Arriving back to the carriage house, Rex tries to get Shane to play catch, but Shane blows him off and heads to his room. Suddenly, Charlie arrives looking for Viki, but Rex and Gigi haven't seen her. Though Charlie tells Gigi that he isn't sure if they are 'still on for later', he heads out to walk the grounds in search of Viki. Once alone, Gigi tells Rex about her and Charlie's plans then Rex worries that Shane will never look at him like he does Brody. "I may be his father," Rex says. "But Brody is his hero." Gigi reminds Rex of what he did to help Brody, calling Rex a hero, and assures him that once Shane gets to know him, he'll love him like she does. With talk of a plan to get 'this father/son thing' jumpstarted, Gigi calls Shane downstairs and suggests they watch the Thanksgiving parade together - like the Morasco's have always done. When Rex goes to leave, to spend time with Matthew like he does every year, thinking Shane doesn't want him intruding, Shane begs to go with him - in favor of video games over a 'childish' parade!

"Hello Father, it's been a while, hasn't it?" Viki asks as she walks into Victor crypt - not wanting to admit that he's won. Thinking about how she didn't remember his abuse, which in turn caused Jessica to not remember her own, Viki breaks down in tears. With a crowbar in her hand, determined to end the tragedy created by Victor Lord, Viki vows to tear him down! As Viki pries at the plate on Victor's tomb, she screams, "I am wiping you from my memory! You are no more! Why did you choose me, you evil bastard!"

Suddenly, Viki notices Charlie standing in the doorway. Though Viki begs Charlie to leave, he refuses to walk out on her then listens as Viki explains where they are - at her father's final resting place. "I hate my father. Do you want to know why?" Viki stops, not wanting to ruin his perception of her, but Charlie urges her on. "I want to kill him, but he's dead. And I'm stuck. My father raped me when I was seven years old… It went on for years then my mind split." Viki goes further to explain how Jessica's D.I.D. came to be, causing Charlie to pull her into his arms! He offers to tear the mausoleum down for her - if that's what she wants! "I don't see you as a victim," Charlie says. "You're a survivor, like I am. We have to take one day at a time." Though Viki pulls away, Charlie holds out his hands and says, "I love you more now than ever. So come on, let me show you something." Viki takes Charlie's hand and they leave…

Jessica runs into Brody at St. Ann's, who is having trouble relating to some of the other patients, and gives him some tips. After introductions, Jessica says, "I've been here before… I'm as loony as they come." Brody is shocked, and comments that Jessica looks sane, neat hair and all, which causes Jessica to snap about his misconception of the other 'unkempt' patients. After she apologizes, Brody shares why he's there, leaving Jessica to laugh - explaining her situation, and all of the crimes she's committed! Brody agrees, "You win," and Jessica lets on that she wanted to show him that looks can be deceiving - without trying to minimize his troubles. Later, seated around Thanksgiving diner, Brody says grace and prays they'll get well enough to get their lives back.

In her bedroom, Blair and John play a friendly game of cards. Trying to make John laugh, Blair reenacts how John told the mayor to take his job and shove it. In all seriousness, John expresses that he needed to leave on his own terms - and how he only needed the job when he believed in it. "When the system fails, the law fails - It failed me," John says but Blair corrects, "You mean it failed Marty." Before John answers, Blair talks about how they have only talked and slept since his arrival then she admits that she feels sorry for Marty - and for what Todd did to her. John talks about his visit with Marty, and how alone he felt after, then says, "I needed a friend… I needed you." John apologizes for everything, but Blair understands where he's at right now. They both wish each other Happy Thanksgiving then John leaves.

When Sarah finally makes her presence known in Cris's loft, Cris quickly pulls away from Vanessa. Though Sarah makes cracks about Vanessa putting some clothes on, as Llanview is not south of the border, Cris and Vanessa inform her that she and Lola will be deported, to which Sarah finds no problem with! Sarah reminds Cris that Vanessa shot a man then asks if there's another reason why she wants to stay in Llanview.

After Vanessa goes upstairs, Cris smirks at Sarah and says, "I don't believe this… You're jealous!" Sarah rants about how Vanessa was climbing all over him, and how someone should give her a 'pole', but Cris insists that she needs his help - like Sarah once did. Point taken, to which Sarah reminds Cris of what became of him helping her - sex and a relationship! Sarah snaps, "I miss my boyfriend, and I have things going on too!" Though Cris tries to comfort Sarah, as she cries about Tina leaving, Sarah storms off!

Charlie brings Viki to the old Angels Square diner, opens the door, turns on the lights and watches as Viki cries in shock. "It's home," Charlie says, as Viki stares around Carlotta's diner, which is now a replica of the Bonjour Café!

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