In the secret room, Natalie and Jared watch as Tess removes dynamite from her bag then Natalie says, "We'll do anything you want, Tess. We just want to help." However, Tess reminds them that no one can bring Nash back then starts talking about her mother - Niki Smith! Natalie tries to sympathize with Tess, but she snaps, refusing to talk about her past, and announces that it's time for them to die! Tess starts to relive the events of Nash's death and claims if Jared wouldn't have come to town Nash would still be alive. Though Jared agrees, and pleads for Tess to let Natalie go, Tess thinks Natalie is as bad as he is then says, "You both have to die, but the question is… How long am I going to give you." Tess sets the bomb, never intending to tell them know how long they have then goes to leave - but ends up buckling over in pain!

When Viki bursts into the bedroom at Todd's, with Todd close behind, she says, "Oh My God!" Viki sees Bree in the crib, and Todd notices Marty hiding around the corner. Though Todd claims that Jessica must have left Bree there, Viki demands that Todd tell her the truth! Before Viki goes to get Bree some milk, she warns Todd to think hard about anything strange in relation to Jessica! Viki heads downstairs…

When Marty comes out of the shadows, she wants to know about Jessica and why everyone is calling her Tess! Todd squirms his way out of the questions and claims Jessica is fine. When talk turns to Viki, who Todd says Marty liked, Marty suggests they tell Viki that she's there. However, Todd informs, "She also likes John McBain." Todd talks about their new life and both can't wait to put the past behind them. Todd tells Marty that she's going to be a great mom then heads down to meet Viki. Alone, Marty wanders the room, appearing to be distracted by the vision of the baby boy.

Downstairs with Viki, though Todd tries to minimize Viki's worries, Viki knows that it's only a matter of time before Tess starts falling apart at the seams and says, "If Tess is responsible for Natalie and Jared's disappearance, those two could be in very big trouble." Todd suggests that Viki take Bree and go home, but Viki plans to stay put - until Tess returns!

Oliver arrives back at John's with some new software to look into Todd's bank records. Though John feels weird about breaking the rules, Oliver reminds him how long the legal way takes, to which John says, "Go for it." When Oliver gets into Todd's accounts, he finds a check written out for a condo on Paradise Island, around the same time Keys left town, leaving John to wonder if Todd set his old bodyguard up on a tropical island! Seeing more purchases from liquor stores and escort services, Oliver laughs. "Sounds like Todd's trying to keep someone liquored up and laid."

Suddenly, Oliver taps into the condo security cameras and invites John to look around the property. "You're a smart fish!" John says. After a little digging, they see Todd's old bodyguard, Keys, poolside!

Blair goes up to Starr's room to share some Halloween candy with her daughter, leaving Starr to remember last Halloween - and how it's almost been a year since the masked guy took Cole and his mom away. Starr wonders if Cole will ever forgive her and says, "I don't know if he'll ever get over losing this baby, or losing his mom." Before heading downstairs, Blair suggests that Starr contact Cole then promises that everything is going to be okay. When Starr gets online to email Cole, she finds a message from him - containing his college essay. Starr begins reading Cole's thoughts… About how much he still loves her, and how he's afraid to give the baby away…

Out in the hallway, Blair leaves a message and asks John to give her a call.

At Marty's gravesite, Cole places his hand to the engraved wall and says, "Hey, Mom. I don't know how to say this… I miss you so much, but I have to let you go." Cole talks about life with Nora and how she's helped him with all his college stuff. "The essay topic is to write about someone who's influenced you… I thought about Dad, but I wish I knew more about him. There's only one person I could really write to…" Cole takes his paper and reads to letter to his mom… He cries about having to let go of his baby then says, "I don't know how to let him go. I wish you could tell me. I know you love me, and even though you're gone, I still know how much." Cole promises never to stop loving his baby, or his mom, then thanks his mom. "Rest well… I love you."

Suddenly, Cole sees someone in the doorway… It's Starr!

Next on One Life to Live:

Marty can't stop thinking about the flashback of the baby - Cole!

Tina reverts back to her old tricks.

In pain, Tess refuses to free Jared and Natalie!

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