Still at the mansion, although Langston tells Blair she doesn’t want her to take her in out of pity, Blair tries to make Langston understand how much they all care about her. “Tell me…” Blair asks the social worker. “What do I have to do to make this happen?” When the social worker asks Langston if she could see herself living there, Langston gets emotional and storms off. Sitting on the stairway, although Langston doesn’t want to be a bother to Starr and her family, Starr insists that the situation can work – if Langston wants it to. Later, when Langston returns, Blair steps up to the social worker, introduces Dorian, Starr, herself – and even Langston – as Cramer women then makes her understand how much love they have to share with Langston! Touched by Blair’s speech, including her time spent in foster care, the social worker agrees to allow Blair to become Langston’s foster mother!

In an unknown restaurant, Marcie giggles with Tommy then remembers the letter Ron gave her to open when she was far away. When Marcie opens the envelope, not only does she find a loving letter from Ron, Marcie also finds a ton of money – Ron’s savings, Marcie presumes. After reading the letter from Ron, Marcie talks to Tommy about the instructions given her, which involve a hideout in Georgia. At Ron’s request, Marcie crumbles up the letter, puts it on a dish and sets fire to it! Before leaving, Marcie also removes her wedding rings and hides them away in her pocket.

At a police station, posing as an agent, Todd pulls out a picture of Marcie and Tommy and asks if ‘this’ is the woman the officer pulled over. Although the officer admits he ‘may’ have seen her, he requests to see Todd’s ID before elaborating further. When Todd doesn’t produce his ID, the cop briefly leaves to inquire on his own – and John snaps at Todd for digging them into a hole! After John calls in a favor – one to help ID Todd as Agent Youngblood – the officer rejoins them and admits it’s possible that he saw the woman, except with dark hair. Giving Todd the information that the woman he pulled over was heading to Florida, the officer picks up on a connection when Todd talks about Tommy! After the officer double-checks to see if he wrote anything down about Marcie in his report, he relays that Marcie is using the name Penny Shaw and that her car has Florida plates. John and Todd rush off wanting to at least make it to Georgia by night!

Talking to Viki from the vineyard, Natalie is forced to hang up when Clint arrives asking to talk to Natalie and Jessica. After Clint explains Asa’s reading of the will is going to be held in Texas, Nash, Jessica and Natalie all agree to be there. After expressing how being at the ranch will make them feel closer to Asa, talk of Viki comes up to which Natalie says, “Mom doesn’t want to come home.” Later, although Nash tries to tell Clint about the ‘Jared issue,’ Natalie and Jess hush him – not wanting their father to have to clean up their mess. Before Clint leaves, he tells the girls Viki will be home soon then makes plans to leave on the company jet. Once Clint is gone, Natalie asks, “Are we really going to go to Texas and leave Jared here in Llanview?”

Just as Renee insists on helping Jared out with his living arrangements, Bo appears and says, “This is crazy.” Although Bo reminds Renee that Jared is a complete stranger, Renee claims to be no fool and assures Bo that she simply likes Jared. As Jared comes forward and turns down Renee’s offer, Renee admires Jared for being ‘polite’ but asks Nigel to prepare one of the guest-rooms for him. Like a gentleman, although Jared claims to not want to cause problems between Renee and her family, Renee takes Jared’s hand, says how much he reminds her of Asa, then tells Bo and Nigel to buzz off! Needing some fresh air, Renee asks Jared to take a walk with her. Once alone, Nigel gives Bo his thoughts on Jared, “He’s a gold digger, perhaps wanting to become the new lord of the manor!”

When Clint arrives at the mansion to hear the news about Jared, Renee hushes him in his tracks and announces that Jared has accepted her offer to move in! After Jared assures Clint and Bo that he won’t overstep, Renee walks Jared out, leaving Bo determined to dig into Jared’s background. Bo tells Clint, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Outside the mansion, Jared leaves a message for Jessica saying she’ll no longer have him to kick around!

After Viki hangs up with Natalie, Gigi questions whether Viki is okay and is surprised to hear that Viki has a daughter. “What else have you been keeping from me?” Gig asks in shock, to which Viki replies, “I have four kids.” Over a conversation about Viki’s children, Gigi asks about Viki’s children’s father to which talk of her hatred of Dorian comes up and Viki admits she’s searching for a ‘new life’ and happy to just enjoy the ride for the moment. Suddenly, Moe interrupts Gigi and Viki's conversation and points Viki to a new awaiting customer named Charlie.

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Natalie & Cris react when Jared & Sarah take an interest in each other!

Marcie finds a place to hide.

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