At the Bonjour Café, while Moe screams at Gigi, Viki welcomes a new customer to the diner. When Charlie can’t seem to make up his mind, he asks Viki to join him and help him pick out his order! After Viki gives Charlie her recommendation, Gigi jokes with her about the ‘new guy’, causing Viki to look at Charlie in a new light! Though Moe butts in and reprimands Viki for getting friendly with the customers, Viki makes him aware she’s the reason Charlie ordered the ‘Blue Plate Special’ then tells Moe, “So put a sock in it!” Later, over his dessert and coffee, Charlie tells Viki he’ll be staying in Paris for a little – and Viki suggests the motel across the street, the one she stays at!

When Natalie shows up at Capricorn, she can’t hide her jealousy when Cris reminds her that Sarah and Jared are on a date! Although Natalie denies her jealousy, she tells Cris, “We need to get Sarah out of this.” After Natalie reminds Cris of what a jerk Jared is, Cris agrees to ‘help’ Sarah out to which Natalie suggests going to The Palace to grab a bite to eat!

On their date at The Palace, Jared and Sarah briefly talk about Natalie and Cris, Sarah’s past as ‘Flash’ then ultimately about Asa – and the reading of his will in Texas! Although Sarah expresses not wanting to go, Jared says, “Maybe Asa is trying to send you a message.” Changing the subject, Sarah wants to know the real reason why Jared asked her out on a date! After Jared promises he’s not with Sarah just because she’s a Buchanan, rather because he’s insanely attracted to her, he nods to the entrance then says, “Well look who’s here…”

As Cris and Natalie walk into The Palace, they quickly take their seat, at a table near Jared and Sarah, then Natalie tells Cris to act like they’re just there to have dinner. When Natalie sees Cris getting aggravated while watching Sarah and Jared getting cozy – for their benefit – Natalie can’t help staring herself when Sarah and Jared starts kissing! Though Natalie finally gives in and suggests they end this foolishness, Cris says, “Two can play at that game!” Cris kisses Natalie!

Antonio brings Jamie to the diner so Carlotta can see her granddaughter in her Halloween clown costume! Later, alone, Antonio confesses to Carlotta that although Jamie wanted to trick or treat with Bree, Antonio had to tell her, “Clowns scare babies.” Just then, Talia shows up, gushes over Jamie’s cute outfit then explains her attire as being on-duty as an undercover hooker! Before Talia leaves, at Antonio’s question, Talia claims to be ‘okay’ since her breakup with Shaun then tries to explain to Jamie why she can’t go trick or treating with her and her daddy – even though she’s already in her costume! However, after Antonio gives Talia the okay to get off work early, Talia and Antonio dress up as a chef and a waitress then take Jamie trick or treating!

While John and Todd are on their way to Florida, Todd tells John, “I know how we can pass the time, John, let’s bond.” Although Todd continues to irritate John, John remains serious and tells Todd one wrong move and he could destroy everything – and that he’s the type of father who doesn’t deserve a kid! When John reminds Todd that Michael and Marcie are the only family Tommy knows, Todd replies, “What? You don’t think I can make him happy?” With a sideward glance, John says, “You said it, not me.” While rehashing all the bad blood between them, John and Todd continue arguing to which John suggests Todd just walk away from Tommy! However, Todd assures John that he never wanted to be without Tommy in the first place. When John asks if Todd plans to tell Tommy who his mother was, Todd turns the tables on John and says, “I know you like to play hero to your little brother and you know you screwed up this time.” John tries to explain why he hid the truth about Tommy’s paternity but promises, “I’m going to get your son back but when I do… I suggest you start acting like father of the year.” Suddenly, John gets a call with a lead on Marcie, saying someone saw her at a bar in Georgia! With his foot to the floor, John worries if Agent Ramsey got the same lead!

After Marcie enters a bar holding Tommy, the bartender, decked out in a costume, reminds Marcie that children aren’t allowed in a bar. Suddenly, a man appears and says, “I think we can make an exception, especially if your name is Penny Shaw and you’re keeping a low profile from the men in black.” ‘Harvey’ assures Marcie that he’s a friend of her brother Eric's and that she’s in good hands. Seated at an out of the way table, Marcie admits how being on the run is taking its toll on her. Trying to calm Marcie, Harvey asks about Eric’s marriage to James to which Marcie explains, “It was a beautiful wedding.” Before Harvey goes back to work, he tells Marcie to sit tight and rest, “Because where you’re going is a long way from here.”

At the bar, Lee Ramsey shows up, takes out a picture of Marcie then asks Harvey, “Have you seen her?”

Next on One Life to Live:

Blair continues to fear John & Todd's opposing goals will result in an emotional explosion!

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