Having escaped his jail cell, John goes into the evidence room, sees a picture of him and Marty then says, "Sit tight, I'm coming for you." John then calls Michael to warn him about questions from the police - and the case - and says, "Do not try to protect me, tell them the truth, but don't worry about it because you haven't done anything wrong. There's something I gotta do then this will all be over." John hangs up, finds his gun, loads it with a full clip and leaves a message for Blair, leaving his thoughts for Starr then closes with, "Take care of yourself." Lastly, John leaves Bo a message and says, "I'm sorry I let you down. I tried to work within the system, but it didn't work. Now I have to do something different. Do what you have to do." John hangs up and leaves - with his badge left behind!

Still in bed, Todd tells Marty, "There's no place I'd rather be right now." After a kiss, Marty suggests that Todd call the hospital to check on Starr. "What am I doing?" Todd asks, to which Marty responds about how Starr is entrusting him with her child - and how Todd will do right by 'their' baby. Suddenly, Todd says, "I gotta go!" Todd explains how he has to go see Starr, to make everything perfect - so nothing ruins what he and Marty have together. Todd and Marty exchange 'I love you's' then Todd assures her his love for her is why he's doing what he's about to do!

Once Todd is gone, Marty writes in her journal about making love to Todd, feeling like a woman again and how she told Todd she loved him - and how Todd said those words back to her! "We love each other. He's so easy to love… I've fallen so hard for this man… he's so gentle and vulnerable… and he's strong, stronger than he gives himself credit for. I'm so lucky to have him - so is this baby we're going to raise…" Shortly after, Marty climbs into bed, waiting for Todd's return, but is shocked when John crashes through the window! "Marty..." John sighs.

In the delivery room, Starr, Blair and Marcie are told, by Dr. Joplin, that the people in the neonatal intensive care unit will do everything they can. Though everyone screams for answers, the doctor reminds them that time is critical then leaves Starr begging Blair to tell her that the baby will be all right.

Out in the hallway, although Dr. Joplin gives Janet instructions on what to do, Marcie appears and announces, "I'm going with you!" However, Dr. Joplin stops her and says, "That little girl's life is in danger, and we can't afford to take the slightest risk." Dr. Joplin walks away.

Suddenly, Marcie turns around and is face to face with Todd! Todd asks after Starr, and Marcie nervously announces that he has a granddaughter - who isn't doing well. Crying, Marcie says, "I just don't know how this could be happening." Though Marcie expects Todd to be cruel to her, Todd hands her a tissue and asks that she go back in with Starr and Blair - even goes so far as to make Marcie laugh! After Todd tells her to go back in and tell Starr and Blair that the doctors know what they're doing, Todd assures Marcie that the baby will be back in Starr's room - where she belongs - and that everything is going to work out! Todd then goes and finds Dr. Joplin and tells her that he's changed his mind! He wants her to give the baby back to Starr and Marcie!

Back in the delivery room, Blair tries to calm Starr in regards to her baby and promises that her baby will be fine.

Holding her newborn in the cottage, Tess wonders why she isn't crying then passing out in a panic. When Tess opens her eyes again, searching the cottage around her, seeing the blood from the birth, she finally lays the baby down and speaks, "This shouldn't have happened to you… Your mother was going to look at you and think of Nash… Now it's over. People are looking for us and something has to be done… And I'm the one to do it." 'Bess' then puts on a pair of black-rimmed glasses and says, "There… that's better. Poor Jessica, Poor Tess, it's our job to clean it up." Bess picks up the dead baby with one thing in mind… "We have to take away the pain and replace it with a purpose." Thinking back to how Tess overheard Todd's plan, Bess comes up with a plan of her own!

During the heat of the moment, Tina and Cain make love in the motel room then talk about how they double-crossed each other. Looking at the new puppies, Tina says, "Isn't it amazing how David Vickers brought us back together?" Tina then announces that she - and Cain - are going to take care of the puppies. "I'm not going to abandon them like…" Tina pauses then rushes off to save Natalie and Jared!

Charlie arrives at Llanfair to find Viki screaming, "In the basement, Tess locked them up downstairs!" Noticing that the door is locked, Charlie demands to know what is going on - and Viki explains how Tess has copied her plan when she was Jean! Suddenly, Tina arrives, and Viki asks if Jessica had any construction done while she was gone. Though Tina blows her question off, she pulls the basement door key out of her purse, as Viki is forced to go get a crying Bree!

Finally, Charlie, Viki, Bree and Tina are in the basement. Though Charlie and Viki have no idea where to look, Tina cautiously points out scuffmarks by the wall, to which Charlie sees it's movable!

After making love in the secret room, as the bomb ticks away, Natalie and Jared dress then wonder how long they've been locked down there. Jared wonders if the bomb is real or if Tess is just faking the bomb to make them suffer. "What if this is just one more way to drive us crazy," Jared asks, begging Natalie to grab onto any hope that they can. "Someone will find us," he finishes. Out of the corner of her eye, Natalie sees the wall moving and says, "Jared look!" They are shocked to see Viki, Charlie, Bree and Tina - as the ones on the other side of the secret room are shocked to see them! After Jared and Natalie scream and point to the bomb, Viki hands Bree over to Tess then demands that she go get the bomb squad! Refusing to leave them locked inside, Charlie looks at the timer on the bomb then says, "Ten minutes... We've got ten minutes left."

Next on One Life to Live:

John is shocked to see Marty's reaction to him!

Todd’s plan takes a shocking twist!

Viki and Charlie frantically try to save Jared and Natalie!

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