Still at the estate, after Todd admits that he's in love with Marty, Marty professes her love to him then convinces a reluctant Todd to go upstairs with her! Though Marty smiles lovingly at Todd, Todd flashes back to the rape, leaving Marty to approach and ask, "What's wrong? Is this because of what happened to me?" Though Marty doesn't remember the rape, Todd worries that she will, after they make love, but Marty doesn't care, begs Todd to trust her then says, "What we're feeling right now had nothing to do with what happened to me in the fraternity house… It's love." Todd confesses, "Everything I touch, I ruin," then admits that he pushed Blair into John McBain's arms - and that he's hurt his kids terribly. "I won't do that to you," Todd finishes.

Marty talks about the 'here and now', and how they make each other laugh, then asks, "Don't you want me? You're not the same man. You've changed." Once again, Todd flashes back to the rape. Marty goes to Todd and says, "You don't scare me. Do you love me?" Todd admits, "Yes," but still sees Marty dressed as she was that night so long ago in college. "Look at me," Marty says. "What do you see?" Todd finally admits, "I see you," takes Marty in his arms and holds her close. Little by little the clothes come off, and Todd and Marty make love! Afterward, Marty expresses how wonderful she feels then asks Todd, "And you?" Todd asks, "How do I look? Do I look different… I feel like I'm better."

In jail, John demands that a cop let him make a call then screams that the man who raped Marty Saybrooke, Todd Manning, is holding her hostage! Even though John reaches through the bars and grabs the cop, he reminds John to play by the rules then leaves John alone, worrying that Marty will end up dead! Desperate to get to Marty, John manages to hang himself but draws the cop's attention back to the cell by pushing over a metal bench! When the cop approaches John, he cries, "John, no," but John quickly punches him then says, "Sorry George," unhooks himself and escapes the cell!

Holding David Vickers in the motel room, Tina is furious to learn that her pup is a female - and a pregnant one at that! Though the jewelry appraiser wonders how Tina didn't realize that the dog squatted when she peed, Tina explains her preoccupation with the goings-on at Llanfair! After the man leaves, Tina apologizes to Cain for trying to give him fake jewels then convinces him to help her prepare David Vickers for birth. Together, they watch as little puppies are born. Tina and Cain bond with a kiss!

Over at the hospital, Janet tries to get Dr. Joplin to warn Starr about Todd's scheme, leaving the doctor to explain that what they are about to do goes against everything she believes in!

Viki joins the family in Starr's room to let Starr know she's thinking of her, to which Starr comments on Jessica being due too. After Viki leaves, Blair and Marcie go to scrub up, leaving Langston and Dorian to reassure Starr that she and the baby are going to be fine. Just as they are wheeling Starr into delivery, Cole rushes in and promises to be there when she gets out.

Out in the hallway, Dorian approaches Viki, as she's leaving Jessica a voicemail, and asks what's going on with her. Viki admits that they are having family troubles then says, "I just came from the morgue looking for my daughters." Viki opens up to Dorian about Tess being back, about Tess making Natalie write a letter saying she left, and about Natalie and Jared being missing. Though Dorian is sympathetic, she can't help but bring up the past - and how Viki once made her write a letter, to which Viki reminds her, "That was Jean Randolph."

Once Dorian is gone, Jean appears on the couch next to Viki, claiming she's there because Viki needs her! Viki reminds her that she's integrated, but Jean says Viki has turned to her for help - to help her realize something that is right in front of her face! Jean talks about how Tess made Natalie write a letter - like Jean made Dorian do - and Viki finally realizes something and says, "Oh, my, God! I know what Tess did to Natalie!"

Inside the delivery room, Blair, Starr, and Marcie listen as the doctor confirms that the baby is fine. However, Starr's labor gets worse, and she cries in pain, "I can't do this," as Blair and Marcie hold her hands and try to give Starr support. Listening to Starr go through labor, Janet and Dr. Joplin make eye contact. Finally, Starr gives birth to a little girl. Though Starr wants Marcie to hold the baby first, Dr. Joplin steps forward and claims that there's something wrong with the baby!

As Tess takes Niki's hand, and agrees to go save Natalie and Jared, she looks around the cottage and says, "I was so sure he'd be here." Niki explains that Nash isn't coming back then watches as Tess drops to the floor in pain! Tess manages to get her cell and screams for Tina to pick up! When she doesn't, Tess leaves her a voicemail begging her to let Jared and Natalie out of the secret room! Screaming in pain, Tess cries, "Nash, I can't do this alone!"

Niki helps Tess up and promises, "You're not going to do this alone." Holding Tess, Niki helps her through the delivery - and she has a little girl. Holding her baby, Tess wonders why her little girl isn't crying…

Next on One Life to Live:

Viki, Charlie and Tina make a discovery!

Todd has no way to stop his plan.

John finally gets everything he’s been looking for.

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