Still at Marty's grave, Cole looks up and sees Starr standing in the doorway. Starr steps in the mausoleum, says she read his essay and knew he was in trouble, but Cole admits, "The second I sent it, I wish I could have unsent it." Cole explains that sending it to her wasn't fair - without telling her that he talked about her in it. They agree they're friends, but Cole says, "But it's not like it was before." Starr just appreciates that he wanted her to read the letter and admits that there was no way she could ever leave him alone right now - not tonight. Over talk of colleges, Cole isn't sure he wants to go to Llanview University, for fear that someone will give him a free pass because of what happened to his mom. Cole wants to move ahead in life all on his own. He begins rehashing last Halloween, when the masked man kidnapped him and his mom then admits that he's okay - and that he can finally say goodbye to his mom. Just as Cole is telling his mom that he's going to make her proud, Starr gasps and says, "I think my water just broke!"

In the kitchen at Llanfair, Tina makes a call about bringing 'someone' the money, looks at the basement door then prays that things work out - because three lives depend on it. Talking to the one jewel that Tess left her with, Tina tells it that it'll have a nice home with Cain - and Tina will be the one to save the day! Suddenly, Charlie appears and says, "You must be Tina."

At first, Tina thinks Charlie is a thug who Cain sent - and chases him around the kitchen with a rolling pin! After Tina realizes that he's 'Viki's Charlie', she tells Charlie how head over heels Viki is for him then reminisces about a time when she feel for a guy like Charlie - Cord. "If you want to win her back," Tina advises. "You'll have to knock her socks off." After Tina says how great his son is, Charlie only wishes he could find Jared to tell him that too. Tina suddenly appears guilty and quickly excuses herself!

Downstairs in the secret room, Natalie and Jared plead with Tess as she buckles over in pain, begging her to take care of Nash's baby. Though Tess screams for them to shut-up, Natalie reminds her that she needs help - more than she needs them dead! "Let us out of here, Tess!" Natalie demands with worry for the baby. Wanting to do what's best for her baby, Tess warns if Natalie tries to pull a fast one on her, she'll make her pay then Tess goes to the keypad and starts punching in the lock combination. However, when Natalie says, "Nash would be so proud of you," Tess stops and screams that Nash would tell her to get up and do it on her own! Tess walks away, leaving Natalie crying hysterically inside the secret room - with the bomb ticking!

At Todd's, Viki refuses to leave until Tess returns, but Todd says, "No, you can't do that." Todd claims that it may be days until Tess comes back then suggests Viki take Bree and go home - because she reminds Todd of his kids. Viki immediately feels sympathetic and listens as Todd vents about his life - and how he's finally doing something about it now. Todd admits he's met someone who listens to him then is relieved when Charlie calls Viki and convinces her to bring Bree home. Before she leaves, Viki makes Todd promise to call if Tess returns, to which Todd assures Viki that he'll even put Tess in a straightjacket first!

Upstairs, Marty sees a baby boy in the playpen and talks to the boy, wondering why he keeps appearing to her. With the baby now in Marty's arms, Marty sings a lullaby then places him back in the playpen.

When Todd appears, he asks, "Marty, what are you doing?" to which Marty appears confused by the empty playpen. Marty quickly covers, says she was just checking on Bree then wonders how Todd could allow Viki to take Bree without telling Jessica. "I'd be furious if someone took my child without telling me," Marty says. Not wanting to lie, Marty admits that she wasn't singing to Bree. "Who were you singing to?" Todd asks, to which Marty replies, "To the son I never had." Marty explains that the visions must be because she's spent so much time with Bree. "It seemed so real… This little boy means something to me, and I need to understand what it is." Though Todd reminds her that they agreed not to look into the past, Marty can't leave the little boy behind - and needs to put his meaning to rest. Wondering if Todd knows what this child means to her, Marty demands that he tell her - right now - if he does!

Todd brings Marty downstairs and says, "There's something I wanted you to see. I don't have a choice anymore." Todd hands Marty a picture of Starr - and Cole!

Back at Llanfair, with Bree in bed, Viki cries to Charlie, wondering what they'll do when Tess arrives looking for Bree. On another note, Charlie talks about meeting Tina, but Viki becomes worried again - and wonders where Tess is. Viki welcomes Charlie's company, who promises not to let anything happen to her or her daughters, then Viki heads upstairs to check on Bree.

Shortly after, Tess creeps up the basement stairs and almost makes it out the kitchen door - but comes face to face with Charlie!

In the park, Tina meets with a jeweler who sells her some fake jewels, making her confident that she'll not only get her dog back - but she'll be able to help save Natalie and Jared too!

Suddenly, in disguise, Cain appears and says, "Does this dog belong to you, Lady?"

Next on One Life to Live:

Tess fools Charlie.

Cole rushes Starr to the hospital!

Dr. Joplin again begs Todd not to go through with his plan.

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