Rex runs into Schuyler and Gigi in the park, tells Gigi why Schuyler was suspended from Llanview High then accuses them of being together! When Rex brings up Schuyler stealing Stacy’s money, Schuyler says, “She’s playing you like a fiddle…” then he and Gigi leave – after Rex warns her not to have him near Shane!

Before Stan leaves the loft, Stacy asks him to punch her in the face! Though Stan doesn’t want to, and calls Stacy sick, thinking she’ll call the police on him, Stacy hands him Rex’s gloves to put on, claiming she’d never call the police on the man she loves, then convinces Stan to hit her – in order to gain sympathy from Rex! After Stan hits her, he wishes Stacy the best, offering her old job back if needed, then leaves.

Back at Schuyler’s place, Gigi and Schuyler talk about their past with Rex and Stacy then Schuyler opens his mini-fridge and says, “Stacy’s blood is gone.” Schuyler remembers that Stacy had a key, but Gigi starts to think that Schuyler has been making this all up! Schuyler talks about showing the blood to Rex then challenges Gigi to ask him about it – but Gigi reminds him she’s in no position to ask Rex anything. Gigi apologizes to Schuyler for accusing him of lying but doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that someone out there saved her son’s life. “How do we prove it?” Gigi shakes her head.

When Rex arrives home, Stacy won’t look at him, but he spins her around and demands to know who hit her! “Stan,” Stacy cries. “He beat me up.” Though Rex wants to call Bo, Stacy begs him not to then gives Rex a bogus story about how Stan broke in, beat her up then took the money! Thinking Stan must have seen him at the park with Gigi, tipping him off, Stacy snaps, “What were you doing with Gigi?” Rex feels horrible and blames himself for Stacy getting beat up. After getting Stacy a bag of frozen peas for her eye, he massages her back, in the spot she claims hurts from Stan pushing her!

As Bess opens the Brennan’s door, to make a getaway, she finds Brody on the other side! Though Bess tries to act like Jessica, Brody doesn’t buy it – and demands that she go home with him in order for Hope to go home to her parents! Bess instructs Brody to only call the baby by the name Jessica gave her then refuses to hand over the baby – tempting Brody to try to take her. “If you’re man enough.” Bess smiles. As Brody pleads with Jessica to come out, and even says, “I love you,” she never has a chance because Phil appears with a shotgun aimed at Brody! Brody tries to get through to Phil, with the facts, but Bess puts her spin on things – and asks Phil to shoot Brody! Suddenly, Cindy appears behind Brody, smashes him over the head and urges Jessica and the baby to leave before anyone else comes looking for them!

Seeing Brody lying on the ground unconscious, Jessica starts to come around remembering the time she’s spent with Brody, then demands to know why Cindy hit him! As Jessica cries for Chloe, wondering where she is and begging everyone to stay away from her, Phil goes to call Viki’s 1-800-number, but Bess reemerges and cuts the phone line! As Bess goes to leave with the baby, she’s faced with a driveway full of cop cars and sirens!

While everyone is awaiting news from Bo at the mansion, Cole gets a text, claims he has to go in for a drug test then leaves with Marty. After Blair comforts Starr on the stairs, Starr thanks her mother for being there during Hope’s birth but wishes her father could have been there too – so that none of this would have happened. Feeling uncomfortable, Michael, Marcie and John head out, which leads Todd to offer to leave as well – but Blair replies, “You’re welcome to stay.” Starr assures Todd that he can stay as well, but he doesn’t want to pressure her, leaving Starr to admit that though she was upset that he turned on her after she became pregnant, she can’t blame him anymore. “I can’t hate you anymore,” Starr says. Though Starr may never forgive him, she urges Todd to go check on Tea – then come back! Once Todd leaves, Starr looks at the locket, tells Blair that she’s going to give it to Jessica then breaks down in confusion about her baby – remembering how happy she is for Marcie too.

Marty drops Cole off for his drug test and briefly catches up with Rachel on her way out. Once Marty is gone, Rachel wants to know why Cole lied about having a drug test, to which Cole admits that he needed to get away from the stress and explains what happened. “I wish I didn’t know about Hope,” Cole admits, fighting his urge to get high. “Part of me wishes she would’ve stayed dead.” Just as he was getting back to a good place in his life, Cole worries about who will get to keep Hope when she’s returned – and about losing his daughter all over again… wondering what that will do to him. Rachel pushes Cole to make people listen to how he feels then Cole admits, “I want my baby.”

In the parking lot, Marty runs into John, who can’t promise her that everything will end up being okay. However, John knows with Marty by Cole’s side, everything is going to be all right for him.

Back at their apartment, though Marcie is happy about Hope being alive, she fears that others will be hurt by her and Michael’s happiness.

Next on One Life to Live:

Bess feels the pressure.

Rachel questions Nora's engagement to Clint.

Starr thinks about her future with Cole.

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