Still at Todd's, after Todd admits, again, that John was right - and that he did rape Marty - John wants to take Marty away from there, but she refuses to leave until she gets some answers! Todd finally admits that he was the ringleader in the gang rape but still says he wanted to tell her so many times - and how he even changed his face in an attempt to become a new man. Though that didn't work, Todd confesses that Marty changed him! After a final plea from Todd, who feels as though he has a new beginning, Todd reminds her of how they made love, to which Marty replies, "When you made love to me you raped me all over again!" Marty's words send John over the edge and he starts beating the living crap out of Todd! With Todd a bloody mess, John pulls his gun on him and smashes him over the head with it! "Get up, Manning, I'm taking you in. You're going to be charged with kidnapping, rape, it's over for you," John says, to which Marty interrupts, "No, it's not," then aims her gun at Todd!

At the station, Antonio and Talia look up information on Vanessa, wondering if there was something more to Ray's allegations. Just then, Bo and Nora appear then head into Bo's office to discuss Jessica.

Inside Bo's office, though Nora feels for what Jessica is going through, she reminds Bo that they have a job to do - booking Jessica on attempted murder charges! Over talk of Jessica's D.I.D., Bo checks his messages, to see if Clint or Viki have called, but hears John's strange message about having to 'do what he has to do'! Bo is confused, but Nora fills him in on John's arrest - and how he's been in lock-up. "Then why did his message come in this evening?" Bo asks. After Bo asks Antonio to check on John in lock-up, they all find out that John escaped - and the officer who John locked up in his place tells them what John said about Marty Saybrooke being alive!

Over at Cris's loft, Cris and Sarah say goodnight to Vanessa then try to have some alone time. Irritated at the lack of privacy, Sarah says, "As long as Vanessa and Lola are here, you're not getting any." Laughing, Sarah reminds Cris that Vanessa and Lola's stay won't last forever then leaves to head back to her apartment.

Later, when Cris wakes up, he finds Vanessa downstairs, claiming to be getting a glass of water, who is clearly happy to hear that Sarah is no longer there. Though Vanessa hopes Sarah didn't leave on her account, she promises she'll get her situation settled soon. Once alone, Cris calls to leave Sarah a message, promising 'this' will all be over soon, never realizing that Vanessa is eyeing him from the shadows.

While Clint and Viki are visiting with Jessica at the hospital, a cop appears and puts her in restraints, to which Jessica accepts, for fear that Tess will come back. Once alone again, Jessica asks to see Natalie - to tell her that she's sorry - then wonders what more Tess did to her. Viki and Clint remind her that she needs to concentrate on getting better - so she can take care of her girls - then assures her that Bree is home with Lois and Tina. Jessica is surprised to hear that Tina is home but is glad to hear that she and Viki are getting another chance at a relationship. "I'm not going to pass judgment on her," Jessica says, knowing Tina wouldn't hurt Viki half as bad as Jessica's hurt her sister. When Jessica worries about Tess returning, Viki and Clint promise she will get through it, mourn Nash properly, then heal - for good. "I miss Nash so much, " Jessica cries. "It's like he died all over again. I want Bree, I want to see her." Since it's late, Viki promises to tell Bree that her mommy will be home soon. Shortly after, Jessica has a nightmare about her baby not being able to breathe then wakes up crying to Clint, "I had a nightmare. Niki Smith was there, there was something wrong with the baby!" However, Clint promises that her baby is fine and healthy and tries to calm Jessica down.

In the hospital lobby, Blair and Dorian know that Starr will be okay, but they worry about Cole - who has no one. Blair is comforted that Cole has John then tells Dorian about how John said they would all be finding out something big today! With talk of Todd being at the hospital to check in on Starr, Dorian accuses him of having something to do with Starr's baby's death! No matter what Todd's done in the past, Blair refuses to believe that Todd would hurt Starr - or her baby - then screams, "If you want to hate Todd don't hate him in front of me!" Dorian agrees to stop then rushes to get answers as to why Starr's baby died. Blair then calls John to leave him a message, asking him to call her - and to get a hold of Cole.

On Dorian's way out, she runs into Viki, who gives her condolences and catches her up on Jessica's condition, the explosion at Llanfair and admits that Dorian was the one to help her locate Jessica. Dorian says that Viki owes her one, and Viki has no doubt that Dorian will one day collect.

When Tina comes face to face with Jared and Natalie in Llanfair's kitchen, they tell her about Jessica being in the hospital, leaving Tina to wonder if Viki knows about her part in Tess's scheme. Though Natalie admits that Viki doesn't know, she warns, "But she will!" Tina claims she only went along with Tess because she was her victim too - and that she had to go save David Vickers, who had a litter of puppies, and save Sarah from Carlo - but Natalie and Jared are anything but forgiving. Tina begs Natalie not to tell Viki the truth, and Natalie agrees to it - if Tina leaves town, now! Natalie and Jared say their goodbyes to Tina then head to bed - hoping that they never see her again!

Weighing her options, Tina is shaken when Viki arrives home and says, "Tina, boy am I glad to see you."

Next on One Life to Live:

Cole wants to bury their baby next to his mom.

Viki disowns Tina!

Natalie and Jared are thankful to be free!

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