Kevin, Kelly, Bo and Paige are at Asa's, wondering why Spencer would claim to be Asa's son. They want to get to the truth, but Spencer's lawyer won't allow a DNA test. Bo asks Paige if Spencer had ever said anything about his mother that would connect him to Asa. Although Paige can't think of anything, she says that Spencer is full of vengeance. Nigel comes in, says that Asa is awake and wants to know what happened at Spencer's trial. Nigel makes a remark about knowing Spencer is Asa's son. When Bo questions him about it, Nigel says it was the reason that Asa had him bring him to see Spencer in the jail! Nigel tells everyone that Asa said Emma Bradley, Spencer's mother, was the great love of his life, tells them that Spencer planted a picture of her on Asa New Year's Eve. They are all blown away by what Spencer has done to everyone.

Todd is in the jail, waiting for Spencer. Blair comes in, and Todd tells her to leave.
Spencer is brought in and tells Todd he's wasting his time, that Spencer has nothing to say. Todd questions whether Spencer is really Asa's kid? Todd taunts Spencer about his mother, then asks where Todd's son is. Spencer denies knowing anything. Blair comes back in, tells Spencer that she's moved back in with Todd. Todd and Blair kiss, but Spencer isn't buying it, says that Blair is putting on a show, that she's still in love with Spencer! Todd tells Spencer he'll never get off for killing a cop. Todd has a thought connects Spencer's hatred toward Asa as the reason he took Todd's baby, killed John's father Todd tells Spencer if he does manage to get out, then he'll kill him. Blair steps up, says if Todd doesn't manage to kill him, then she will.

Evangeline asks Claudia if she's seen Cris. They talk about Spencer and Evangeline says he'll get what's coming to him. Cris comes in, hugs Evangeline. Cris excuses himself to go talk to Rex.

Cris asks Rex what he found. Rex tells Cris of his meeting with Ted, says that he's not sure if Ted's more afraid of Cris or Vincent. Cris says there must be something they can do. Rex insures him that he's working on it.

Nash is floored that Antonio suggests he should be one of his groomsman, says he can't. When Antonio asked Jessica what she thinks, Jessica is speechless. Antonio says Nash has to be in the wedding, that since he's Bree's father, he's family. Antonio tells Nash if he really loves Bree, he'll do this for her. Nash has no choice but to agree. Antonio proceeds to ask Nash to stay for dinner, and he accepts, says it'll give him time to spend with Bree. Antonio leaves to get takeout.

Jessica gets Bree, tells her to say hi to her daddy, Nash. Jessica watches as Nash says he's going to be the best daddy he can be. He asks Jessica if SHE wants him to be a part of their wedding. Jessica questions if Nash will be okay with the wedding, if he'll wish, when seeing Antonio and Jessica, that it was he and Tess. Nash says although it'll bother him, he knows that Tess isn't coming back They talk more about the wedding, and Jessica says that Nash is going to look hot in a tux. They share a special moment Nash tells Jess she's lucky to have Antonio and Jess tells Nash that he was lucky to have Tess.

At Rodies, Antonio tells Claudia that Nash is having dinner with him and Jessica. She flips, says she can't believe Antonio left Nash alone with her! Antonio says he's not worried, that he asked Nash to be his groomsman. Claudia laughs, can't believe it. Antonio tells her that Nash wants to move on with his life, but that doesn't mean he wants to move on with Claudia. After Antonio leaves, Claudia orders a Vodka.

Vicki and Clint try to figure out who set them up for a romantic night together, wonder what they hoped to accomplish by it. When the waitress asks if they're ready for their first course, Clint tells her to bring on the food, says it'd be a shame to let it go to waste.

Dorian bangs on the closet door, screaming for David to let her out, that she has a date with Clint! Suddenly, she starts screaming louder, starts having a panic attack. Outside the door, Adriana smirks. Dorian continues to cry, to beg for someone to help her, to let her out. Suddenly, Adriana lets her out, helps her up. Adriana tells Dorian that she was the one who locked her in the closet. When Dorian asks why, Adriana says she learned to be cruel from Dorian, says she'll never forgive her for what she did. Adriana leaves.

Dorian remembers that she needs to meet Clint and goes to clean up.

Adriana goes back to Dorian's to get her purse, runs into Rex, tells him that she locked Dorian in the closet. Rex is disturbed by Adriana's vengeance.

Next on One Life to Live: When talking to Nash, Jessica has a slip of the tongue, Starr confronts Cole, Nora wants to remove herself from Spencer's case and Antonio questions his motives towards Nash