As Marty emerges from the hospital elevator, she comes face to face with Cole, who gasps, "Mom? Is it really you? Am I dreaming?" Marty smiles. "You're not dreaming," then allows Cole to rush into her arms. As Cole cries about how much he's missed her, and relives the accident, although confused, Marty assures him that she's fine, but Cole says, "No you're not, something's wrong." Talia tries to help Marty out by telling Cole that she suffered a brain injury, but Cole asks his mom, "You're looking at me like you don't even know me. You do know me, don't you?" Marty apologizes but swears she wants to remember him, causing Cole to smile and assure her, "It's okay. You're alive and I got you back." As Marty smiles in excitement and says, "You're my son," Cole tells her she's the best mom in the world, leaving Marty to admit, "I remember a little boy." As Marty sings the lullaby from her visions, Cole joins her, giving Marty hope that all of her memories will return. Before Marty goes in to be examined, Cole says, "I hope you know how much I love you," to which Marty replies, "I do know that."

Todd is rushed into the hospital and whispers to the doctors, "Let me die." Although a doctor wonders what Todd did to deserve a beating 'like this', Antonio replies, "He held a woman for months then he raped her."

Badly beaten, Todd sleeps in his hospital room and dreams about still being with Marty but having to tell her that they can't have Starr's baby - because he changed his mind to do the right thing. In and out of sleep, Todd whispers, "You changed my mind, Marty." Todd continues dreaming that Marty loves him even more for changing his mind.

After Starr leaves another message for Todd to call her back, Langston appears in her hospital room, rushes into her arms and cries, "I'm so sorry about your baby." Starr talks about how beautiful her baby was and how she'll never be able to watch her grown up with Marcie. Wanting to help Starr, Langston hands her something to remember her baby by. "I tracked down Dr. Joplin. It's a loc of Hope's hair." Starr breaks down in Langston's arms and cries, "Thank you." Starr shows Langston the locket that Marcie gave her, places the loc of her baby's hair inside it then allows Langston to put the necklace around her neck.

At the police station, John arrives in cuffs and tells Nora and Blair, "Marty's alive. She's been living at Todd's." Blair and Marty listen in confusion, as John explains Marty's memory loss. "She didn't even know she had a son," John says. "And Manning never told her." Although John informs that Todd told Marty about the rape, he finishes, "Just not that he was one of the rapists." Hearing Marty is at the hospital, Nora rushes off to see her.

Once alone with Blair, John admits that Marty thought she was in love with Todd - and how he slept with the woman he raped! John says that although he's being charged with assault and battery, the damage he inflicted on Todd should've landed him an attempted murder charge. John apologizes for not sharing his suspicions with Blair sooner then breaks the news that Todd was going to kidnap and raise Starr's baby with Marty! Blair remembers that Todd was at the hospital when Starr had her baby, causing John to smile and say, "Starr had her baby? Congratulations," but John is filled with grief when Blair replies, "Starr's baby is dead." After Blair breaks down over the baby, and what Todd did to Marty, John wraps her in his arms.

Nora finds Cole at the hospital, who explains his mom's memory loss then says, "She doesn't remember me." Cole asks what more Nora knows about the situation, and Nora reveals that John found her. Though Nora says she doesn't know much, she admits, "He found her at Todd Manning's." Cole is furious, but Nora convinces him to concentrate on Marty's recovery. After Nora goes in to see Marty, Cole is filled with vengeance!

When Nora rushes into the examining room, she happily says, "Marty!" As Marty calls her by name, Nora asks, "You remember me?" to which Marty replies, "I saw your picture. You defended the man who raped me… Todd Manning." Nora explains that she did end up sending Todd to jail, and Talia confirms this, leaving Nora to divulge that Marty appointed her to be Cole's guardian. After Talia leaves, Nora promises Marty, "Todd Manning will never hurt you again!" Marty assures Nora that Todd didn't rape her, but says that she feels as though he did, then she screams, "I slept with him, willingly! I told him I loved him!" Nora promises that 'it is all over', but Marty says, "I slept with him and didn't use protection," leading Nora to ask, "Marty, could you be pregnant?"

After Antonio and Talia leave Todd's room, Cole goes to Todd's room and stares at him through the window. Inside Todd's room, Todd dreams that he and Marty are in bed, hoping that they made a baby of their own. However, the anger in Cole's voice awakens Todd from his fantasy. "Wake up!" Cole screams, while holding a pillow above Todd's face - and Todd finally stares into the eyes of Marty's son, the one he kept from her!

When Marcie and Michael arrive home, they find tons of flowers and balloons from Marcie's family, to which Marcie says, "They don't know that Hope died." Marcie is faced with more heartache when she enters her bedroom and sees the nursery set-up. Though Michael wants to take away Hope's things, Marcie begs him to please leave, as she doesn't want him to suffer over a loss that isn't his. Michael admits that although he walked out on her before, he refuses to do so now. "I love you," Michael says. "As long as I'm alive on this planet, you will not be alone." With the crib at the foot of the bed, Michael lays down with Marcie as she tries to sleep.

Next on One Life to Live:

Wes pays Brody a visit.

Jessica can't believe what Tess did to Natalie and Jared.

John's future with Blair is unsure.

Cole and Blair lash out at Todd!

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