At John's grave, Natalie calls out to John, but it's Vincent hiding in the shadows. When asked what he's doing there, Vincent tells Natalie that he's following her, that he knows what she's going through. Natalie says she doesn't need his help, that she has family. However, Vincent doubts that she can open up to her family, suggests that Natalie talk to him. Natalie screams at Vincent, asking what's in it for him, says that he could care less about her. Natalie tells him to leave her alone! While he respects that, Vincent says he'll be there if and when she needs him. He leaves

Natalie goes back to John's grave, kneels, tells John that Vincent was right, that she should be talking to her best friend but she can't because John was her best friend and he left her all alone.

At the hospital, Vincent comes to visit Hugh. Paige tells him that Hugh can't hear him, explains to him what'll happen when he comes to. Vincent tells Paige about their college days together. Vincent is very emotional, asks for some time alone with Hugh. Vincent confesses to Hugh that he ruined Cris's career. Just then, the machines go off, and the nurse comes in, says that Hugh is becoming more aware of his surroundings. When the nurse leaves, Vincent tells Hugh that he was just testing him by saying that about Cris. Vincent leaves

At Rodie's, Todd tells Rex that he needs to stop putting things off, that Rex is the man who can help him. Todd asks Rex to help him find his son.

Todd goes over to Evangeline, Layla and Cris. When Evangeline expresses that she's going to find out that someone drugged Cris, Todd thinks back on his conversation with Vincent.

Claudia and Nash are sitting together at a table. Jessica can't help herself from looking over at Nash. Claudia states to Nash that he's no longer looking at Tess, that he's now looking at Jessica. Nash pounds back his drink and leaves.

Jessica follows Nash into the alley, asks if he's okay. Nash tells Jessica he feels for Natalie because he knows how it feels to lose the love of his life. Jessica tells him to pull it together for their daughter, tells him to move on. Nash takes Jessica in a passionate kiss as Claudia watches from the doorway. Jessica pushes Nash away and Claudia goes in and orders a drink.

Clint tells Vicki that Natalie needs time, but Vicki is worried that Natalie won't be able to cope.

Marcie finds a distraught Michael in the alley at Rodies. Although he doesn't want to be there, he tells Marcie he needs to be there for his mom, that he needs to be strong like John. Marcie says that Michael needs to let it out, that he needs to lean on her.

Michael goes inside, tells everyone that John would not want them to be sad, that he'd want them to party, to talk about the good times that they shared with John. Michael lifts his glass, makes a toast to John. Michael, Marcie, Evangeline, Antonio and Eve share stories about John. Natalie arrives She expresses to Vicki and Clint that she can't understand why everyone looks as though they're having a goodtime. Just as Michael thanks everyone for their stories, Natalie steps up, says they haven't heard from her. Natalie tells everyone that she can't join in on their fun, that everything's changed She storms out.

Cris gets a call, tells Evangeline that they know who set him up.

Blair arrives at the penthouse, calling out to Todd, says if he's home he's in for a big surprise. When Blair looks into a drawer for some candles, she sees a wedding picture of her and Todd, smashed. Blair voices that Todd still loves her, that he just needs a little reminding.

When Todd arrives home, the room is filled with lit candles. Suddenly, Blair comes down the stairs. Todd wants to know what she's up to, and Blair says she's there to fix things between them. Blair lets her dress drop to the floor

Back at Bo's office, Rex tells Bo that he's looking for Todd's boy, says it would be a big help if he could take a look at John's notes on the case. Bo agrees to let him. Rex thanks Bo for giving him a second chance, for being his friend. Rex stands back as Bo hangs up a picture of John.

Next on One Life to Live: Evangeline asks Vincent what he's hiding, Cris gets a tip about his fight, Rex tells Adriana that he's going to look for Todd's baby and Blair makes a sharp statement to Todd.