Still in the bedroom, after Jessica screams, “My baby’s dead,” Viki holds her close, saying, “I’m so, so, sorry.” Though Jessica starts shouting, “No, no,” Viki urges her to remember, leaving Jessica to think back and rehash what happened the night of her baby’s birth. “I remember everything,” Jessica cries. “I couldn’t accept that my baby died - that Nash’s baby died!” Jessica cries through the memories of switching Chloe with Hope. “Starr’s baby,” Jessie sobs. “Oh, God… I took her – and I left my baby there! She was dead and all alone, and I left her!” Jessica screams that she never remembered, and never questioned Chloe’s paternity, then rushes to Chloe and cries, “Oh, Chloe, I’m so sorry.”

Outside, Bo tries to explain to Clint why he can’t hold off the agents any longer, due to Jessica’s past crimes as Tess – and says if Viki doesn’t get through to Jessica soon, they’re going in!

Inside, Natalie and Jared try to be there for Brody and explain how happy they are that he found Jessica. After Brody confesses, “I love her,” Natalie reminds him that Jessica is going to need him now more than ever. Brody and Natalie take turns blaming themselves and pray that Jessica will beat this. Clint enters the room, and though Charlie assures Clint that Viki is going to need him, Clint says that they’ll all be affected by what’s taking place upstairs. As Natalie admits that Jessica’s recent happiness is due to Brody, the Brennans return from the neighbors – and Bo allows Clint to go upstairs…

Upstairs with Jessica, who is now holding the baby, Viki promises that they are going to get through this, but Jessica is consumed with guilt for making Starr, Cole and Marcie think that their baby died. When Clint knocks, Viki promises that they are all there for her then she lets Clint in. “She remembers,” Viki tells him. “She’s Jessica, and she remembers everything.” Jessica hands the baby to Viki then rushes into her father’s arms.

Back downstairs, Viki brings Hope first then Clint follows with Jessica. As Bo calls off the agents, Jessica makes eye contact with Brody then Clint pulls her close and says, “We’re going home, Jessie, it’s over.”

Rachel and Matthew arrive at the mansion, and while Matthew goes in to see Starr and Cole, Shaun tries to talk it up with Rachel – until Destiny interrupts and wants to talk in private about their brother, Greg! Shaun is furious that their brother left them to chase fame, but Destiny shows him a letter from Greg, saying that he’s coming to town to help Matthew! As Rachel comes back in, Destiny hears that Matthew is there and runs off to find him. Rachel apologizes to Shaun for interrupting, and Shaun explains his brother Greg to Rachel then worries that he’ll disappoint Destiny – again. Changing the subject, Shaun invites Rachel on a date to Capricorn tomorrow, which she accepts. Once alone, Shaun looks at the letter from Greg, wondering why he’s really coming to Llanview – and wondering what he really wants.

In the kitchen, Moe and Noelle try to distract everyone with a nice meal, but Starr and Cole – and Markko and Langton – can’t think of anything but Hope’s return. After Noelle makes a comment about Starr being a good mom, even during pregnancy, for agreeing to give her baby to Marcie, Matthew enters and is caught up on everything to do with Hope. Matthew wants to help, calls Bo and informs a happy Starr and Cole that Hope is fine. Not long after, Starr gets word from Natalie that they are bringing Hope home!

As Matthew is leaving the mansion, to go home and study, he runs into Destiny, who offers to help him– and Matthew accepts her offer.

Fish arrives at Layla’s apartment, after seeing a sign about her and Cris looking for a roommate. After Fish expresses his surprise at Layla and Cris being roommates, he rethinks moving in, because of the whole Stacy mess, then goes to leave – but Cris stops him. Though Layla whispers her concerns, regarding Fish to Cris, Cris finally convinces her to let Fish be their roommate – if he can set up their TV, with a new converter box, which Fish agrees to. Layla points the way to Fish’s new bedroom – Talia’s bedroom – but she and Cris make it clear that they are not going to be the three musketeers, like Fish assumes. When they all sit down to watch TV, the three fight over the remote!

At the loft, though Rex wants to know what Gigi is doing breaking in, she snaps, “What’re you doing in bed with my sister?” As Gigi and Rex argue, Schuyler sees Stacy’s eye and accuses Rex of hitting her. When Schuyler hears about ‘Vegas Stan’, and claims that he would never hit a woman, everyone starts screaming – until Gigi questions the realness of Stacy’s black eye and claims she’s there to expose what a liar she is! Schuyler quietly reminds Gigi of the task at hand then Gigi distracts Rex and Stacy while Schuyler noses around.

When Rex goes to Schuyler, and starts arguing, Gigi warns Stacy that she’s going down! As Stacy taunts Gigi about being in Rex’s bed, Gigi snaps – and the two start fighting! After Rex’s breaks it up, he calls Gigi crazy and demands that she and her boyfriend leave - and that she hand over his key!

After they leave, Stacy cries about how Gigi hates her, leaving Rex to defend Stacy, saying Gigi owes her for everything she’s done for them!

Out in the hall, though Schuyler is upset that he couldn’t get into Rex’s bathroom, to steal Stacy’s toothbrush, Gigi smiles – then shows him the hair that she pulled from Stacy’s head… the DNA that they need!

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica tells Chloe goodbye.

Starr is unsure about giving Hope to Marcie.

Brody plans to be there for Jessica.

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