From the mansion, Langston calls Lola to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner. After Vanessa allows Lola to go, Langston promises that her and Markko will be right over to pick her up.

At Cris's loft, Vanessa comes downstairs, in a negligee, and says, "Happy Thanksgiving." When Vanessa apologizes for taking over his loft, Cris assures her it's fine - but Vanessa wonders if Sarah feels so gracious. Cris minimizes Sarah's true feelings, careful not to make Vanessa feel unwanted, then invites her to Thanksgiving dinner!

Preparing for Thanksgiving at the apartment, Layla tries to cheer Sarah up, who isn't looking forward to the holiday and expresses her dismay with Vanessa and Lola's presence in Cris's loft! Just as Sarah rants about the fact that Cris is bringing Vanessa to their place for dinner, Tina shows up - to say goodbye!

After Layla gives them some time alone. Sarah lashes out at Tina for leaving her - yet again - and accuses her of being in trouble! Over talk of Viki, Tina thinks back to Viki's banishment, then avoids Sarah's questions by giving her a gift - a little David Vickers! In tears, Sarah begs Tina to stay, but Tina cries, "I can't… If you see anything good in me, it's because of you."

Once Tina leaves, Sarah rants about her mother's disappearing act to Layla and says, "At least I got a puppy out of her… I wonder what she's done this time?" Though Sarah tries to get into the holiday spirit, Layla shoos her away and suggests she go introduce Cristian to his namesake: Cristian Vega the dog!

Viki and Clint arrive at the hospital to take Jessica to St. Ann's. When Natalie and Jared show up, wanting to help, Jessica doesn't turn them away - and everyone watches as Viki unties Jessica's hands, in order for her to sign her commitment papers. Though Jessica signs, and is ready to head out, Viki reminds her, "You need to say goodbye to your daughters first." Later, holding Bree, Jessica tries to remain strong then cries, "I don't know how I'm going to leave you." As everyone watches, Jessica apologizes to Bree for not being there but promises that once she returns, she's going to be her mommy again.

Now holding her baby, Jessica sobs, "You're so beautiful. I wish your daddy could've seen you. He would've loved you so much." …Never are they aware that Tina is watching them all from the doorway… Jessica then names her baby, Chloe, says a final goodbye to her girls then falls apart in Natalie's comforting arms.

Nora brings Brody to St. Ann's and helps get him checked-in. After Brody thanks Nora for helping him, Gigi, Rex and Wes arrive to spend some time with Brody. While Nora, Gigi and Wes go check on some things, Brody and Rex bond over their connection then Gigi and Rex surprise Brody with a visit from Shane! While Rex and Gigi look on, Brody and Shane play checkers and chat about school. Brody appears fine with the conversation until he sees the image of the little boy he killed standing behind Shane! Wes seems to detect a change in Brody and comes to his aid. After Shane rejoins Rex and Gigi, Brody admits his visions to his friend, to which Wes completely understands. "I need help," Brody says, and Wes assures him that his stay at St. Ann's will provide that help. Brody thanks everyone for coming and heads to his room - but not before Shane salutes him.

Finally at St. Ann's, Jessica commits herself with hopes of getting her life back!

After Nora arrives at Cris's loft to tell Vanessa that she's dropping the charges, Vanessa is shocked to hear she's going to be deported back to Colombia! Though Nora admits fighting the deportment isn't impossible, she claims it won't be easy. After Nora leaves, Vanessa cries, "I can't go back, Cristian," and Cristian promises that he's going to fight for her and Lola. Just as Vanessa falls into Cris's arms, Sarah appears at the door and sees them!

Tina goes back to Llanfair, to Victor Lord's crypt, where she's been staying since Viki threw her out, and rejoins David Vickers the dog - and her little pups too! Tina knocks on Victor's tomb and asks, "Are you cold in there - because you deserve it!" Tina rants about all of the hurt Victor inflicted on Viki then vows to change her own life. Before Tina leaves Llanview behind, she flashes through all of the memories she's made since returning. With David Vickers and her pups in tow, Tina says, "Goodbye Llanview, I'm going to miss you… But, you have not seen the last of Tina Lord Roberts… That, I promise you!"

Next on One Life to Live:

Viki can't forget the pain Victor Lord left behind.

Brody runs into Jessica at St. Ann's.

Blair continues to be there for John.

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