lose Hope again then admits, “I don’t know how I’ll make it through this day.” John gives Cole Patrick’s poetry book then Cole reads his father’s favorite poem out loud. Afterwards, John assures Cole that when Starr gives up the baby, he’ll be strong, rise from the tumble and move on.

Inside, Brody updates Marty on Jessica then expresses how much he wants to be there for her. After Marty gives Brody some advice, Cole and John appear, and Cole says, “I’m ready to do this.” Once Cole and Marty leave, John praises Brody, tells him that he has a job for as long as he wants then allows Brody to take off for a bit. Before Brody goes, he advises John not to let Marty get away!

Blair approaches Starr on the patio, as she stares at the adoption papers. Starr feels for Jessica and can relate, since she’s going to have to give her baby up as well. Though Starr vows to sign the papers, Blair asks if she’s sure this is what she wants. Starr can’t go back on her word to Marcie then says, “Cole wants to keep the baby. When I found out I was pregnant, I was so scared… I was so sure… But no matter what happens, I will always be connected to Hope.” Starr begins crying, as Blair says, “If you’ve changed your mind, and you want to keep that baby, you’d be a good mother. This has to be your decision… Right now, forgot the promises and think about what you want. Do you really want to keep this baby?”

Suddenly, Todd arrives and asks, “What’s wrong?” Starr just claims that she’s excited to see her baby, and before Todd and Blair leave to pick up Hope, Todd promises not to interfere in Starr’s decision – and Blair promises to be there no matter what Starr decides! Passing Marty and Cole on their way out, Blair urges Marty to allow Cole to go in to be with Starr – alone.

Waiting alone, Marty takes a call from John and thanks him for helping to bring Cole around, to which John confesses that he gave Cole Patrick’s book of poems. Marty admits that she feels better – hearing John’s voice.

As Starr is staring at the adoption papers, Cole appears and wonders if she’s ready for this. Wondering what Starr is hiding, which are the adoption papers, Starr says, “I have something to tell you.”

When Todd and Blair arrive at Llanfair, Jessica asks them to tell Starr how sorry she is, to which Blair assures Jessica that everything is okay, then Jessica hands Chloe over to Blair and says, “Goodbye, Sweetie,” then rushes upstairs.

Todd and Blair take Hope, and her things, and go, leaving Viki and Clint sobbing in sorrow at the door.

Upstairs, Jessica walks through the empty nursery then breaks down in tears.

Kneeling in front of a toy chest, Jessica cries uncontrollably – until Brody appears and takes her in his arms.

Next on One Life to Live:

Starr and Cole finally see Hope!

Starr struggles with her decision to give up Hope.

Jessica is consumed with guilt for her actions.

Rachel questions Nora about Bo.

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