When Viki and Clint, along with the police, arrive at the cottage and see Jessica holding her baby Viki cautiously says, "Tess, are you okay?" After it's apparent that Tess is now Jessica, Jessica claims the baby can't be hers, because she doesn't remember the birth, and she's even more shocked to hear that Tess has been out for five months! Jessica hands the baby to Viki, in case Tess comes back out, then is happy to hear that Bree is fine. Crying, Jessica swears that she's Jessica, and Clint and Viki believe her. While waiting for the ambulance, Jessica looks at her baby as if for the first time. Later, Jessica realizes some of things that Tess tried to do to Natalie and Jared, but Viki and Clint change the subject before she remembers the secret room. Thinking of Nash, Jessica holds her baby close then is checked over and taken to the hospital when the ambulance arrives.

Still in the motel room with Cain, Tina watches the news about the explosion at Llanfair and tells Cain, "They're going to kill me." Tina confides everything to Cain… about Tess and Natalie and Jared being locked in the secret room. Tina knows she deserves everything she gets, as Viki, Jessica and Natalie deserved better. She then hands Cain the real crowned jewel, before the police come after her, to which Cain says, "Come with me." However, Tina refuses his offer, knowing she has to face what she's done to her family. Cain promises to always think of Tina then takes her in a goodbye kiss.

Jared and Natalie run upstairs to the kitchen at Llanfair then out the door to breathe in the fresh air, where they talk about being locked in the secret room - and how Tina did nothing about it! Both begin to worry about Jessica, but Natalie gets a call from Clint letting her know they found Jessica, who is back to herself again, and that she had a baby girl.

When Tina arrives back at Llanfair, she's relieved to find no one home. Suddenly, she hears giggling then comes face to face with Natalie and Jared!

In her bedroom, after Todd admits to Marty that what John said is true, Marty is stunned and says to Todd, "I'm really a mother… And you knew it, and you didn't tell me?" Marty demands answers, and refuses to leave with John, as Todd explains that, in the beginning, he was using her to get back at others, but that he unexpectedly fell in love with her. John blurts out that Todd didn't tell her about Cole - because he got his daughter pregnant! "Cole is my son… So, your grandchild is my grandchild," Marty says in disgust. Marty brings up her images of the little boy, and how Todd lied to her, then aims the gun at Todd! Todd claims he wanted to tell her the truth, after presenting her with the picture of Cole and Starr, then says, "You've changed me. I wanted to tell you so many times, but I was afraid to lose you. I love you so much!"

When John hears that Todd told Marty that Starr was going to let him adopt her child, he snaps, "You told her that!" Realizing the baby was only another lie, John interrupts Todd's explanation and asks, "What were you going to do, steal the baby?" Now laughing at the absurdity of the situation, Marty listens as Todd admits, "There's no excuse, he's right… I wanted them all to pay!" Marty screams, and Todd further admits that John never wanted her dead - that he tried to save her! Though John begs Marty to hand him the gun, and tells her how he tried to save her from the burning van, her attention is turned back to Todd, who is pleading for her forgiveness. Marty makes Todd admit, again, to raping her then falls into John screaming at Todd, "You! You raped me!"

Inside Dr. Joplin's office, Marcie picks up the dead baby and tells her how many people loved her. After a bit, Marcie lays the baby back down. Though Michael comforts her, Marcie tries to leave - but Michael insists on going with her.

Just as Viki, Jessica, Clint and the new baby arrive at the hospital, Viki sees Michael and Marcie, who inform her that Starr's baby didn't make it. Marcie watches as a nurse takes away Jessica's little girl and cries sadly, but says, "Congratulations." Filled with sorrow, after Viki apologizes for their loss, she leaves - and Marcie falls into Michael's arms.

Clint goes into Jessica's hospital room and promises her that everything is going to be okay.

Holding Starr in her hospital room, Cole finally says, "Is it the baby? I thought everything was okay, is it not?" to which Starr cries, "Our baby did not make it. Our baby is dead." In tears, Cole hears that their little girl was born alive and even cried. "Our baby, she's dead," Cole repeats, and Starr reminds him that they aren't the only ones suffering - that Marcie is devastated as well. As Starr talks about the short time she spent with the baby, Cole cries and says, "I'm so sorry." Though Cole offers to get her mom for her, Starr begs him not to leave her. Cole lays on the bed with Starr and wraps her in his arms. Starr talks about her dad, and how nice he was to Marcie, then wonders if she could have done something differently. "Why did our little girl have to die…I have to say goodbye," Starr cries, and Cole agrees that he needs to as well…

Cole and Starr go inside Dr. Joplin's office and look down, devastated, at their dead baby girl. Starr and Cole fall helplessly into each other's arms.

Next on One Life to Live:

Vanessa approaches a shirtless Cris!

Jessica worries that Tess will return again.

Tina finds herself in quite the mess!

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