Michael tells Kelly that she had a boy, then rushes the baby off. Dorian, Clint and Vicki burst in to make sure Kelly is okay. Michael comes back, says that they're doing everything they can for the baby. That's when Kelly gets the devastating news that her baby only has a small chance of survival. Michael tells Kelly to rest, says that the baby needs her to be strong, then he leaves.

Alone with Kevin, Kelly breaks down, and Kevin comforts her. He tells Kelly he'll be there for her. With Michael examining Kelly, Kevin goes to Clint and Vicki, wondering if he did the right thing by not involving Spencer. Dorian worries how Kelly will get through this. Michael comes out, says Kelly will be moved to a room soon. Kevin goes back to Kelly where she says her baby needs a name, needs to know that he's loved. Zane Kelly names the baby Zane, meaning God's grace.

After they kiss, Cole tells Starr goodnight, then leaves.

Starr goes into the penthouse just as Todd and Blair head upstairs. She asks if she's interrupting. Blair and Todd say no, ask Starr if she's really okay. Starr plays it off that she's tired, says she's fine, and goes upstairs.

Blair asks Todd if they would've made love if Starr hadn't come home, says they still can. Blair says that tonight felt like before, like when they were in love. Starr rushes downstairs, asking Todd to help her get online to talk to Cole. Todd asks her what she really knows about Cole. Starr says Cole is cool, but she does express how it felt when Cole questioned her about Todd's rape. Todd apologizes, tells Starr that he's not the same guy he was in college. Todd hates it that Starr has to pay for his mistakes. He hopes that Cole sees Starr for who she is. Blair worries that things will get out of control for Starr in school, but Starr says she'll be fine. She goes upstairs.

Blair tells Todd that although she's made mistakes, he'll never find someone with the same connection as they have.

Cole goes back to the gym. His coach tells him to get home, says they have a big game tomorrow. Cole's friend informs him that the coach's job depends on them winning the championship game. They talk about Starr, about what Britney did. Cole's friend warns him not to let Starr distract him from this game, asks Cole is he needs anything. Cole says that, maybe, he could use 'something.'

Rex tells Adriana that he's getting closer to finding Todd's baby. Marcie and Tommy join them at the coffee house. Adriana comments how happy she is for Marcie, and Marcie says she can't imagine her life without Tommy.

After a nurse gives 'Hugh' a sedative, she leaves, and he calls out for Natalie. Natalie goes in to see 'Hugh' and Vincent follows. Natalie questions why Vincent is there. They talk about Vincent's confession. Vincent turns the tables on the conversation, asks Natalie why she's there to see 'Hugh.' Natalie said she needed to see 'Hugh' because he was in the same pile-up as John, that seeing 'Hugh' makes everything real for her. Hugh's alive and John's died. Natalie says she's trying to accept it, that she has Vincent to thank for that. She says when they kissed, she was hoping to find John in that kiss. However, Natalie says Vincent isn't John, not even close. Natalie never wants to replace John. She touches her heart, says John will always be there. When Vincent says he's not sorry that they kissed, 'Hugh's' machines go off. Natalie and Vincent wait outside where Vincent tells Natalie that 'Hugh' got upset with him earlier, too, while mentioning 'something.'

Natalie goes back into 'Hugh's' room. She tells him she hopes he pulls through. She starts to leave, says she has no choice but to live her life without John, then quickly turns. "Did you say something?" Natalie asks. When the man stays silent, she leaves. Suddenly, the man's eyes open His BLUE eyes open. These aren't the brown eyes of Hugh, but the blue eyes of John McBain!

David goes to see Spencer, asks him why he didn't come forward with his paternity sooner. Bo comes in, tells Spencer that Kelly had her baby. David turns, accuses Spencer of having a hand in Kelly's premature pregnancy. Spencer doesn't admit anything. Bo's phone rings, and he steps back to take the call.

David looks to Spencer, accuses him of being nervous. David tells him that he has nothing, unless he dies before his trial. Spencer laughs, says he's going to stake his claim on the Buchanan Empire sooner or later. Bo comes back in, informs Spencer that the DNA results will be in first thing in the morning.

Next on One Life to Live: Bo brings Spencer to Asa's to divulge his paternity, Adriana makes a career decision, Vincent confesses and Nash gives Jessica a touching compliment