At the hospital, Janet cries, as Dr. Joplin informs her that Starr's baby is gone - but claims that she was fine when she left her in Janet's care! Janet promises that the baby was fine, and that Todd was nowhere near the baby while Dr. Joplin went to tell Starr the news. Finally admitting that none of this was Janet's fault, Dr. Joplin blames the baby's death on 'payback' for her agreeing to go along with Todd's plan. Janet is ordered to leave, and the doctor is faced with having to tell Starr the truth.

Inside Starr's room, Blair, Marcie and Starr talk about how happy they are that the baby is going to have a good life with Marcie. Wondering what's taking the doctor so long, they pass the time with talk of Todd, and how he's appeared to change, then get a visit from Michael - who is happy for all of them.

Suddenly, Dr. Joplin appears, and it's as if Michael can read her face… "She's gone," Dr. Joplin says, which puts Starr, Blair and Marcie in an emotional whirlwind. As Starr and Marcie cry in agony, Blair lashes out at the doctor then promises Starr that she's going to get some answers as to why this happened! Before the doctor leaves, Marcie asks to see the baby - and Starr cries, "Go see her, I don't want her to be alone right now." Starr cries to Marcie about how sorry she is, but Marcie rushes to her bedside and promises she'll never forget what Starr was going to do for her. Marcie then follows Dr. Joplin out, and Michael goes with her, leaving Starr sobbing in pain for the loss of her child. Starr asks Blair to tell Dorian and Langston the news but says that she wants to be the one to tell Cole…

Outside of Starr's room, Cole, Langston and Dorian wait impatiently for news on Starr and the baby, worrying that something is wrong. Suddenly, Blair appears, who instructs Cole to go to Starr. Once Cole is gone, Blair tells Dorian and Langston that Starr is okay - but that the baby 'was' a girl… Langston and Dorian grieve, along with Blair, for Starr and her baby.

When Cole goes into Starr's room, he rushes into her arms, not realizing the tragic news he's about to get.

Back in Dr. Joplin's office, with Michael holding her hand, Marcie goes to the baby in tears.

Waiting outside her office, Dr. Joplin slides down the wall in agony for what's happened.

Downstairs in Llanfair's basement, Natalie and Jared explain to Charlie and Viki about Tess buckling over in pain. They all realize that Jessica's in labor, to which Viki gasps, "And she's all alone." Just then, Bo arrives to hear that Jared and Natalie were at Llanfair all along. After Bo assures Natalie that Rex is fine, Clint appears and takes his daughter in his arms. After Clint and Natalie apologize for their past mistakes, they worry about Jessica - and her baby - then Jared and Natalie explain that everything Tess did was for Nash, the one thing she can never have. "That's where she is," Viki says. "She's at the vineyard." After Clint and Viki leave, Natalie and Jared look forward to their freedom, as Charlie assures her that Jared never gave up on her! Before Charlie leaves, he and Jared hug on 'second chances'.

Bess arrives back at the vineyard and tells the baby that Jessica needs her - and says that she'll be so much better off with her rather than Todd. Bess talks to the baby about keeping the death of her baby from Jessica, for fear that she'd die, then says, "And we can't have that. Starr will suffer knowing you are gone, but the man who was going to kidnap you, Todd Manning, changed his mind. If he had a heart, I'm sure he'd suffer, but we don't care about any of them… All we care about is Jessica. I hope Natalie and Jared survive, they didn't deserve what Tess did to them." Though Bess worries about Jessica - and Tess - she knows in time that Jessica will recover. Bess realizes they don't have much time then prepares to 'get ready' for what's to come…

Sitting down with the baby, minus the black-rimmed glasses, Bess rocks the baby and informs her that everything is now the way it should be. Later, Jessica wakes up, looks down at her baby and says, "Are you mine? I don't remember…" Just then, Viki and Clint appear and are in shock to see Jessica holding her baby!

Still in Marty's bedroom, just as John screams to Marty that Todd raped her, Todd appears in the doorway! Marty's happy to see Todd, and when Todd asks, "What did he say to you?" Marty cries, "That you raped me!" As Marty threatens to shoot John for telling her so many lies, Todd begs Marty to give him the gun. "Do you trust me?" Todd asks, and Marty says, "Yes," then goes to hand Todd the gun - but John pulls a gun out on them and says, "Don't give him the gun… Don't tempt me, Manning." John encourages Marty to keep the gun then talks about the rape, to which Marty says, "I know, Todd told me." John goes on, "Did he tell you he was the ringleader? Did he tell you that?" However, Marty screams at John and refuses to allow him to turn her against the man she loves! "You don't love him," John says, but Marty disagrees - and Todd says, "Marty, what we're both feeling is very real, but you should give me the gun." With the gun still aimed on John, she warns that if he tries to hurt Todd, she'll shoot him. "No you won't," John says. "You're too good for that. That's what made you such a good mother." In shock, Marty snaps, "What'd you just say? I don't have any children." John lashes out at Todd for not telling her the truth then says to Marty, "You have a son." John forces Todd to tell her the truth, who says, "I never expected to fall in love with you!" Todd finally admits that Marty has a son!

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica can't believe that Tess returned!

Starr, Cole, Michael and Marcie grieve their loss.

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