As Bess goes to leave the Brennan’s, she’s faced with a driveway full of cops then quickly goes back inside, as Viki, Clint, Charlie and Bo arrive on the scene. As Viki screams to Bess, Bess closes the blinds then asks Cindy to help her find another way out – but Phil wants to hear what the cops have to say!

Outside in the rain, Clint and Viki assure Bo that they knew nothing about Nash’s parents then Bo pleads to Phil and Cindy, through a bullhorn, to let them in to see Jessica. When Bo doesn’t hear from inside, he warns Viki and Clint that they are going to have to go in with force soon then he tries to call the house, hoping Brody can tell him what’s going on – but the phone is dead! Natalie and Jared appear on the scene next, and just as Bo is ready to go inside, Viki stops him…

Back inside, as Bess is threatening Phil and Cindy, Brody comes up behind her and starts pleading for Jessica to come back to him. As Phil runs to the door, Bess plows past Brody, heads upstairs then locks herself in the bedroom. Downstairs, Phil and Cindy open the front door. With everyone in the house now, Brody comes down and explains that Bess has locked herself upstairs. Though Bo wants to break the door down, Viki urges them to handle this right, for Jessica’s sanity, then says, “I have an idea.” Everyone worries about Viki’s plan, but Viki says, “She’s my daughter. I can get through to Bess.” Bo finally allows her fifteen minutes.

Locked in the bedroom, Bess knows that losing Chloe will destroy Jessica, but as she wonders what to do next, Tess appears – wanting to know the same thing! As Bess blocks Tess out, Viki’s voice demands that she open the door – but it’s not Viki, it’s Jean Randolph! As Victoria’s gatekeeper, Jean wants to talk to Jessica’s gatekeeper, in order to tell her how to logically handle the situation. “As things stand now, Bess,” Jean says. “There’s no way out.” Finally, Bess opens the door!

Downstairs, Charlie assures Brody that Viki knows her daughter – and will bring her out of this. Across the room, Clint wants to go upstairs, but Bo convinces him to give Viki some more time.

Outside in the rain, Natalie explains to the Brennans that they do have a grandchild, Bree, then she and Jared talk a bit about Nash. Though happy to hear about how much their son loved Jessica, and vice versa, Cindy is comforted to ‘feel’ as though Jessica has found someone else to love.

Rachel follows Cole to the diner, to which Cole can’t contain his excitement, and confusion, about his child being alive. When Markko nervously approaches their table, Rachel assures him that he’s not in any trouble for helping Cole fake a drug test. Next, Nora arrives and tells Cole that Bo just got a lead on Jessica.

As Cole goes to tell Markko, Nora takes a seat with Rachel and talks ensues about Clint – and his proposal, to which Rachel wonders if Nora accepted Clint’s proposal for fear of falling back in love with Bo! Though Nora denies it, Rachel urges her not to hide behind an engagement to one brother when she loves the other!

In the kitchen, Markko is shocked to hear about Hope and wonders if Starr wants to keep the baby this time around. No matter what Cole wants, he’s sure that he wants Starr in his life – with or without Hope. After Markko tells Cole about prom night and Lola, Cole feels bad for running out on Starr.

Still on the mansion patio, Blair promises Starr that they’ll deal with handing Hope over to Marcie when the time comes.

Inside, Dorian and Langston arrive home, and Langston shocks Markko when she calls him – and calls him ‘lover’ in Dorian’s presence. After Dorian jokes with the kids, she heads out to the patio to join Starr and Blair. As Dorian rants about all that happened at the KAD house, Starr breaks the news to Dorian, and Langston, who’s just joined them, that Hope is alive! Though Dorian lashes out about what Jessica’s done, Starr stands up for her, saying she doesn’t wish for any mother to have to hear that their child is dead. Upset, Starr heads upstairs, and Langston follows, leaving Dorian screaming to Blair about Jessica, Viki and the Buchanans! When Dorian breaks down, she finally admits what’s going on with Lola and Ray, how Lola is sedated at St. Ann’s and how ‘into’ Ray she really is! Talk then turns back to Blair, who wants nothing more than to get Starr’s baby back.

In her room, Starr watches the video that she made for her daughter then explains her upset and confusion to Langston about Hope and Cole, and admits she doesn’t believe that Cole left to take a drug test. When Langston asks if Starr is having second thoughts about giving Hope to Marcie, Starr cries that she can’t go back on her promise to Marcie. Starr admits that it is going to kill her to hold Hope then hand her off to Marcie, but vows not to go back on her decision – a decision she worries will put Cole back into the depths of drugs. When Langston gets a text from Markko, Starr is reminded of prom then asks Langston for all of the details – and Langston informs her about prom night and Lola!

Just as Langston wonders if Starr misses Cole, Markko comes in, with Cole, and Starr rushes into his arms.

Next on One Life to Live:

Viki tries to get through to Bess.

Rex is manipulated by Stacy.

Gigi and Schuyler set out to expose Stacy.

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