One Life to Live creator Agnes Nixon is sitting in the white studio reading a script about all the goings-on surrounding the 40th Anniversary episodes then looks to the screen and watches as it all unfolds…

From the Buchanan mansion, Clint worries and leaves a message for Bo to call him. Just as he hangs up, Cord calls Clint and asks if he's heard from Sarah. After Clint promises to check in on Sarah, talk turns back to Bo, and Clint expresses how Rex, a son-figure to Bo, set out to find him. Just as Clint admits to Cord that he wishes Cord's mother would have told him about Cord years ago…

We snap back into the past - and to Jared, appearing as Clint, and to Natalie, appearing as Cord's mother Maria Vasquez, the daughter of Asa's maid! After 'Maria's' mom (a Noelle look-alike) shoos 'Clint' away, 'Maria' admits that she's pregnant with Clint's baby - and that she plans to name the baby, if a boy, Cordero.

Outside of the car, at the scene of the accident, Mel warns Dorian that she needs to make this right by bringing Viki back. After Dorian gets Viki out of the car, she tries to revive her, but Viki is dead…

Just as Dorian turns to tell Mel that Viki is dead, David appears from the woods and screams, "Viki's dead?" Though David rants nervously about getting Viki help, Dorian replies, "It's no use… She's dead." However, David begs Dorian to work her magic and says, "I need her," then promising to divorce Addie if she saves Viki's life! David apologizes if the fact that he cares for Viki very deeply hurts Dorian, but swears once again that if she saves Viki's life, he'll leave Addie! "What's more important to you," David says. "That I'm out of Addie's life or that Viki's out of yours?" With Mel's apparition looking over David's shoulder, David says, "Please save her."

Still on her journey, Viki hears Ben say, "Hi ya, Blondie," turns around, smiles then says, "Oh, Ben I've been praying for the chance to see you again." Viki goes to Ben and the two embrace with a long, overdue kiss! In each other's arms, Viki and Ben reminisce about how they met and fell in love. When Ben warns, "You can't stay here… you gotta go back," Viki shacks her head and replies, "No. I'm never going back." Wondering what's brought her to Ben, Ben suggests it's because she gave up on a man who she loves - and who loves her too… Charlie. Ben then encourages Viki to fight for her happiness and says, "Search 'our' heart… What's it saying to you, Blondie?" Although Viki wants to stay with Ben, he claims she has more love to give - and that 'they' ran out of time - but says he'll always be in her heart.

Once Ben promises to be waiting for her when Viki's time comes, Viki looks at a screen, tells her granddaughter that she's 'going back' then watches, in Ben's arms, while their love story plays across the screen… With one last kiss, Ben and Viki say, "Until next time…"

Then Viki is snapped back into the elevator with her granddaughter! Missing Ben already, just as Megan says, "I am so glad you're going back, you have so much life left to live," the elevator shakes - and it appears that they are stuck! Megan then explains, "It's as if someone or something doesn't want you to come home…"

Back out at the car accident scene, just as Dorian miraculously finds a shot of adrenaline in her medical bag, and stabs it into Viki's heart, the elevator 'upstairs' becomes unstuck and Megan smiles and says, "We're here." Viki then comes back to life! David quickly rushes to her side, as Mel and Dorian say their private goodbyes.

Cris and Tina watch in horror as Sarah's raft heads closer toward the falls! Although Cris punches a guard, he is unable to get to Sarah, who is screaming, "Cris, if I don't survive… I love you!" While Cris and Sarah exchange their 'I love you's', he manages to punch another guard and runs for the water, but Carlo, who is holding Tina, aims a gun at him! However, Cris takes his chances, dives into the water and races to get to a screaming Sarah, who yells, "Hurry, Cris!" as she stares in fear at the oncoming waterfall!

When Cris manages to make it onto the raft, Carlo warns, "He may have made it to the boat, but it won't stop them from going over the falls." Though Cris and Sarah panic in the raft, holding each other tight, they ultimately plunge over the falls!

The Gigi look-alike stomps past Rex and screams at Bo, "Asa Buchanan, I have a bone to pick with you!" Though Bo calls her 'Gigi', the woman rants and raves about how Asa romanced her - and now how he has the nerve to be calling her by another woman's name! When Bo tries to explain, "None of this is what it looks like," the Gigi look-alike screams, "Nobody runs out on Emma Bradley!" Just as Bo and Rex think about the connection between Emma and Asa, 'Emma' nods toward the Shane look-alike and says, "This is your son, Spencer Truman!" As Rex jokes with Bo, "So, Pa, you gonna marry her," Bo shoots him a dirty look then listens on as 'Emma' rants that while she's leaving, she'll be back. "Because if you think this is over, it ain't!" After 'Emma' informs that she's staying at this crappy motel across from this crappy diner in Paris, Texas, and that she expects a visit from him, she pulls 'Spencer' along with her and leaves! As Bo and Rex try to figure out what the heck is going on, Bo admits to Rex that David is Asa's son - not Spencer - and that if 'he' never sleeps with 'Emma' then David won't be Asa's son!

To end the anniversary special, Erika Slezak (Viki) joins the show's creator, Agnes Nixon, as they watch the scenes before them on a screen before finally turning to us, the fans, and saying, "Happy Birthday One Life to Live!"

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