In a white studio, two people watch the car accident through a screen as Dorian says, “Viki’s gone, Viki’s dead.” One women says to the other, “I think you should go get her.” When Viki appears in the white room, she faces the woman and says, “I know you, don’t I?” to which the woman answers with a smile. “Of course you do.” Though Viki thinks the woman looks like her daughter Megan, the woman before her introduces herself as her granddaughter Megan – Jessica’s deceased baby girl. From there, Megan takes Viki into an elevator and on a journey…

At their first stop, Megan urges Viki to go check out the first floor while she waits for her. Inside, Viki sees a desk – with Asa behind it! Talking to her dear old friend, Asa claims he’s been talking to the ‘Great Man Upstairs’ with hopes of getting moved up a floor! Over talk about Dorian and Charlie, Asa tells Viki, “I’ve missed you… Don’t you worry, everything’s going to be all right.” While Asa takes a call from ‘up above’, Viki gets back on the elevator, to which Megan says, “Where you go from here is up to you – it’s always been up to you.”

On the next floor up, Viki gets off and initially sees Elvis standing by a couch playing a guitar. As she turns around and asks Megan, “Elvis? I’m here to see Elvis?” Niki Smith pops up from the couch and snaps, “Back off! He’s mine!” After Niki questions if Viki is dead, Viki says she doesn’t know what she is. Over talk of everyone who needs Viki back at home, mostly Jessica, Niki says, “Tess will take care of her,” then zaps Viki back into the elevator!

Next stop, Viki sees Mel’s name plate on a desk at The Banner, but is disappointed to find him not there. “I’m sorry,” Megan says. “He must have stepped out.” Assuming Mel is off chasing some big story, Megan takes Viki further on her journey…

Stopping by Megan’s place of work, The Network, Viki is invited to take a look around. “Who knows,” Megan says. “You might meet the big cheese.” As Viki approaches the very screen where Megan and the other woman were watching her car accident from, the other woman turns around in her chair and says, “Hello Viki, I’m Agnes (Agnes Nixon - OLTL creator!).” After Agnes says, “I’ve been watching you for over forty years, well, technically thirty-eight,” she points to the screen to show Viki a little scene that Viki’s daughter Megan made for her… Viki watches an old clip, which shows the first time Megan and Viki realized they were mother and daughter – and Megan screaming for Viki to get out of her life! Confused, Viki asks her granddaughter, “Why did Megan want me to see that?” Megan explains that Viki’s daughter wanted to show Viki that she can forgive too – like Megan did – then asks Viki to give Charlie another chance. Viki assumes she’s dead, therefore says she can’t give Charlie another chance, but her granddaughter just smiles and shows Viki back to the elevator in order to make their next stop.

On the next floor, Viki hears a jukebox playing then sees a pool table beneath a sign reading ‘CROSSXROADS’. With a smile on her face, Viki picks up one of the pool balls then turns around to face Ben, who calls out to her by saying, “Hi ya, Blondie…”

Back down in the car, as Dorian worries about Viki being dead, Mel appears! Filled with joy, Dorian gets out of the car and jumps into Mel’s arms! However, Mel immediately brings up Charlie, and how Dorian forced him to drink, then claims she took over B.E to hurt Clint! Mel then advises Dorian to quite living through Viki – and try to live her own life. Mel tells Dorian this is her last chance and that she needs to make amends! Looking at Viki’s lifeless body in the car, Dorian is afraid that she’ll get blamed for her death, but Mel says, “Then you’ll just have to bring her back then, won’t you!”

In Mendorra, after Carlo demands that Cris kill Sarah, he snaps – and punches Carlo to the ground! Carlo finally collects himself, pulls out a gun, orders Cain to the dungeon then takes Tina, Cris and Sarah outside! Tina begs Carlo not to hurt her daughter and is shocked to see a massive waterfall – one that looks like the one she went over years ago! Remembering her past, Tina cries, “Please don’t make me go over the falls again,” to which Carlo says, “You’re not going over the falls… Sarah is!” With guns drawn, and Tina and Cris watching on, Tina is put in a raft and launched toward the falls!

At the ranch in Texas, when Chuck and the other men carry Bo and Rex inside, Bo and Rex both agree that it’s 2008 – but Chuck surprisingly corrects them and says, “I don’t know where you’ve been, but it’s 1968.” However, what really shocks the men is when Chuck calls Rex ‘Bo’ and Bo ‘Asa’!

Once alone, Bo and Rex are confused and think everyone around them is nuts, but when they turn on the TV and watch the news, detailing current 1968 events, Rex gasps, “Houston, we have a problem.” When Rex thinks they’re dead, Bo reminds him of what Chuck said – and who they are supposed to be! Trying to figure out what’s going on, suddenly, Jared storms in – and calls Bo ‘Pa’ and Rex ‘little brother’! Bo quickly goes to Rex and says, “Balsom, we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Playing along, Bo calls Jared ‘Clint’ who answers a few childhood questions then is thrown for a loop when Nigel appears as Chuck Sr. – Chuck’s father – and Asa’s loyal ranch hand! After sharing a shot of whiskey with the men, Rex asks Bo, “Can this get any weirder?”

Wanting to splash some water on his face, Rex opens the door to head outside and sees Gigi and Shane ready to knock. “Morasco…” Rex says, to which the woman acts as through she doesn’t know him then stomps past Rex, with her son, and says to Bo, “Asa Buchanan, I have a bone to pick with you!”

Next on One Life to Live:

Part 2 of the 40th Anniversary Special!

Viki is reunited with Ben!

Tina witnesses her past affecting Sarah!

David presents Dorian with an offer.

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