Over at Dorian's, though Blair prepares to tell Dorian about Marty, Dorian hands Blair a newspaper, headlining Todd and Marty's 'Love Nest'! Blair tries to act claim, but she finally lets her anger over the whole situation explode - and throws a vase across the room! Blair fills Dorian in on everything revolving around Todd and Marty. "Todd is sick," Dorian says then is shocked to hear that Todd was going to take Starr's baby! "I could kill him," Dorian seethes, to which Blair snaps, "Yeah, well, take a number!" Wondering where things will stand with her and John, Dorian jokes about the possibility of Marty standing up and fighting for her man - John!

When Nora brings Marty home to the mansion, Nora rushes to Cole, sorry for his loss, leaving Marty feeling saddened - wanting to be there for her son. "I'm sorry," Marty says. "How are you doing?" Cole explains after his baby died, he thought he had no one left and says, "Then there you were."

After Nora goes upstairs, Cole and Marty share some small talk, until Marty asks about Cole's relationship with Todd's daughter, the daughter of the man who raped her, wondering how he could get involved with anyone related to Todd. Marty quickly apologizes then listens as Cole explains her original reaction to his dating Starr - one Marty doesn't remember. Nora briefly pops in to say good-bye before she heads to meet Bo and reminds Cole to finish his college essay. While talking about Cole's life, Marty realizes that she has no idea who Cole's father is. Cole and Marty take a seat on the couch, and Cole explains how Patrick died then shows Marty a family photo album, attempting to jog her memory. Over talk of Patrick, Marty learns that the people who caused their accident were the same ones who killed Patrick! Shocked, Marty wonders who saved Cole, to which Cole replies, "John McBain."

In Bo's office, though Todd made a false statement, Bo can't bend the rules for John, to which Antonio suggests they get a statement from Marty - on John's behalf. Just as Bo says he doesn't want to be viewed as using a victim to help a cop, the mayor shows up claiming, "John McBain will have his day in court but not before I have his badge!"

Michael visits John in jail and can't believe that he was right - and that Marty was alive! Over talk of Cole and Starr's baby dying, Michael talks about Marcie - and the state of their apartment when he brought her home. Back to talk of Todd, and how John went against the mayor's orders to stay away from him, John knows he's going to have to pay for his crimes but admits he would do it all again. "I just wish I would've done it a hell of a lot sooner," John says then explains everything that Todd did to Marty. Suddenly, Antonio appears, tells John, "You might want to think about getting a good attorney," then escorts John upstairs.

Nora enters Bo's office, as the mayor continues to bash John then demands that she prosecute John to every extent of the law! Nora reminds the mayor that she doesn't answer to him then directs his attention to the reporters questioning John, outside of Bo's office, branding him a hero! When Michael steps in and claims the mayor blocked John from getting the warrant he needed, the mayor interrupts the questioning and says, "John McBain broke the law, and I'm not going to stand for it!" However, after the press hounds the mayor, to save face, the mayor drops all charges on John! The mayor hands John his badge back, wanting to pin it on him himself, leaving Michael thanking the mayor profusely - but John calmly says, "Mayor, take your badge and shove it."

Viki arrives at the hospital, hearing Jessica's screams from within her room, and enters, asking, "Jessica?" to which Tess, in a straightjacket, replies, "Do I look like Jessie to you?" Though Viki says there's no need for Tess's presence, Tess snaps that she's not going anywhere - not until she sees that the baby is okay! Tess promises that if Viki just lets her see her baby, she'll let Jessica come back then says, "So, what's it going to be, Vik, me or Jessie?" After Viki gives in, reminding Tess that she must allow Jessica to return after seeing the baby, the baby is brought in - and Tess screams, "What the hell is this? I warned you, no games! It's not my baby, and you know it!"

Inside Jessica's head, Jessica wakes up in the cage and is faced with Bess! Jessica has no idea who she is, or why she's there, but Bess explains, "My name is Bess. I'm here to take care of you. Everything I've done, I've done for you," leaving Jessica to ask, "What else have you done?" Jessica relates Bess to Viki's Jean Randolph, the gatekeeper, then demands that Bess bring back Tess! Bess asks if Jessica is strong enough to face what's 'back there'. Though Jessica isn't sure, she knows she's better to handle her life than Tess. Bess makes Jessica promise not to believe anything Tess says then sends Jessica back.

As Tess rants in hysterics, Viki smacks her across the face, which brings Jessica back! Jessica worries that Tess will return again then announces that something is really wrong - and that she has another alter!

Back inside the cage, Tess screams for Bess to let her out - claiming they made a mistake and have someone else's kid - but Bess promises that she'll take care of everything then leaves Tess screaming!

Next on One Life to Live:

John only plays by his rules!

Todd sees the kind of man he's become.

Cole tries to help Marty remember him.

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