At the vineyard, Jessica, Nash and Natalie continue to aggravate Jared by inviting a houseful of crying kids for a Halloween Party! After the party, Jared snaps when he sees some ‘sticky’ stuff all over his laptop! Although Jared is clearly irritated by Jessica and Nash’s plans to open a daycare in the cottage, he holds his ground and says, “I’m fine with it.” However, Jared expresses having ‘things’ to do then heads out the door. With Natalie off calming Bree, Jessica promises Nash they’re going to get back their vineyard – and their dreams!

At school, just as Starr, Cole and Markko look at Langston’s empty desk, Langston shows up and says, “I need you to hide me!” After Langston explains she escaped the group home, Markko insists on going with her – if she plans to runaway! However, Starr and Cole remind Langston that she’ll only end up in more trouble should she run. With a hug, Starr promises Langston that everything is going to be all right. As careful as possible, Starr and Langston head to the mansion.

Back at the mansion, although Dorian tries to get Langston out of the group home, she’s told she has to go through the proper channels. After Dorian hangs up the phone, she insists Blair ‘take over’ in order to help get Langston back! Over talk of all the foster homes Blair grew up in, and all the mistakes she made, Blair can relate with Langston’s situation, but tells Dorian she’s in no position to take on responsibility for another child. Suddenly, the social worker shows up and lets them know, “Langston is missing!” After Blair and Dorian are given the details, the social worker asks Blair if maybe Starr knows where Langston is. Though Blair says Starr is in school, the social worker insists, “I’ll wait.” While waiting, Dorian and Blair pick the social worker's brain for how long it’ll take before Langston is released to a foster home.

Just then, Starr and Langston come rushing into the living room saying, “Mom and Aunt Dorian, we need your help.” Listening on as Starr, Dorian and Langston protest Langston’s return to the group home, Blair comes forward and requests to become Langston’s foster mother! However, Langston replies, “I don’t know if I can do this, Mrs. Manning…”

As Nora, Clint, Renee and Matthew look at some pictures of Asa, Clint gets a call from Asa’s lawyer wanting to set up a date and time to read Asa’s last will and testament! As Nora takes a call, Renee tries to back out of going to the reading of the will, saying it’s too soon, to which Clint reminds her that Asa wanted everyone there. After Nora leaves on business, Renee agrees to go to the ranch in Texas. Since Asa insisted the reading take place at his ranch, Clint tells Renee, “I think we’re in for some surprises!”

Later, Clint takes off to notify Natalie and Jessica, leaving Renee alone with the photo album of Asa – and her memories… That is until Jared shows up! Although Jared claims he was worried about Renee, and Renee appears comforted by Jared’s generosity, Nigel is still suspicious! Once alone, as Jared talks about looking for an apartment, Renee again expresses how much Jared looks like Asa when he was a young man then invites Jared to move into the mansion!

While John is looking over Michael’s arrest warrant, Michael warns Todd that Marcie won’t give up without a fight. After Michael reminds Todd that neither he nor John have any authority in the case, Todd stops a cop from arresting Michael then tells John, “He’s the only one who can convince Marcie to come home.” When Todd’s pleas get him nowhere, he demands to John that they leave now – before Marcie gets further away! Before Todd and John leave, Michael begs John, privately, should he find Marcie, he’s to make sure she gives Todd his son back then, “Let her go.” Just then Nora shows up and insists that Michael be brought into the station - Now! Once again, Michael begs John to grant his wish.

After Michael is taken away, John refuses to leave on their quest without getting a couple of things straight with Todd! Once John makes it clear that he’s in charge, he tells Todd he got a lead as to where Marcie is then the men take off!

In Paris, Texas, Viki continues thriving as a waitress at the Bonjour Café! Suddenly, when Gigi arrives at the diner, Moe snaps at her for being late! Although Moe fires her, Gigi ignores him and confides in Viki that she had a little trouble with her son Shane at home. As Viki tries to give Gigi advice, Gigi hands Viki some lottery tickets with hopes for a win! After Gigi loses at the ticket, without Viki revealing her true fortune, she tries to explain to Gigi that money doesn’t always buy happiness.

Suddenly, Gigi alerts Viki to her cell phone ringing. As Natalie explains how much she misses Viki, Viki tries to disguise Paris, Texas for Paris, France! After Viki quiets Moe, she tells Natalie they’ll be together soon!

Next on One Life to Live:

Blair fights for Langston.

Tensions between Todd & John run high!

Marcie reads an emotional letter from her brother.

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