Natalie and Jared enter Jessica's hospital room and are forced to confront the face of their attacker! Jessica apologizes to Natalie and Jared and says, "I'm Tess, and I'm Jessica, and I'm responsible for what she does. I asked you here so I can beg your forgiveness, but I don't know how you can forgive me for what I did to you if I can't forgive you for what you've done to me." Though ashamed of what she did, Tess was the one who forgave them for Nash's death - not her - and the pain, anger and resentment is still there. Jared isn't as understanding as Natalie, who gets what Jessica is saying - that they are right back where they were.

After Jared gives them a moment alone, Natalie takes Jessica's hand, tells her that she loves her and promises to be there all the way - to regain control over Tess for good. Natalie agrees to take care of Jessica's girls, as Jessica cries for all that Bree must have gone through. "The baby I was carrying… God knows what risks I exposed myself to. I don't remember giving birth," Jessica sobs. Over talk of Nash, and how he was able to make her accept that Tess was a part of her, Jessica cries, "Now he's gone… I'm having a hard time seeing the happy ending," leaving Natalie to say, "You can have it, so fight like hell!" Jessica can't believe that Natalie is reaching out to her - after what she did to her and Jared - then admits, "I'm so lucky to have you as my sister."

Inside Jessica's head, Tess screams within a cage, "Let me out," demanding to know what happened to her baby and is irritated when Bess appears! Watching a video of Jessica on a big screen, Bess claims that 'the baby' is fine, but Tess demands to be let out! "She wasn't crying," Tess screams about her baby then Bess thinks back to switching Jessica's dead baby, but Tess warns, "If you don't let me out of here to make sure my baby is okay then you're going to lose Jessica!" Not wanting Tess to cause any further continued problems, Bess opens the cage door and allows Tess to leave - just long enough to see that her baby is okay.

Once Natalie joins Jared in the hallway, she tells him that things will be okay - as long as Tess never comes out again - never realizing that Tess has reemerged within Jessica back in her room! Back inside her head, Bess watches as Tess takes over then looks at Jessica, who is now locked in the cage!

Dorian corners Dr. Joplin in the hospital hallway and demands answers about Starr's baby's death! Dorian informs that the people in the NICU said that Starr's baby was never admitted, but Dr. Joplin insists that she was - and that in light of the emergency it may not have been documented. Though the doctor wishes Dorian away, Dorian accuses her of hiding a deeper reason for how Starr's baby died! Dr. Joplin claims the baby wasn't meant to live longer than what she did then tries to leave - but Dorian stops her and warns that she'll find out exactly what happened during the forty-five minutes of missing time! "And then," Dorian promises. "We'll find out what's meant to be!"

Inside Starr's room, Starr shows Blair the locket, containing her baby's hair, then is shocked to hear that Marty is alive - but has no memory of her past - and that her father has had Marty at his house for months, without informing her of any truth or insight into her past! Starr is dazed as she listens to how Todd and Marty fell in love. "If John wouldn't have found them, your father and Marty would be long gone from Llanview." Blair is then forced to tell Starr that Todd planned to take her baby! "Was that why he was here?" Starr asks. "Because he was going to steal my baby?"

When Marty comes face to face with Todd on her way out of the hospital, she stands from the wheelchair, leans down toward Todd and says, "There's something I want you to know. I just took something to make sure I don't have a baby - there will be no lingering aftereffects of the worst night of my life - no physical ones anyway." Todd professes how terrible he feels, but Marty screams, kicks his wheelchair then says, "The idea that I could be carrying your child… that would've been enough to kill me. So there will be no child. I just took care of that." As Todd replies, "I'm sorry," Marty finishes with, "Well, I hope your 'sorry' will eat you alive and kill you!" After Todd brings up how Cole visited him, wanting to kill him, he says, "I wish he had," but Marty promises to find a way to make him pay for the rest of his life! Over talk of Starr's baby - and how Todd was going to steal her - Todd announces, "The baby's dead." Though Marty wonders if Todd is lying, he insists he isn't then takes total blame for the baby's death. Again, Todd screams, "I never meant to hurt anyone!" Nora steps in, reminds Todd of what he's done then adamantly states, "You did this all!" Before Marty leaves, Todd confesses, "Marty, I really did love you."

Over at Rex's loft, Wes explains how Brody needs their help - and how he wasn't in his right mind when he shot Rex. Wes explains Brody's situation then asks if Rex would consider dropping the charges. Rex reminds him that the DA's office will be pressing charges with or without him, but he thinks of Shane and agrees - Shane's been hurt enough. Rex promises that he'll do what he can to help, leaving Wes to say, "I owe you for this. I owe you both."

Next on One Life to Live:

Dorian asks Blair where things stand with John.

Jessica meets Bess.

John faces the mayor!

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