With Addie seated next to Starr at the hospital, Starr wakes from a nightmare and explains her dream - and how something was wrong with her little girl. Crying, Starr talks about giving her baby up… no more kicks, just her, all alone again. When Addie looks at a photo of Starr and Todd, Starr wonders if her dad has finally changed for the better. While Addie goes to get Starr some water, Starr makes a call…

After Todd gives Janet instructions, and pushes her out his door saying, "Dr. Joplin is expecting you," Marty appears and asks, "Todd, what's going on?" Seeing all of the shopping bags, Marty digs through the new wardrobe Todd has bought her then is in awe when Todd shows her a picture of their new house - in New Mexico! "791 miles from Llanview," Todd says.

Suddenly, Todd's phone rings - it's Starr! Over a nice conversation, Todd promises Starr that he wants to be a better man, to which Starr replies, "Maybe one day, when I have a baby, a baby that I'll keep, you can be a part of that baby's life." Todd makes it clear that everything he does is because he loves her. After Todd tells Starr how much he loves her, Starr cries, "I love you too, Dad." When Todd hangs up, Marty reappears in a new outfit and takes Todd's breath away!

Outside Starr's room, Janet approaches Dr. Joplin and says, "Todd Manning sent me." Later, Janet calls Todd and tells him that Dr. Joplin has cleared her to be there for Starr's birth. After she hangs up, Dr. Joplin voices her concerns for Todd's plan, but Janet assures her that, in the end, they'll both make their peace with this - because Starr didn't want her baby to begin with.

Back in Llanview, just as John is pushing Keys toward the courtroom, Blair appears and asks, "What are you doing with this lowlife?" John instructs Keys to stay put, goes to Blair then whispers, "This is about Todd, and it's going to affect a lot of people. Everything's going to be okay. I care about you, a lot, I need you to know that." Blair assures John that whatever Todd has done, it doesn't matter to her - as long as he stays away from her kids, and Starr's baby.

In the courtroom, although Nora has announced that the state is seeking a murder charge against Vanessa, Vanessa pleads, "Not guilty, Your Honor." As both sides argue their case, Blair enters the courtroom, sits next to Dorian and whispers her worry in regards to her conversation with John. Just then, Cris stands, asks for bail to be granted and promises that he'll make sure Vanessa doesn't leave the country - and it works! Once bail is granted, Langston and Markko tell Vanessa and Lola they can count on both of them. Cris offers his place to Vanessa and Lola, and Sarah has no choice but to agree - reluctantly.

Inside the next courtroom over, a judge allows John to state his new evidence in order to get a warrant for Todd's. When the judge wants to know the name of the woman at Todd's house, John urges Key's to talk, who finally says, "Marty Saybrooke." Though the judge doesn't believe Keys, John starts ranting off all of the details of how Marty came to be at Todd's then demands that he issue the warrant! The judge again reminds John of the lack of evidence, and warns him to calm down, but John refuses and says, "I'm taking matters into my own hands!" John tries to leave the courtroom but is restrained by two guards!

With her family gathered around her, in her hospital room, Starr begins to go into active labor, to which Dr. Joplin instructs Janet, "Come on, nurse."

When Antonio arrives in Ray's hospital room, he rants that Vanessa set him up - and says that he did not kill anyone. Ray explains that Vanessa poisoned Lola's mind, and that he doesn't blame his daughter for testifying against him, but that there was no evidence. "Vanessa is the most persuasive woman," Ray warns. However, Antonio simply informs Ray that he'll be accompanied back to Colombia today, but Ray gets irate and screams, "I am innocent!" When Antonio asks why Vanessa would want to take him out so badly, Ray replies, "Ask her."

Later, while Antonio releases Ray to the authorities, Dorian briefly stops by to say how wonderful Vanessa was in court, leaving Ray to warn Antonio that Cris will find out just how dangerous Vanessa is.

Inside Brody's VA hospital room, Rex sits with Brody, who promises that he never meant to hurt Rex. Rex knows and replies, "I came here to thank you." Rex thanks Brody for being there for Gigi after he left her, for being a father to Shane then informs, "My marriage is over, and Gigi and I are together." Though Shane still looks at Brody as his father, Rex hopes that he can be a father to Shane - but also hopes that everything works out for Brody. Before Rex leaves, Brody says, "Shane… he likes hotdogs."

Although Gigi and Shane go to visit Brody, they are forced to wait, as Brody already has a visitor. Gigi wants to come back later, but Shane insists on staying. "I need to see Brody," Shane says. "And he needs to see me even more." Suddenly, the door to Brody's room opens, and Gigi and Shane see Rex come out. Rex tries to appease Shane by telling him that Brody would really like to see him, but Shane ignores him and asks Gigi if he can go in to see Brody alone, which she allows.

Inside Brody's room, when Brody says how sorry he is, Shane knows he never meant to hurt anyone. Shane worries about Brody's future and wonders where he'll fit into Rex's. Brody instructs Shane to bring him his medals then shows Shane his Silver Star, which means courage. Brody then pins it on Shane, tells him he's the bravest kid he knows and says, "You'll do what's right." Though Shane cries, "You're my dad," and Brody replies, "You'll have to think of me as your real good friend. You have a father. His name is Rex." Brody and Shane embrace.

Back outside in hallway, Gigi assures Rex that Shane will come around in time, to which Rex agrees they should take it slow. As Gigi helps Rex to the elevator, and promises to call him later, Shane appears and calls out, "Rex wait."

Next on One Life to Live:

Todd rethinks his plan.

Rex and Shane appear to bond.

Niki pays Tess a visit and tries to convince her to do the right thing!

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