When Tess and Charlie come face to face at Llanfair, Charlie tries to remain calm and insists on going upstairs to get Viki. However, Tess says, "I need to speak to you alone first." Tess tries to hide her pain and talks to Charlie about having blackouts and about her alter Tess. As Charlie starts going upstairs to get Viki, Tess quickly grabs for a frying pan and hits Charlie over the head! Although in severe pain, Tess manages to leave Llanfair - and leave Charlie knocked out on the floor!

Shortly after, Viki comes downstairs and sees Charlie on the floor with his head bleeding. Once Charlie wakes up, he explains his run-in with 'Jessica' saying, "She played me like a poker hand."

Driving away from Llanfair, Tess begs her baby to settle down, for fear that it's too early, then makes plans to pick up Bree, leave town and anticipates watching the news - and reports of Llanfair blowing up! Tess briefly calls Todd, and without allowing him to tell her about Bree being at Viki's, Tess asks for Todd to take care of her for a while longer. After she hangs up, Tess realizes her pains aren't like her labor for Bree then decides to find somewhere to hide.

With nowhere else to go, Tess arrives at the vineyard, looks around the cottage and cries, "Nash, what have they done to our home? Nash, please, I need your help!" Not able to handle the pain, Tess falls to the floor and passes out!

Cole frantically brings Starr to the hospital and screams for help. Once in an examining room, Michael looks Starr over then leaves to call Dr. Joplin. After Starr admits to Cole that she's afraid of what's ahead, Cole sits next to Starr, takes her hand and promises to be there for her. Suddenly, Blair appears and Starr says, "Well, if it isn't Grannie Blair." Marcie is next to enter, followed by Dr. Joplin, and Cole agrees to wait outside while the doctor examines Starr. After the exam, Starr is deemed healthy, but the doctor wants her admitted - in order to keep an eye on her - even though it may be a while before she delivers.

Out in the hall, Michael tries to comfort Cole, who says, "I lost my dad and now my kid's not even going to have one." Cole quickly apologizes to Michael then wonders if Todd will interfere in the adoption. Later, Marcie joins Cole and admits, "I don't know how to do this on my own." Cole thinks of Marty and assures Marcie that she'll be a great mother - all on her own. When Michael rejoins them, Marcie asks for a moment of his time - and if he'll stand by her side and raise Starr's baby! However, Michael cannot allow himself to fall in love with another child - just to have Todd Manning snatch it away again.

At home, Todd hands Marty a picture of Cole and Starr and talks about how he found them together. "Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy," Todd says then claims Marty is the reason why he's changed his mind about Cole. Sitting on the couch, with Todd now holding the picture, he says, "He stood up to me," leaving Marty to reply, "I'm liking this kid more and more." After Todd admits that Cole wanted to keep the baby, Marty can't believe how much Starr must love Todd, in order to give him her baby. Just as Todd is about to explain why he showed Marty the photo, the phone rings, and it's Dr. Joplin with news that Starr's in labor! Though the doctor begs Todd to change his mind, Todd insists on sending Janet over to assist with the birth, but Dr, Joplin says the baby won't be born until tomorrow, begs him, again, to take this time to rethink his plan, then promises to keep him posted. After Todd hangs up, he gives Marty the news, who rushes into his arms with anticipation for the baby's birth! Todd finally explains that he showed her the picture of Cole and Starr to take her mind off of a baby of the past, so she could focus on the baby of the future.

Later, Viki calls Todd, who admits that he talked to 'Jessica' a bit ago but that he doesn't know where she went.

Still in the park, Tina is excited to get David Vickers back but snaps on Cain when she realizes that the dog in the pet carrier is not hers! Cain demands the jewels, but Tina wants her dog first! At an impasse, Cain and Tina talk about all of the deception in their relationship, and Cain admits he was planning a life for them - until she called him Cord. Though Tina apologizes, and tries to butter Cain up, he doesn't buy it - but Tina stands her ground and refuses to hand over the jewels. Cain finally agrees to take Tina to see David Vickers the dog but warns, "If those jewels are fake…"

John arrives on Paradise Island and finds Keys by the pool! After showing Keys a photo of Marty, Keys claims not to recognize the woman, but John persists with all of facts found in his paper trail. Losing his patience, John flips Keys out of his chair, puts him in a headlock and demands the truth! After John dunks Keys' head under water a few times, he finally admits that Todd has the woman in the picture at his house! John questions why Todd is holding her at his house, but Keys explains that she was injured and that she didn't want to leave - because she's happy! Though Keys refuses to go back to Llanview with John, John pulls out his gun, aims it at Keys and warns that he'll be going back to Llanview - or to hell! "This woman and you," Keys says. "It's personal," to which John replies, "Yeah, it's personal."

Next on One Life to Live:

Antonio doesn't believe Ray when it comes to Vanessa.

Todd is filled with guilt after he talks to Starr.

John gets bad news from the judge.

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