After crashing through Marty's bedroom window, John exhales in shock, "Marty… You're alive." Just as John tells Marty they should leave now, since Todd's gone, Todd's bodyguard appears and says, "I don't think so!" With no choice, John fires at the man, chases him down the hall then goes back to Marty and says, "We gotta go," but Marty now has Todd's bodyguard's gun aimed at John! "One step closer and I'll shoot!" Marty screams. Confused, John pleads with her, "Marty, it's me," to which Marty replies, "I know who you are, and I know what you did!" Marty fires at John, but misses! Marty screams for John to drop his gun then recalls everything that Todd told her about him! Although John assures her that Todd is a liar, Marty screams, "You're here to kill me!" Realizing that Marty has lost her memory, John promises to tell her everything then begs Marty to look into his eyes and see how much he cares about her. John steps forward and talks about how Lee was a bad guy - and how Todd has brainwashed her - but Marty claims to be stronger than John thinks, to which John tempts her with, "Prove it. Walk out of here with me now." John is totally stunned, as Marty calls Todd loving, gentle and the one who took care of her!

Driving to the hospital, Bess talks about the problem she needs to solve saying, "I'm going to turn the negative into a positive." With Jessica's dead baby in the backseat, Bess admits that Todd made the mistake of letting Tess know what he was going to do with Starr's baby, as well as the mistakes of doctors - and Viki for not knowing that Tess had returned.

In the hospital hallway, Dr. Joplin assures Todd that his granddaughter is fine and is relieved to hear that Todd no longer wants to go through with his plan!

Looking down at Starr's baby, in Dr. Joplin's office, Janet talks to her lovingly about what's yet to come and how she misses her own daughter. From outside the door, Bess listens as Janet cries, "You're going to be a lucky little girl," then Bess whispers to herself, "Girl… perfect." Bess hides in the shadows, as Todd and Dr. Joplin appear in the hallway. While the doctor is checking the baby, Bess listens as Todd explains to Janet that the deal is off. Though Janet worries how Marty will handle the news, Todd promises that he and Marty are still going to have their life together. Just then, the doctor emerges from her office, confirms that Starr's baby is perfectly healthy then leaves to inform Starr, Blair and Marcie.

Once Todd, Janet and the doctor leave, Bess puts Jessica's baby in place of Starr's baby, says, "Rest in peace," then leaves the hospital undetected!

Later, back outside of the doctor's office, Janet asks Todd if he wants to see his grandson, but Todd says, "As much as I'd like her to be, she's not mine." Todd knows, because he has a new life with Marty, he can now accept that. Todd releases Janet of all of her duties, smiles and says, "I guess this is what it means to be normal, to know nothing is going to blow up in my face," then leaves.

Inside Starr's hospital room, after Marcie talks about Todd's arrival, and how comforting he was to her, Blair thinks he's been spying on them - but Starr admits that she called him. Together, Marcie and Blair try to comfort Starr and promise that her baby is going to be okay. Marcie expresses the hope that Starr gave her, after asking her to adopt her baby, then declares that she's going to name her Hope. After Starr asks Blair to lift the restraining order on Todd, Blair promises to think about it then goes to check on her baby. Barely out the door, Dr. Joplin informs Blair that Starr's baby is doing just fine - and they both relay the news to Star and Marcie. Dr. Joplin goes to get the baby for them.

While Marcie happily rushes off to call her dad and brothers, Starr and Blair talk about the baby, the adoption and what a blessing her little one will be to many. When Marcie returns, she feels bad for Starr, for being so happy, but Starr assures her, "I'm doing what I want to do."

Back in her office, when Janet and Dr. Joplin go to get the baby, named Hope, they are shocked to find that Starr's baby is dead!

Realizing they only have ten minutes until the bomb goes off, Natalie and Jared scream for Viki and Charlie to get out of Llanfair's basement, but they refuse, as Charlie knows they need to get rid of the bomb. While Charlie and Jared try to come up with a plan to get rid of the bomb, Natalie apologizes to Viki for everything and the two share 'I love you's'. After Charlie manages to lift the bomb out of the drawer, he runs up the basement stairs to get rid of it, leaving Natalie, Viki and Jared to feel the loud BOOM! Viki cries, "Oh, my, God, Charlie," and runs upstairs after him, leaving Jared devastated knowing his dad saved their lives while sacrificing his own.

Upstairs, Viki cries for her loss when she can't find Charlie - until he appears, blackfaced, but totally fine! Though Charlie tries to joke, Viki pulls him close!

Back downstairs, Jared and Natalie are relieved to see that Charlie is alive, listen as Viki explains about Jean Randolph, while apparently typing in the same code that Jean used, then are ecstatic to see the door open! Natalie rushes into Viki's arms, while Jared embraces his father! With the police now there, Natalie remembers the pain Tess was in then says, "Something's wrong with the baby."

Back at Todd's house, as Marty tells John that Todd loves her, John replies, "Loves you? He raped you!" Shocked, Marty turns to the bedroom doorway and sees Todd!

Next on One Life to Live:

Viki and Charlie search high and low for Tess!

Starr and Marcie get devastating news!

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