At The Palace, seeing Cris and Natalie kissing, Jared says, “Four can play at this game.” Just as Jared takes Sarah in another kiss, he quickly pulls back when Renee walks in! After Renee scolds Cris and Natalie for ‘making a scene’, Natalie claims, “They started it!” However, Renee doesn’t believe that Jared would ever act that way in public – and tells Natalie just that! Renee then goes to Jared’s table, hands Jared the keys to the mansion, leaving Sarah to question Jared as to why he left out the fact that he was moving into her grandfather’s mansion! With charm, Jared manages to convince Sarah he has no ulterior motives and that he’s doing it as way to help Renee.

Back at Natalie’s table, Renee pulls Natalie aside, tells her how fond she is of Jared then asks Natalie to rehire him at B.E. – in the name of Asa’s memory! Just like Bo and Clint, Natalie warns Renee that Jared will take advantage of her and is livid after Renee tells her Jared is moving into the mansion as her guest! Though Cris backs up Natalie’s suspicions where Jared is concerned, Renee snaps at her and says, “He’s a fine young man! Don’t kick him when he’s down!”

Later, just as Jared is told his credit card was rejected, Renee approaches and tells her waiter that Jared is a guest of hers. Again, Jared manages to hide something else from Renee – that he’s broke! After Renee walks away, Natalie snaps at Jared!

When Charlie gives Viki a hefty tip, Gigi tells Viki, “He likes you! Are you just going to let him walk out of here?" Although Viki claims Charlie didn’t peak her interest, Gigi apologizes and basically says she’s living through Viki – having promised herself a long time ago that she wouldn’t get hooked up with a man for the sake of her son Shane. While Viki understands Gigi’s position, she explains that it would take someone really special to lure her back into the dating scene. Just as Viki adds on, “He would have to have a nice laugh,” Charlie’s laugh reaches Viki’s ears!

Later, as Viki is walking Charlie out, Noelle walks into the Café – with Gigi’s son Shane in tow. When Noelle explains finding Shane with a black eye, Gig demands to know where Shane got it! With Viki and Charlie watching on, Shane explains that a mean kid in class was picking on him because he doesn’t have a dad. After Gigi reminds her son that his daddy died a hero, she puts a smile on his face by saying she’ll march on over to this mean little boy’s house and knock his mama silly should he pick on her boy again! Suddenly, Charlie goes to Shane and gives him some tips on how to defend himself next time, leaving Viki impressed with Charlie’s kindness!

Outside the Café, just as Viki points out the motel across the street to Charlie, she has second thoughts and asks him to wait - offering to walk him over after her shift!

Although Rex and Adriana approach Blair at Capricorn with concerns about Tommy, Blair gives them the cold shoulder but says, “If I knew anything, I wouldn’t tell you!” No matter how much Adriana and Rex try to reason with Blair, Blair stands by Todd's side. However, after Blair finds out Michael has been arrested – and that Todd and John are off together – she leaves Todd a message and wonders what John and Todd are putting each other through.

On the race to Georgia, John stops Todd from calling the bar where Marcie is supposed to be and takes his phone! After John hands it back to him, though Todd continues to annoy John, he takes time out to answer a call from Blair and claims, “John said he’d kill me.” John quickly takes the phone from Todd and tells Blair, “Do you want to know what he did?” Through all the bickering, it is obvious to Blair that John and Todd are very much on edge – so much so that she fears they’ll kill each other! No matter how much Blair begs Todd to come home, she understands why he’s going to such lengths to get his son back! Suddenly, Todd loses the cell signal and the phone goes dead… As Todd starts irritating John with talk of Marty, John can’t take it any more and questions Todd about his phony marriage to Blair!

After Rex and Adriana worry about being drawn into Michael’s legal troubles, Adriana expresses that her stomach is upset and asks Rex to get her a club soda. Just as Rex returns with Adriana’s drink, he overhears her on the phone asking how far along in her pregnancy would she start to show!

In Georgia, while the bartender tells Agent Ramsey that he hasn’t seen the woman in the picture, Lee insists on doing a search of the bar! With Harvey dressed as a drag queen, he distracts Agent Ramsey, so the bartender can quickly hustle Marcie and Tommy into hiding! After Harvey introduces himself to Lee, the agent wants to know why Marcie’s brother placed two calls to him just the other day! Though Harvey claims Marcie’s brother Eric called because he was worried sick about Marcie, Agent Ramsey begins taking a look around the bar – making Harvey very nervous! From a room backstage, a friend of Harvey’s helps hide Marcie from the Feds…

Once in the back dressing room, although Harvey explains to his fellow drag queens that the federal agent is looking for a missing girl, never does Agent Ramsey recognize Marcie as one of them!

Next on One Life to Live:

Marcie begins feeling the pressure of being on the run and debates what to do next.

Langston wonders if she can really be a part of Starr's family.

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