While watching a horror flick at the mansion, Starr hears a noise. As she draws closer to the patio doors, Starr sees the person dressed as ‘Death’ looking at her from outside! Just then, the power goes out and the man is gone when Cole, Markko and Langston look toward the door. Taking matters into their own hands, the kids all go outside to take a look around – while ‘Death’ hides behind a shrub! Back inside, although Cole finds a black plastic bag on a branch scraping near a window, Starr insists she saw something then screams again as they all turn back to the door! However, it’s just a power guy letting them know he restored their electricity, making Starr wonder if she really saw anything at all!

Once Langston and Markko leave, Cole and Starr continue watching the horror flick – unaware that the person dressed as ‘Death’ is still watching them from the shadows!

After trick or treating, like kids, Cris and Natalie share their loot over a talk about their night at The Palace and agree that it was a stupid idea going after Jared and Sarah! Although Cris claims he isn’t jealous over Jared and Sarah, Natalie’s eyes play tricks on her – and she sees Jared standing there in a devil’s costume! As Natalie admits she can’t stop thinking of Jared, her figment of Jared, keeps taunting her! When Cris asks Natalie how she really feels about Jared Banks, Natalie hears Jared say, “Yeah, I’d like to know that too.” Though Natalie rambles nervously, with an image of Jared breathing over her shoulder, she’s made to wonder if her feelings for Jared fall between that line of love and hate!

Once Jared brings Sarah home from their date, she invites him in for a drink. When Sarah promises not to push things too fast – unlike something her cousin Natalie would do – Jared acts as though he could care less then sees Natalie appear in a witch costume! As the illusion of Natalie continues to seduce him from the corners of Sarah’s apartment, Sarah begins questioning, “What’s wrong with you?” Later, after Sarah distracts Jared into a kiss, he pulls away and sees Natalie’s face! After Jared regroups, and focuses on Sarah, talk of the reading of Asa’s will comes up to which Sarah promises to get in touch with him once she returns from Texas!

At the bar in Georgia, with Marcie onstage performing with a couple of drag queens, John and Marcie make eye contact! As Marcie covers her face, Todd orders a beer, briefly mocks the entertainment then leaves – with Ramsey’s men following him! Just as the next act comes on, with Marcie safely back stage, Todd comes back in and John goes to him. However, Ramsey appears and reminds, “You’re not going anywhere, McBain.” After Ramsey warns John to stay out of his investigation, he ads, “Or it might turn out like the fiasco that cost Caitlin her life.” As Todd questions, “Who’s Caitlin,” Ramsey accuses John of killing his own fiancée but doesn’t expect it when John retaliates with a punch to Ramsey’s face, which in turn causes a bar fight!

Backstage, holding Tommy, Marcie is told the only way out of the bar is past John and the cops! Although Marcie tells Harvey about the men outside, the ones who know her, Harvey heads back out into the bar to try to find another way out for Marcie - and realizes one once he sees the bar in an uproar!

After the local cops show up, the bar is cleared out, and Marcie’s new friends tell her that the coast is clear. Marcie thanks her friends for all they’ve done to which they wish Marcie and Tommy the best. Back in her original disguise, and with a few more in a bag, Marcie is sent into the night.

Marty approaches Blair at Capricorn with hopes of talking about a mutual interest – John and Todd. Just as Marty suggests that she and Blair go find Todd and John to make sure they are okay, Blair gets a call from Todd saying he needs bail money! After briefly explaining to Blair what happened – and where the search for Tommy is at – he hangs up to which Blair hands Marty her cell then says, “Book a flight.” Although Marty books them a flight, Blair makes it clear that she’s not looking for a new best friend!

From the jail, Harvey calls the bar to warn that the feds are on their way back. After hearing that Marcie got away, Harvey smiles and says something about her heading to the ‘Big-Easy’ – and John overhears!

Next on One Life to Live:

Alex returns on the scene!

Blair & Marty prevent an argument between John & Todd from escalating!

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