Dr. Joplin pays Todd a visit, explains his grandchild's death then brings up Marty - and how he held her hostage for months. "I loved her," Todd says. As the doctor goes to leave, Todd professes how he was trying to do the right thing - so he and Marty could be a family - but then he realized that he couldn't go through with stealing the baby, in order to be the man Marty loved. Bringing up how Todd kept Cole from Marty, Dr. Joplin says, "You're sick, Todd. You need help." However, Todd whispers, "It's too late." Dr. Joplin brings up Dorian's snooping, hopes Janet left town then prays she'll be able to one day remember who she was before she met him. "I hope you get the help you need," she says. "I really do."

Once alone, Todd thinks about all of the good and bad times with Marty then walks to a mirror and stares at his image. Todd then peels the bandage off of his face and touches the scar - one that is in the same place his old scar used to be, before he changed his face!

Over at the mansion, Cole fills Marty in on her relationship with John. Marty remembers the picture Lee gave her of her and John, to which Cole expresses how much he likes John - as Marty did too. When Cole wonders if anything he's told her rings a bell, Marty apologizes, but Cole is confident that one day she'll remember everything. Again, Marty apologizes for not remembering what they had and suggests they make new memories - like they have today. As Cole continues naming off all of Marty's favorite things, she feels pushed - and begs him to stop! Frustrated, Marty apologizes and Cole accepts - and gives her the space she needs.

On the patio, Dorian pushes Blair about John and Marty then asks, "Aren't you worried that they may try to pick up where they left off?" Though Blair reminds Dorian that Marty has amnesia, and doesn't remember John, Dorian replies, "Honey, there's nothing wrong with John's memory." Dorian doesn't want to hurt Blair but says, "It's not going to be easy. I don't want you to have any problems with John." Blair knows her and John aren't in an exclusive relationship and likes how things are between them - with hopes that they continue. When Dorian and Blair go back inside, they see the news - that all charges were dropped against John!

Later, Dorian leaves a message for Dr. Joplin to follow up with her on the autopsy of Starr's baby and warns her not to play any games! From the hospital, Dr. Joplin gets the message.

After John tells the mayor to take his badge and shove it, Antonio clears the press out of the station, leaving John to lash out at the mayor some more then announce, "I hereby resign from the Llanview Police Department." As John and the mayor continue their rant, the mayor demands that the charges are reinstated against John! After Bo reminds the mayor of what the press witnessed, where he called John a hero, the mayor is forced to put the matter to rest, for fear of being branded as a 'flip-flopper'!

Inside Bo's office, Bo pleads with John to stay on the force, but John reminds him of what it's cost Marty by him playing by the book! "You're a cop, this job is your life, what're you going to do?" Bo says, but John has no idea and replies, "I can't come back here. I need to be on my own, make my own rules for a while." After the two friends say their goodbyes, John leaves. When Antonio and Nora enter Bo's office, Bo informs, "This force has just lost one of the best cops I've ever known."

After Nora leaves in disgust, Bo appoints Antonio to John's position - Chief of Detectives - and Antonio accepts! Bo then opens his drawer and lays John's badge to rest inside.

Michael stops John before he leaves and tries to change his mind, but John rants about Marty's case again then says, "I gotta get out of here." John leaves the station.

Blair rushes over to the station to look for John, but Nora tells her, "He's gone, Blair. He walked out."

While sitting alone in the mansion's foyer, Marty hears the doorbell, opens the door and is faced with John!

In her room, Jessica explains to Viki that she has another alter, Bess, the gatekeeper who is there to protect her. Viki understands Jessica's fear, who asks, "Why is Bess here. What else am I avoiding?" Viki explains how the gatekeeper is there to watch over all of her personalities. "If she's anything like Jean… She's there to keep order but has no sense of right and wrong." Viki talks about Tess resurfacing and how she wanted to see the baby. "She kept saying how the baby wasn't hers," Viki cautiously says. Knowing Bess holds the memory of the birth, Jessica believes that Tess just doesn't remember the baby either. Though Jessica wants to see her kids, they are a trigger for Tess - and she can't risk them bringing Tess back out. Viki shows Jessica a picture of her new baby then promises that one day she'll bring her home - but Jessica cries, "I have to go away. I can't go out in the real world, not yet." Jessica decides to have herself committed, in order to deal with Nash's death and become a decent parent to her girls.

After Viki leaves, she sees Charlie in the hallway and rushes into his arms.

Back inside Jessica's room, Jessica smiles at the picture of her baby then closes her eyes in an attempt to sleep away her troubles.

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex helps Brody.

Marty suffers with the loss of her past.

Blair thinks things are over with her and John.

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