Outside Bo's office, Nora tells Blair that she has no idea where John went. The two briefly talk about Marty, and how Todd kept her at his house, to which Nora says what Todd did is totally unforgivable.

Inside Bo's office, Rex announces to Bo that he's not pressing charges against Brody. Though Rex isn't dismissing what Brody did, he talks about what Brody went through in the war then says, "The guy needs help, not punishment," and Bo agrees. When Nora joins them, she expresses that she can't let Brody off on this and says, "I don't have a choice. Brody has to spend some time behind bars." With a bit more pleading, and a reminder of what John went through to rescue Marty, Bo begs Nora to come up with another solution in regards to Brody's punishment. After a bit, Nora informs them that she pulled some strings then she and Rex head over to the VA Hospital to talk to Brody.

Gigi arrives at the VA Hospital to give Brody a heads up - about Rex! "Rex doesn't want to put you away. He wants to make sure that you don't end up in prison." Though Brody is appreciative, he's not happy that Wes approached them looking for favors, but Gigi makes it clear that they know he was someone else when he shot Rex - and that he needs help. Gigi then gives Brody back the money that Brody gave her for Shane's college - the money Dorian paid him to show up in Llanview! Reluctantly, Brody accepts it with the hopes of getting his life back.

Later, when Nora and Rex arrive, Brody is reluctant to take the deal - to have himself committed for further psychiatric evaluation - but then thanks Rex and Nora for their generosity. Once Nora leaves, Rex hands Brody a pen and he signs a paper to have himself committed.

After Gigi and Rex leave, Brody opens up a letter they left with him from Shane - a colored picture of a superhero named Brody.

Over at Antonio's loft, Talia, Jamie and Antonio celebrate Antonio's new position as Chief of Detectives.

When Marty opens the door at the Buchanan mansion, she's faced with John, who says, "I just wanted to come by to see how you are." Marty admits that she's no longer afraid of him then talks about her dreams of John - and how when she woke up she wanted to go back to sleep, so she could dream about him some more. Marty talks about how Lee gave her a picture of her and John then she rants about her memory loss - and what Todd did to her! "I hate that all I know about myself is what I was with him," Marty cries. John reminds Marty that though she doesn't remember anything, everyone around her knows her. John tries to comfort Marty, but she pulls away - then quickly apologizes. Before John leaves, Marty wonders what Todd did with the picture of her and John, to which John hands her his copy and says, "Will this do?" Marty is brought to tears, puts her hand on John's face and thanks him desperately for saving her life.

After John leaves, Marty looks at a family photo album and shakes her head - with no remembrance at all. Looking at a picture of Cole and herself, Marty's attention shifts to the picture of her and John…

When Cole stops by the mansion to see Starr, Dorian invites him into the kitchen, where she's baking pie, and he sees the tabloid with his mother and Todd on the cover. After giving Dorian a few tips he learned from his mom on baking pie, Cole heads upstairs to see Starr.

Upstairs, Starr finds the DVD that she made for Marcie to give her baby on her sixteenth birthday. When Cole appears, Starr listens as he talks in disappointment that he couldn't help his mom jog her memory. "It's like she's really not my mom anymore," Cole says. Just as Cole is thankful that Todd could never do anything worse than what he did to his mom, Starr is forced to tell him about Todd's plan to raise their baby with Cole's mother! Cole's attention is drawn to Starr's locket, and she shows him their baby's hair - all that they have left of her. Later, Cole sees the DVD that Starr made for their baby for their sixteenth birthday, promising never to forget her, and Cole tells Starr, "We never will."

Blair arrives home and tells Dorian that she couldn't find John but assumes he's at Nora's, visiting Marty. Dorian suggests that Blair go over and fight for John, but Blair would rather keep her dignity - and give up John! Though Dorian doesn't think that John can make Marty forget her memories of Todd, Blair does and says, "Because he did it for me."

Later that night, John appears at the mansion and slowly walks into Blair's arms…

Next on One Life to Live:

Tina leaves Llanview - and gives Sarah a little Vickers!

Sarah finds Vanessa in Cris's arms!

Jessica says goodbye to her girls before leaving for St. Ann's.

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