At Capricorn, Rex overhears Adriana making an appointment with a doctor and thinks she’s pregnant! Later, at their table, when Rex asks Adriana if there’s anything she wants to tell him, Adriana assures him nothing is wrong and that she’d tell him if there was. When Adriana heads to the bathroom, Rex quickly takes out her cell phone and sees that she has an appointment with her gynecologist then says out load, “Adriana and I are going to have a baby.” Just as Adriana returns to the table, Rex snaps a shot of Adriana’s cell screen then worries when Adriana insists he stay behind while she ‘packs it in early.’ Once she’s gone, Rex wonders why Adriana isn’t telling him she’s pregnant!

In Angels Square, while Roxy and Miles are making balloon animals as part of their community service for a Halloween event, Miles is briefly snapped on by Blair – who is furious with Jack for sneaking off without her permission! After Blair realizes Jack feels left out due to the situations surrounding Langston and Tommy, she comforts her son and convinces Jack that she and Todd will always be there for him. Blair and Jack leave…

From the diner, after Marty leaves a message for John, she tries to go but is stopped by a person dressed in a ‘death’ costume! When Marty asks the person what their problem is, the person takes off, leaving Marty uneasy. Before heading home,seeing Blair come in the diner, Marty briefly asks her to keep her posted regarding Todd and John then leaves…

Before ordering some food, Blair again makes Jack aware that she’ll always love him!

Having enough of the community service, Roxy asks Miles to cover for her then takes off to party! Just then, Marty shows up and demands to know why Miles tried to scare her earlier! After Miles explains he’s been doing community service all night, Marty apologizes and admits to over-reacting.

As Starr and Langston watch a horror movie, Langston worries about what’s going to happen to her then tells Starr, “I don’t know if I can be a part of your family.” Although Langston fears her being there will ruin their friendship, Starr tells her everything is going to be okay then the girls go downstairs to hand out Halloween candy.

When Cole and Markko show up, alone, Markko reveals to Langston, “I’m not who you think I am.” After Markko admits to not being a ‘macho dude’, and that horror flicks freak him out, the couple joins Cole and Starr in the living room - who are reminiscing about how it’s been a year since they met.

While snuggling up, Blair arrives home and agrees to allow Markko to drive Langston to the group home by midnight. Once Blair is gone, someone dressed in a ‘death’ costume watches the kids from the window.

Talia, Antonio and Jamie arrive at Layla’s apartment to trick or treat. After Jamie tells Layla that Talia and her daddy are together ‘for the night,’ Vincent lures Antonio and Jamie into the kitchen, leaving Layla to grill Talia about Antonio! Later, alone with Vincent, Antonio comments how well Talia is doing since her break up with Shaun to which Vincent tells Antonio, “Talia... She has the whole package.” Antonio makes eye contact with Talia.

Later that night, Adriana goes to Layla, tells her about her appointment tomorrow then says, “If our new maternity line, 'Hot Mama,' pans out, sales for Expose could skyrocket!”

When Roxy shows up at Capricorn, and hears the news from Rex that she’s going to be a grandmother, Roxy about spits out her beer!

With Lee Ramsey in the back room asking the drag queens, Marcie in disguise, a few questions, Todd and John arrive at the bar in Georgia with hopes of finding Marcie and Tommy before Ramsey does! After John shows the bartender a picture of Marcie, he’s made aware that ‘other guys’ are also there looking for her! Just then Ramsey is alerted to John’s presence, leaving Marcie to tell Harvey, “I have to get my son and get out of here!” However, Harvey warns that the place is flooded with agents and that they need to put a new plan in motion! Though Marcie breaks down crying, Harvey convinces her to straighten up then suggest she hide in plain sight – as a fellow drag queen on stage!

Suddenly, with the bartender at gunpoint, as Lee is demanding to know where Marcie and Tommy are, Marcie takes the stage and performs in drag! Just when things seem to be going as planned, Marcie makes eye contact with John – who recognizes her!

Next on One Life to Live:

John helps Marcie from being caught!

Someone dressed as 'Death' eyes Cole, Starr, Markko and Langston!

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