As Kyle is checking his mail at the Angels Square Hotel, Schuyler comes up behind him and smashes his face to the desk! As Kyle claims he has no money, Schuyler replies, “I don’t want your money, I want your blood!” Suddenly, Fish appears, gun drawn, and demands that Schuyler back off. Schuyler starts accusing Kyle of breaking into his room, leaving Fish suspicious, but after Kyle threatens to have him arrested, Schuyler apologizes then leaves – and Fish makes it clear that he doesn’t believe Kyle! Fish makes it obvious that they are no longer friends, like in college, then leaves.

Marcie visits Gigi at Rodi’s and tells her that Hope is alive. As Marcie explains the story, she expresses that she has no idea how things will turn out. After admitting that she kidnapped Tommy, Marcie understands what Jessica is going through. Michael arrives, and he and Marcie go to a table, where Michael informs Marcie that Bo found Jessica and Hope! “We have to get a crib,” Michael says, smiling, but Marcie can’t think about that right now – not when Jessica’s world is falling apart, like hers was when she had to give back Tommy.

Schuyler shows up at Rodi’s and fills Gigi in on his confrontation with Kyle then suggests they go find their proof – now – but he doesn’t know where to look! Gigi has had it then suggests that they go to the source for DNA – Stacy! Gigi shows Schuyler her key to Rex’s loft then explains that she just called over there and no one is home. “Come on,” Gigi says, and Schuyler follows her.

At the loft, Rex tends to Stacy and gets emotional when she asks for her favorite ice cream – the same kind as Gigi likes. After Rex runs out to get Stacy her favorite foods, Gigi calls and leaves a message for Rex – but Stacy deletes it! Suddenly, Stacy gets a call on her cell from Kyle, who warns that Schuyler is on to her, admits that he fudged the test results at the lab then gives Stacy props for stealing the blood. However, just as Stacy tells Kyle that she didn’t steal the blood, and claims that some maid, who’s probably a freak, did, Rex returns home, hears her then accuses Stacy of being the biggest freak of all! After Stacy hangs up, Rex shows her all of the weird combinations of food she had him buy then he heads to bed, leaving Stacy saying to herself, “What I need is you.”

Stacy gets an idea, jumps into bed and pretends she’s having a nightmare. When Rex rushes to her bedside, she asks him to stay with her until she falls asleep. Just then, Gigi and Schuyler walk through the door, turn on the lights and find Rex in bed, holding Stacy!

Outside the Brennan house, Natalie tries to comfort Clint, who is worried sick about Jessica. As Clint blames himself for not seeing the signs, Natalie remembers all of the people she has hurt while trying to protect Jessica from experiencing another loss. It’s Clint who now comforts Natalie, for making such a gutsy call, then holds her close.

Inside, Charlie tries to calm Brody, who is worried about how Jessica is going to deal with the fact that Chloe isn’t hers – and the fact that her baby died. Charlie assures Brody that if anyone can get through to Bess, and Jessica, it’s Viki.

After Bess allows Jean into the Brennan bedroom, Jean sees that Chloe is healthy and safe then reminds Bess that they are gatekeepers – not mother figures. Jean brings up her past failed secret-keeping tactics, in regards to Viki, then tells Bess that things have gone too far – and she has no choice but to allow Jessica to face the truth. “You must allow her to save herself,” Jean says then turns her back to her, so Bess won’t see that she’s really Viki – on the verge of tears! When Bess asks what will happen to Jessica when Chloe is ripped from her arms, Viki forces back the tears until Bess says, “What happens then, Viki?” Taking off the glasses, Viki apologizes for pretending to be Jean then pleads, through tears for Bess to let Jessica handle the truth.

“You can let Jessie come home,” Viki cries “Jessie, it’s Mom, you can do this, I can help you. You need to come out because we have to talk about the baby.” Suddenly, Jessica cries, “No,” and Viki slowly takes her glasses off and lets her know that her family is there for her. “I promise it’s going to be all right,” Viki cries, begging Jessica to put her burden down now. “It’s time to remember.” As Viki pushes her, “You know in your head what you already feel in your heart… Remember the night Chloe was born, tell me the story,” Jessica sobs but listens as Viki helps her through the memories of that night. Jessica screams, “It hurts,” then reverts back to that night – remembering how bad the pain hurt and how Niki Smith helped her give birth. “It’s a girl,” Jessica cries, remembering back. “She’s so beautiful, but… She’s not crying. Why isn’t she crying?” Viki replies, “You know why and you need to say it aloud.” Finally, Jessica screams, “My baby’s dead! Oh, God, my baby’s dead!”

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica has no choice but to face the truth.

Starr gets good news about Hope!

Gigi and Stacy face off!

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