When Clint visits Jessica at the hospital, Jessica demands to know everything that she did when she was Tess - in order to get her life back. Though Clint assures Jessica that she's not responsible, Jessica cries, "I did it, Dad, so just tell me what I did to Jared and Natalie… Please." Finally, Clint admits, "Tess wanted Natalie and Jared to suffer the same loss that you felt when you lost Nash," leaving Jessica to gasp, "Oh, God, how close did I come to accomplishing that?" Clint begins the story of how Tess put her plan into motion… about the secret room Tess built, about locking Natalie and Jared in there together, and about setting the bomb. Crying in agony for her actions, Jessica says, "I could have killed them all - what have I done."

Natalie and Jared meet Roxy at Rex's loft. Once Rex and Gigi appear, Natalie runs into Rex's arms and says, "I thought I'd never see you again." After briefly talking about Tess's wrongdoings, Brody and Shane - and how he must be so upset about his dad shooting Rex - Roxy blurts out, "Your brother is a daddy!" Over a family hug, Roxy announces that she has to leave then Natalie tries to explain how much she misses Jessica, who will always wear Tess's face. Just as Natalie and Jared are getting ready to leave, Clint calls, informs her that he told Jessica about what Tess did then says, "If you're up to it, Jessica would like to talk to you and Jared."

Later, Natalie and Jared arrive at the hospital and face Jessica!

Wes goes to the VA hospital to visit Brody, who is in better spirits. Brody talks about how Gigi, Shane and Rex came to visit him then worries about the charges against him. "I shot an unarmed man. I'm going to prison for a long time," Brody says. "And that's how it should be." Though Wes reminds Brody that he wasn't himself, Brody takes full blame for his actions and says, "The best thing for Gigi and Shane is for me to disappear."

Later, Wes goes to Rex's loft, claims that Brody doesn't know anything about his visit and says, "I'm here on his behalf. He needs help."

At the station, John tries to comfort Blair, but Blair can't get believe what Todd's done. John explains how badly he hurt Todd and how Marty wanted to hurt him even more. Wondering if Marty remembers John, John explains how she doesn't - and how Todd made sure of that through his lies. Just as Blair brings up Cole, a cop comes in to book John, and Blair shares how hard it's going to be breaking all of this news with Starr. John reminds her how tough Starr is, tells Blair to take care of herself then is taken away.

With Cole standing over Todd in his hospital room, Todd claims that he saved his mother, to which Cole says through clenched teeth, "You should die for what you did to my mom - to me. You look half dead already. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't finish you off right now." Todd whispers how Marty wanted everything that happened between them, leaving Cole to ask, "Are you saying you had sex with my mom?" Todd looks up at Cole and replies, "Yeah…" Cole is disgusted and accuses Todd of taking advantage of Marty's memory loss then brings up the time he visited his house to talk about Starr - and how his mother had been there the whole time! When Todd asks, "How is Starr and the baby?" Cole replies, "Your daughter is completely destroyed, thanks to you… Our baby's dead."

Though Todd thinks Cole is lying to him, Blair appears to verify it and says, "It's true, Todd. Starr's baby's dead… God, I wish it was you!" Before Cole leaves, he blames Todd for everything that's happened then rushes out of the room, leaving Blair to stand over Todd and ask, "What were you thinking?" Blair lashes out at him through venomous words then asks, "How did it work out for you? Does Marty hate you as much as I do?" Todd sticks to his claim that he loves Marty, but Blair doesn't believe him - or that he was going to run off with his daughter's baby! In tears, Blair remembers falling in love with Todd, admits that now all that's left of him is a black heart then says, "Maybe it would have been better if John had beaten you to death." Blair leaves…

Still in the examining room, Marty fears that she could be pregnant and admits that she thought she wanted to have Todd's baby. "I believed everything…" Nora begs Marty to hate Todd - not herself. Promising to help Marty through this, Nora addresses the matter at hand and brings up the option of taking 'the morning after' pill, to which Marty agrees. Later, after the doctor hands her two pills, Marty rehashes her time with Todd - and his admission of raping her - then downs both pills. Though Marty only knows her rapist, she talks to Nora about Cole, a boy who looks at her with so much love, then says, "And I don't have a clue who that sweet boy is." Once word comes that Marty is going to be released, Nora insists that she come home with her - and Cole. Cole then appears, promises that no one will ever hurt her again and agrees to go get things ready for Marty's homecoming.

As Marty is being wheeled out of the hospital examining room, she comes face to face with Todd, who is being wheeled in for tests!

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica struggles with her different personalities.

Starr hears about what her father did.

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