At the vineyard, Tess wakes up, notices a wineglass and fears someone is there. "Nash?" Tess calls out, to which Niki Smith appears and replies, "Nope, it's just you and me." In pain, Tess cries, "I came here to be with Nash, I sure as hell don't want you." Niki suggests that Tess have a drink, to take the edge off, but Tess cries, "It's too soon for this baby." As Niki talks about their past, Tess screams for her to get out of her head, but Niki smashes the wineglass and announces, "I'm going to make things right. How do you like them apples?" Tess thinks she's imagining Niki then cries, "I want Nash," but Niki warns, "He's not coming. I'm the one you need. Avoiding the painful stuff doesn't work." Tess screams and cries that she blames Niki for everything then asks, "What kind of person leaves a little girl, so the man next door can rape her," and Niki states, "The same kind that tries to kill her sister." Tess screams how much she hates Niki, but wonders if killing Natalie and Jared is really the right thing to do. "They killed Nash," Tess says, but Niki's fading voice reminds her, "It was an accident," then urges Tess to go back to the basement, let Natalie and Jared out then lock Niki inside of the secret room and leave the pain behind. "Don't do to Bree like I did to you. I won't let you down. I promise you," Niki says. Tess takes Niki's hand.

In a motel room, Tina begs Cain to give her back her dog - because there are people who she needs to save! Just then, a jewelry appraiser, Neil, arrives, leaving Tina insulted! After Cain demands that she fork over the jewels, Tina hands him one jewel, to which the appraiser confirms it's real. However, Cain wants 'all' the jewels checked! Wanting to get out of there, Tina admits that the rest of the jewels are fake and says she needs to leave to help those who need her! Peeking in the pet carrier, Tina snarls at Cain, "What did you do to my dog!" With David outside of the carrier, Tina snaps at Cain for feeding him so much food, but the jewelry appraiser takes the dog and informs them that David Vickers is really a female - and says that she's in labor!

Clint arrives at Llanfair and finds Viki holding a fussy Bree. Worried about both Natalie and Jessica, Clint asks, "Oh, Viki, where are our daughters?" After Viki gets Bree to sleep, Clint gets a call from Bo saying that Rocco, the mechanic, confirmed their suspicions that Tess was trying to kill Natalie and Jared - and almost killed Viki! Viki is devastated and blames herself for allowing 'Niki' to harm Jessica. Clint and Viki vow to get their girls back - and not to punish Natalie anymore for her involvement with Jared. "We have to find Tess," Viki says. "Before she does something she can't take back." After Viki gets a call that Starr is in labor, Clint urges her to head to the hospital and promises Viki that the girls are going to be found!

Jared and Natalie stare at the bomb outside the secret room. Though Jared tells Natalie not to give up, Natalie replies, "It's time to face reality. There is no more hope." Jared calls Natalie 'Sparky', who laughs, "Maybe you shouldn't call me that right now," then the two fantasize about the future they could have had. To the ticking of the bomb, Jared suggests that they don't let another second slip by them, and the two make love.

Just as Rex goes to get into the hospital elevator, Shane calls out, "Rex, wait. I was thinking, maybe we could talk?" After Gigi gives them some time alone, Shane says, "So, you're my dad," to which Rex smiles. "Yeah, lucky me." Even though Rex didn't know about him, he apologizes for leaving his mom - and admits that had he known, he wouldn't know what he'd have done back then. "I get it if you still feel connected to Brody," Rex says. "So don't feel weird if you still feel that way." Rex promises they'll all get through this then Shane and Rex appear to bond as Rex says, "I've never felt more proud than to have you as my son." Rex makes Shane know how much he loves him then asks for a chance to be his dad, leaving Shane explaining the medal that Brody gave him - the one meant to give him courage. Rex and Shane make plans to go out for hotdogs then do their old handshake!

Inside Brody's hospital room, Brody wonders why Gigi doesn't hate him, but Gigi knows that Brody wasn't himself. Crying, Brody says, "Gigi, I'm so sorry," and Gigi replies, "I know, and Brody, I'm sorry too." Brody appreciates Gigi allowing Shane to visit but worries about how much he must have scared him. Gigi feels as though she owes Brody for always being there for her and promises to now be there for him.

When Marty joins Todd in his living room in a new dress, he admits, "I'm absolutely blown away." Todd talks about how Marty deserves everything life has to offer then warns that she must stop the way she's feeling about him. "You seem whole and healed and ready to move on. You're too much that's good in the world, and I don't deserve it. You're going to have to let me go before it's too late." Todd puts a halt on leaving Llanview and raising his grandchild together, but Marty goes to Todd and says, "I want you." Todd rushes to the door, opens it and screams, "Go, now, and don't look back!" Marty stands up to Todd and says, "I stay here because I want to be here, because I chose you, so tell me, why are you suddenly not choosing me?" Marty shuts the door, refuses to leave then says, "I'm in love with you, and the only way to stop me from going out that door is to tell me that you're in love with me too." Todd sighs then says, "I do love you. God help me, I do love you."

Next on One Life to Live:

John makes his move.

Marty helps Todd bury the past.

Viki realizes what Tess has done to Natalie and Jared.

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